• MILO

    Lakers are playing really good this will continue 2marrow and they will get the victory against this over-rated team.GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugo Boss

    We will not disappoint tomorrow. GO LAKERS!

    Colorado loves the Lakers!

  • Tim

    i think you shouldve put Bynum or Fisher instead of Farmar but w.e still a nice pic

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Time – not my photo shop :lol:

  • Tim

    oh and i think Ariza should be there also, Garnett, Ray, then Pierce, and on the bottom, Lamar, Kobe then Ariza

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    why isnt bynum there

  • kyler_hay

    tight pic guys

  • gugy

    Go Lakers, let’s start making KG to regret not coming to LA in the first place.


    Lakers will win tomorrow!
    then our record will be 20-10 >:D

  • Lakers72-10

    Yessss Kobe will obliterate Paul Pierce. Ariza or Odom should put Allen on lock. Fisher/Farmar will shut down Rondo for sure. All we have to pray and hope for is to keep Bynum out of foul trouble and Kwame from making stupid mistakes. Because you have to admit KG is one smart player. That’s why we wanted him here in the first place. GO LAKERS!! Take them out of their game!! Tomorrow, the celtics will get their fourth loss!! May the purple out shine the green!!!

  • Shawn

    Celllllllticts are gayyy go la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

    Yo Bynum needs to be on there

  • kb24mvp

    tight pic,but ya whats up with farmar he aint even gunna start,it should be bynum or fish fo real,but it still looks tight.but where is that inspirational article like last time,to get us all fired up to hate them even more!

  • pjt

    That’s why I wish we had Artest…the LA Boston thing would be alive and well…and may yet be, depends on how the Lakers play tomorrow…sadly these sorry teams like sac would rather make the league suffer, then trade Artest to LA…the owners on these have not never won any thing teams are really hurting the league…Let’s hope some how some way the Lakers can land Artest…

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    hey guys there the CELDICKS !!

  • lakerboi

    Laker have a better bench, a better center and better point than Celtics. We will win tomorrow!!

    I am so glad we did not give up Bynum and Lamar for Garnett.

    Laker will win 55 games this year!!

  • lakerschamps08

    go LA… i hate the damn celtics…L.A. LAKERS

  • Banzai


  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    To me I would change that picture.
    On top: Fisher/KOBE/Ariza/Odom/Bynum in that order.
    On bottom: Rondo/Peirce/Allen/Garnett/Davis in that order.
    But that is OK! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • magicbalala245


  • e

    lakers are coming off hot however the celtics will be hard to beat..but all in all screw the celtics…purple and gold for life!!!!!

  • Lakers72-10

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  • Rpoc

    There needs to be a trailer like the Lakers vs. Suns Christmas one for this special occasion too.

  • jack

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    It’s all ryte guys. The pic is pretty intense. Just try to find the words in them. We have already lost one game to these ppls, so we gotta get them this time. It’s important. Only then, the rivalry will be renewed.



    I would give this match up winner to Bynum


    I would give this to Garnett but not by much


    I would give the nod to Pierce but I think he will be held under his p.p.g. average

    Bryant no doubt but watch out for Allen however

    Lakers Bench Vs. Boston Bench

    This is what will decide the game in my opinion. When the weak Boston 2nd unit is on the floor, the Lakers 2nd unit has to take advantage and destroy them.

    My prediction: Lakers win by 8-10 points. I think it will be a close game but in the last minutes the Lakers will pull away with the victory.

    Anyone agree or disagree?

  • hibachi

    hahaha… let’s not forget the celtics floored the lakers at the garden, Man! lakers are in for another year another first round defeat… lottery bound again baby! bwahahaha….
    run the tape again when we chanted MVP to kobe at the garden.. that is what you called true fans in beantown we appreciate not like you guys all you do is whimper…
    lets see that again kobe being booed in his own homecourt man! what a bunch of losers…

    keep reaching for that rainbow la hahaha… after the season ends kobe is out of Laker land Thank God.

  • MannyFuckYao

    STFU hibachi!! dickhead

  • Lakes on 3!!

    Hibachi go heal up so we CAN RUN YOUR ASS OVER!!!

  • LAKES ON 3!!

    I think it should be BYNUM OR Fisher on that pic. Lakers are gonna dominate tomorrow, I just have that feeling…LAKES ON 3!!!

  • Rpoc

    hibachi = jojo in disguise? Or maybe his cousin.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Hibachi = JoJo’s scrotum don’t mind him.

  • jack

    hibachi is bad chi guys… lets all ignore him like we cant c him or something.

  • KO_BEliever

    nice pic!

    but think it would’ve been better if it were garnett vs bynum, pierce vs odom, and allen vs kobe in the pic. makes more sense. (=

  • http://getgarnett Che

    lakers will win 2night for sho

  • Roko

    It’s gonna be a tough game.. but let’s try to win

  • La Forever

    We win, lakers are hot and they play great. All the starters gotta do is play like they did against Jazz, and than the bench gotta take over when there bench is on the floor. I think ill see more of Lamar on Pierce cuz when the 2unit is on the floor they have Pierce and than we have Lmar, BUT WE GTTA WIN MAN

  • RDLAKB24

    LAMAR ODOM ——-> we will win this one tonight.. LA is 4 real!

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

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  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #20937 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Phil Jackson has been using this starting line-up the past 2 games ALL FOR THE PURPOSES of preparing for THIS game against the Celtics because Trevor will be guarding Paul, Kobe will be guarding Ray, & Lamar will be guarding Kevin. Very smart PJ! :-D

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    This is the game Lake show!!! Let’s take it!


  • CarpeDiem

    A little bit off-topic, but moderators of this site…could you please provide a wallpaper size picture of the “A Rivarly Renewed” available to member of LN


  • http://getgarnett Che

    Let me back in nugget

  • lakersfan17

    Come on Lakers we could be this guys.Hopefully we beat them and Bynum could beat KG.

  • MILO

    Perkins will not be a factor we have Bynum and Kwame to contain his ass.All we need is to defend the perimeter better and the Lakers weill prevail………….

  • BuckeyeCelt

    Should be interesting tonight. I think the Celts are the better team, but the end of a West coast road trip, 4 games in 5 days, this is going to be very interesting.

    Go Celtics…Gotta love the game actually means something

  • Shaq786

    V.rad, mihm, sasha, and ’08 first…. for mike miller and hakim warrick. MEM needs a center, a good back up pg, and they are looking to move miller

  • CeltsfaninCT

    HAHAHAHA. The Lakers have NO chance. Perkins owned and beasted Crynum in Boston the first game. You have no answer for Pierce, Ray, or KG. And you fools are the only people anywhere that would take sorry ass Jordan Farmar over Rajon Rondo. And benches?? You have no two players that match up with Posey alone. Eddie House is a better shooter than everyone on your whole team. Tony Allen is healthy again and he can guard Kobe all night and frustrate him into taking 30 bad shots. And Big Baby Davis is gonna destroy whoever you put near him. Hell this game will be such a joke, Scalabrine is going to get 8 -12 points. Lakers better worry about getting out of the first round. Oh yeah, PHIL JACKSON IS THE MOST OVERRATED COACH IN SPORTS HISTORY!!!

  • CeltsfaninCT

    What do you people have to say now?? We beat you down AGAIN. Pierce was the real star tonight. Kobe was taking notes. And no matter how bad the refs tried to help the Lakers out, it didn’t matter. Have fun getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs again scrubs. HAHAHAHA.

  • pjt

    I say it’s a same we don’t have Artest on our squad…

  • pjt


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #20993 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I say your a fa**ot from CT. I knew there were only f*gs there. Let me ask you when are all the Boston fans going to get on their knees and begin blowing McHale for the gift to Boston. I think you’re number #2,538 in line right.

  • point1

    ouch ouch ouch Lakers got spanked again. Who is over rated now? Celtics sweep the season series against the Fakers. This game wasn’t even close.

    Hot damn… Lakers got raped again.

  • sev

    its funny how every single person rides boston bandwagon….why just cuz of 3 starz in the team,all3starz been losers throughout their crappy careers,0rings total combined….mark my wordz suns or spurs gonna own the overrated celtics,all3starz figured hey why not got join eachother since we losers….cant win nothing,easy way out?still they will never ever get 1ring!!!MARK MY WORDZ

  • point1

    oh so now you are on the suns or spurs bandwagon? you are the loser sev. How many rings has kobe won without Shaq? Without Shaq, Kobe is like the 3 losers you talked about.

    Easy way out? dude don’t go there. Kobe wanted the easy way out this past summer? Oh but fanboys like yourself can’t get over themselves.

    So long Fakers