tool?Ric Bucher was just on Sportscenter this afternoon and pretty much summed it up that theirs a ZERO chance that Kevin Garnett will join the Lakers this upcoming season. He also mentioned that the Timberwolves see not current players in the Lakers squad that they can rebuild around. Also, stated that the Wolves are not interested with the pieces that the Lakers are offering. Does that mean that the Lakers put an offer to the Wolves but they just weren’t interested what they had to offer?

Does Ricky-boy have an agenda against the Lakers? Since his been throwing out the fact that Kobe will not return to the Lakers next year. Is he credible? Or just a complete tool of BSPN?

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    bull. bucher doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • MCADAMS711

    Lakers have (had) legitimate options to offer Minny…young talent and cap space. Say Odom, Kwame, Bynum, and Turiaf/Farmar for KG and Jaric/Blount/Hudson. This would be trading a lot to get him, but the Kobe and KG duo would attract many other players (like Grant Hill). Kobe has presented the Lakers with major obstacles in furthering the team. I feel like Kobe has actually scared away potential acquisitions because he has created such an open split between player and management. Lakers only chance at Garnett is to have Kobe reunite with the staff and make a push at Garnett TOGETHER. Unfortunately, I’d say it’s more likely he ends up in Phoenix.

  • Skim.

    This fool is out of his mind. Yes the chances of obtaining KG is very slim but you can’t be in the sporting business thinking that there is a zero percent chance to do anything. In every sport anything can happen even if it is highly improbable. This guy is a joke.

  • lakersforlife77

    bucher doesn’t know what he’s talking about…… this is the guy that believes a three way deal would work out where we get garnett, chicago gets kobe, and minnesota gets young players from chicago…………………..idiot

  • Rpoc

    Ric Bucher is a bitch.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    This guy doesnt know what the hell he’s talkin ’bout HELL NO he is NOT credible. I wanna see the look on t=his face when KG puts on that Laker Jersey. I wonder what # turiaf is gonna change to…….

  • f-bucher

    This dude is doing his job. Say something nobody else has said already and get attention and be on TV. This is how he makes his paycheck. The only person who can tell you theres 0% chance is Mitch Kupchak, not some ESPN “analyst”. This dude also said 0% chance of Kobe playing next year. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when hes wrong about both.

  • darkice18

    isnt this the same guy that said Jkidd is 100% gonna be a laker…..RIC BUCHER = biggest liar of all time (IDIOT)

  • darkice18

    also i remember Ric Bucher said If Jerry West wasn’t back Kobe wanted to be traded, Kobe the next day denied that….and he looked so dumb….NO FUCKIN CREDIBILITY

  • MoneyMarl

    Ric Bucher is a credible writer and ESPN reporter. He’s also one of Kobe’s close reporter friends, same with Stephen A Smith and Roland Lazenby who KObe’s known since he entered the league.
    Remember Ric Bucher was the first who said that KObe said If the Lakers doesn’t get Jerry West as GM and give him full authority he will demand for a trade??? How did that turn out? wasn’t Ric telling the Truth?
    Wasn’t Ric the only one reporting that Bulls and Lakers talked about KObe when Both and Lakers were denying it??
    Kobe is not an idiot neither he knows how to use Ric by giving him some info that benefits both of them: Kobe is saying(without saying it) through Ric that If the Lakers dont trade him, he will sit out the season.

    One thing the lakers are underestimating is how determined and stubborn Kobe is, Jerry Buss can be good at poker all he wants but he cant win against Kobe. Go read this article and see what im talking about:

  • TheEclectic

    Bucher realizes that Laker fans are all over the net and news these days scrimping for news of anything related to Kobe/Garnett/or the Lakers and sees an opportunity to throw unfounded “insider” information out there for us to gobble up and make him look like some kind of sports god. ESPN’s journalism practices are suspect. They frequently claim breaking stories first, when in reality it gets broken on websites such as this one or newspaper websites. If anyone is familiar with ESPN’s articles they might recall a certain Jemele Hill writing an article about how Kobe Bryant is the greatest player of all-time. And while I am a Laker fan and would love for that to be true, I am all too aware that KB24’s accomplishments are far below MJs. She basically shot up through the ranks because of how many people tuned in just to disagree. Bucher probably took note of this and is trying to seize an opportunity to also look big.

    Laker fans – boycott this so-called insider. His information is very suspect. If you are going to pay attention to anyone from ESPN – be it Marc Stein. Better yet just patrol sites like hoopsworld, hoopshype,, and lakersground.

  • paul

    bucher picked the pistons in the nba finals a few years ago against the lakers. maybe he does have something against l.a. oh wait, detroit beat us in that series.

  • Cyrus

    “Or just a complete tool of BSPN?” It is just that.

    He is another rating hungry sportswriter looking for fame and subsequent financial advantages. Another blind shark participating in Kobe frenzy.

    Just too bad.

  • MoneyMarl

    Dont you guys know that When Kobe wants something to be known he either contacts Stephen A. Smith or Ric Bucher??? He does it because he knows Ric and Stephen will report his words, word for word.

    And we all know the Laker “insider” is Jim Buss.


    fuck that foo!!11

  • E-ROC

    Ric Bucher should quit flappin’ his lips.

  • Justin M.

    “Kobe is not an idiot either he knows how to use Ric by giving him some info that benefits both of them: Kobe is saying(without saying it) through Ric that If the Lakers dont trade him, he will sit out the season.”

    Then let Kobe come out publicly and say he wants out and not take it back five minutes later okay money marl. Your right Kobe’s not stupid and thats exactly why he hasnt said anything for awhile now because he knows something big is going to happen. Peace.


    Did any of you listen to ric on the podcast for the “BS show” on kobe lol “No chance Kobe stays.”

  • Mr RiCo

    Bill Fucher

  • kgmvp

    Ric Bucher just another LAKER HATER

  • Gus

    I just had a quick comment… If Kobe really wants out, the Wolves are willing to deal KG, and the Bulls would ship a bunch of young talent for a superstar… how bout this?

    To Chicago:
    Kobe Bryant
    Brian Cook

    To Minnesota:
    Andrew Bynum
    Vladimir Radmanovic
    Thabo Sefolosha
    Luol Deng
    Ben Wallace

    To Los Angeles:
    Troy Hudson
    Kevin Garnett
    Ben Gordon

    That would give the Lakers a roster that would look something like this… after re-signing Luke

    PG: Troy Hudson Jordan Farmar
    SG: Ben Gordon Mo Evans Sasha Vujacic
    SF: Lamar Odom Luke Walton
    PF: Kevin Garnett Ronny Turiaf
    C: Kwame Brown Chris Mihm

    By the way my reason for keeping Kwame Brown is simple. Think ahead, his contract would be up so would Mo Evans’ giving plenty of cap relief to possibly sign a free agent named Gilbert Arenas.

    Even with the roster the way it looks above I think Coach Jackson could find a way to win more than 42 games

  • kobefanfkespn

    ric bucher is a cocksucker, hes just another reporter for east s p n. the same people that degrate kobe, are the same people that want him to go to the least coast ( boston, chicago, and especially new york). forget them, the only way the ratings for an nba finals (abc) will increase is if the lakers are in the finals. the league needs kobe (another superstar) and the lakers together. we will be a contender come training camp in the fall. and thats real.

  • kobefanfkespn

    and fuck all the laker haters

  • Christopher

    you are so wrong b.s bitcher

  • Martin

    I know most Laker fans are upset about the Kobe drama, but there’s no need to kill the messenger. I’ve read Ric Bucher’s articles, seen him on TV and listened to him on the radio. He loves Kobe and is one of the few reporters out there who defends him against his critics. If Bucher is reporting on something, then the chances are pretty good he knows what he’s talking about. For all the websites we can go to, Ric Bucher has actual NBA sources to get his info from. He may be telling you something you don’t want to hear, but it doesn’t make him a bad reporter, a liar or an idiot.

  • magic32

    gus we still want kobe in la if garnett comes which if it does happen kobe is going to stay. and i’d prolly say a 50/50 chance of garnett coming to la. if kobe didn’t make all this ruckus we prolly would’ve had garnett by now. as soon as this kobe drama stops then i think lakers will get back to full management. and shouldn’t kobe be calling kg and try to convince him to come to la?

  • rmeazy82

    Bucher is a Laker Nazi! I dont believe him

  • louiskim

    you guys do know ric bucher is part of kobe’s circle of trust , there are only a few guys kobe trusts in the media and this guy is one of them , kobe confides in him , kb will talk like he talked to the video guys at the supermarket with bucher and bucher will make sure to word it right so kobe doesn’t get tainted but still the expression of kb’s context , just not so foul-mouthed. although i would love kg comin , this guy’s word is better than most people.

  • Hehateme

    Ric Bucher is a homo