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Two weeks after their disappointing second round exit to the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers have formally started their search for a head coach.

According to the LA Times, the Lakers have officially contacted Rick Adelman to express their interest in the former NBA coach.

The three decision-makers for the Lakers’ coaching search – owner Jerry Buss and executives Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak – continued the gradual momentum from their meeting Tuesday in which they drew up an official list.

The Lakers aren’t in a huge rush. Interviews with candidates could begin next week, though they might not happen until the first week of June.

Adelman has had great success his 20 years in the NBA with a regular season record of 945-616 with the Trail Blazers, Warriors, Kings and Rockets. In his two stints with the Trailblazers and the Kings, postseason failures to Phil Jackson’s Bulls and Lakers were the only roadblocks in his way with potential title teams.

Adelman’s Rockets took the Lakers to seven games in the second round of the 2009 NBA playoffs, where the Lakers would go on to win their 15th title.

The Lakers, according to the LA Times, will not consider offering draft picks to teams in order to interview current coaches around the league. This means that former Laker and current Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott will not be looked at for the position.

  • Purple People

    Why would he want to come here when even Jerry West and Magic Johnson agree that the players we have are a disgrace. 

    • Ecdlkr

      Bs our players are a disgrace. The only thing thats a disgrace is the fact our fans suck the most in the NBA. Give our players some levy, they constantly try and get los angeles excited about them every night. All the other teams besides cleveland have an emotional boost because of the collective energy they give to their home teams. Im not saying the lakers are not responsible for this collapse, but maybe we just needed to remind them, but not from the nosebleeds. This laker team is fine, ur just bitter cus it was embarrassing. Hey man, it was way worse for the lakers than any fan. A longer than normal offseason, put the team under a surgical knife and well be riding back on top. Go rick adelman, hes my no. 1 choice.

    • rondo

      Their are plenty of teams you can root for who are not a disgrace. Only thing that can’t seem to win a ring. But the Lakers don’t need guys like you as their  fan. 

  • laffsatu

    let kareem coach………maybe he`ll shut-up. 

    • rondo

      What give you the right to tell another man to shut up. Punk azz tell that to him in his face.

    • TouchingMyself


  • clostylez

    good, hopefully adelman knocks some sense back into this squad. Imagine Pau controlling the offense, passing at the high post, and bynum down low. The lakers would regain that swagger and take back whats theirs… 2012 THE COMEBACK.. 

  • Wayneshardwood

    Yea I’m sure he won’t consider the job because our players are a “disgrace!”
    As much as I like Kareem and appreciate everything he’s done for the Lakers, I don’t see him being able to handle the media scrutiny of a high profile coaching position. I think he possesses every other skill required.
    And let’s be real, the team is basically in need of a young point guard
    and that’s all. We lost the dallas series because we got killed behind the arc on both ides of the ball(107 points or 27/game). Fisher was always late rotating, and kobe left his guy too many times. With 3 bigs, there is no reason to have pau chasing guards on pic and rolls. Just play man up D and were fine.
    It is 2012, and it isn’t armegeddon. Unless of course they owners think they can get their $45M hard cap with overall salaries cut by 40%. In that scenario, I’m sure every great star will be playing for real madrid or barclona and stern will be sitting smuggly at d-league games and talking up the wnba.

    • Ralexander2003

      How about the organization bring Kareem back as a coach to work with the big men. I would like to see him continue to work with Bynam and stop throwing him under the bus. Bynam is our future, we need to do what ever it takes to help him prepare for that role. Is there anyone better that number 33. You are correct what we really need is an upgrade at the point guard position.

  • laffsatu

    king james and wade own the N.B.A. 

    • rondo

      When did they become owners of the NBA? Ask King James to show you his ring. Also ask Chris Bosh to show you his ring also.

      • laffsatu

        i`de asked to see the BROOM  they got swept with, LAKER BROOM BRO, wheres kobes broom?

        • rondo

          Broom ? Miami Still need to show you some rings dud. Don’t tell me about a broom until you and your three stooges produce a RING saying  CHAMPS 2011.

          • laffsatu

            your old stooges are fishing right now,,,,,miami and dallas best finals ever,

      • Anonymous

        They can soon have a good look at Dirk`s ring, when they loose to the Mavs in the finals :) 

  • laffsatu

    hey, they didn`t get swept bye dallas.did they?  

  • xtro

    he is the most qualified among the other candidates. he should be the next laker coach.

  • Ralexander2003

    Please say it ain’t so. I just don’t understand why we are considering old retreads for a coach.
    all this talk about we need to get younger, and I hear Laker fans asking for Jerry Slone. Are you crazy.  Brian Shaw should be the Lakers new coach.

  • lakerprince1

    please tell me we are not getting  Rick Adelman or mike dunleavy we dont need retreads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We need Byron Scott championship experience, went to finals twice as coach , former coach of the year..Contact clevland byout the contract do what you gotta do …we dont need medocorecoaches we need to max our potential while we can.