Photo: Harry How/Getty Images
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Former Laker and NBA champion Rick Fox joined ESPN Radio on Monday afternoon (listen). Fox had some harsh criticism for Dwight Howard, who has struggled with injuries and inconsistency this season.

“It’s about your own commitment to excellence in the area of team success. Not so much are you going to make 100-million dollars and is your career going to be okay.”

Rick wasn’t quite done yet. In response to Howard’s latest complaint that he’s not getting enough touches:

“That’s a loser mentality.”

Fox also credited Lakers fans as being more passionate about this team than (Dwight) is, and brought into question whether or not Howard really wants to play in Los Angeles.

I’ll save the commentary for you, Laker Nation. Do you agree with Rick Fox’s comments about Dwight Howard? Tell us in the poll below.

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