Rick Fox heading to Lakers practice

This should be a great experience for the rookies and newcomers.

Twitter: Heading to Lakers practice tomorrow to connect with the Black Mamba and the Zen Master! Oh and let’s not forget my other boys D-fish & LO!

  • Robert.

    Alright alright! Rick Fox is heading to Lakers practice and doing .. exactly what?
    Does he want to help out with coaching, scrimmaging or something? Or is it just a conjugal visit?
    Or does he want to play again?? !! Bring back Robert Horry too, while you’re at it!

  • tradesasha

    maybe ricky fox can give matty barnes some tips about the triangle offense.


      AND KICKING SOME A$$ IN THE LOCKER ROOM TUNNELS!!! ——————– http://bit.ly/a6iLTr

  • bdmf

    daaamn i remember the good old days when rick fox was the worst in the starting 5 hahahah hes really cool thou i’ve talked to him once