The Lakers have lost 3 out of their last 4, and are 2-3 without Andrew Bynum in the lineup.

The Lakers not only need this game to get back on track, but I doubt anybody forgot what happened last time these two teams met.

Sure they need this game to get back on track, stay towards the top of the Western Conference, and pull closer to Phoenix for the Pacific Division title. However, more then anything they need a W for revenge.

Back on December 20th, The Lakers faced the Cavaliers on what was the 2nd of a 4 game road trip. They had won 6 of their last 7 and were firing on all cylinders going into that game.

After a close game throughout, the Lakers were down 92-90 with seconds to play and young Andrew Bynum got fouled. However, Drew missed both free throws.

By no surprise, Mr.Clutch came through at the end. Kobe Bryant got away from LeBron, soared above the basket, snatched the rebound and called timeout with 10.3 seconds left.

As Laker fans, we felt we were in the driver seat.

After the timeout, Kobe got the inbounds pass, squared up and fired off a beauty from beyond the arc that didn’t go. However, with still 5 seconds left, Derek Fisher went up and grabbed the offense rebound.

He was then called for a loose-ball foul after the smaller Daniel Gibson flopped to the ground.

Gibson made both free throws and the game was over.

As Laker fans we felt that was our game! The refs screwed us over and getting that game would of been huge, going out east and completing the road trip winning all 4 games.

This is not only a game that the Lakers need to win on their home floor, this is not only a game that the Lakers need to gain momentum for the up and coming 9 game road trip.

For those of us that watched it, we feel that this is a must win game, and the Cavs should be delighted that they were lucky enough to win the first meeting.

Because the Lakers aren’t going to let the Cavs come into Staples and steal a victory again, that is for certain.

But again that’s why they play the game!

  • Brett

    I hate o-dumb. What a dong mouth…

  • LakersOnFire

    i can live with the lakers being a 0.500 team until andrew comes back. i’d like to see the team come out and play hard every game tho.

  • skeptic

    im a die hard lakers fan and kobe is my favorite player. i from Cleveland and have lived here my whole life. i watch every lakers game and see most of the Cavs games and let me tell you, almost ALL the Cavs are helped by the refs. its like the league want Mr. Lebron, Overated, I have ball in my hands for 48 min, ball hog James to get as much success as possible with their help. Many many, more then you ppl would, dont like Lebron in this City. The guy is from Akron not Cleveland and does absolutely nothing for the community… Now Pheonix is the enemy, but the other night versus Cavs it was sad to see the refs giving the Cavs the game. the Suns made shots at the end to win, refs cant do anything if u make them. So if its a close game, dont be surprise if Lakers dont come out with the W. And if Lakers get a big lead, dont be surprised if Cavs come back. Overall, Lake should and will win, but the we all remember that Lakers Cavs game in 05-06 with the refs. if u dont know go to youtube and search Lakers /Cavs


    Wasn’t Jerry West Mr. Clutch? Also I wouldn’t blame the refs for last cavs game. The lakers were leading late in the 3rd quarter by double digits and just blew the game.

  • nyla

    Can someone please take Varejao’s head off this time?? I can’t stand that guy!

  • lakersfan17

    Trade Lamar Odom.

  • MILO

    Watch James go to the line like 14-16 times and Kobe maybe half of that why unlike Wade and James Kobe does not get his calls fron the officxials notice i added an X there.Yes they do fix games i dont care what all you blind people say!

  • MILO


  • Billy Kupchak

    nba officials seem reluctant to call OBVIOUS fouls on Kobe because he’s THAT GOOD & can get to the stripe in ANY, mark my words, ANY possession. it seems like they’re afraid to make the RIGHT call because it’ll seem like they’re bias toward THE BEST PLAYER TO EVER LACE UP ON THE 94′ x 50′ BATTLEFIELD! Go Lakers!!!


    James should go to the line twice as much as Kobe because he drives to the hoop twice as much and he controls the ball for his team much more than Kobe. Kobe has become more of a jump shooter later in his career. Kobe also operates in the triangle which is a shared ball offense.

  • LakersOnFire

    i miss the days when kobe would drive to the basket alot more. it added more depth to his offensive game. does he shoot more now because he’s getting older? i don’t like seeing him shoot so much, especially if he takes forced shots. i’d like to see him operating in the post more or attacking the hoop because i think he could be more efficient this way getting higher percentage shots. i guess wins are all that matter tho.

  • lalball81

    Actually Kobe is driving to the hoop a lot these days, and posting up more too.

  • Brett

    Kobe doesn’t drive to the hoop as much, because in todays game, if you can remember, the league changed it’s rules to allow zone defense. It’s eitheryou have to be a jump shooter, or take your chances with the refs’ calls. Take your pick. Kobe has made his pick.

  • e

    the nba just wants to suck on lebron’s dick

  • skeptic

    Told u guys! Close game….. and im not saying he dont get calls…. refs no call for Kobe… and it was obvious… u know the league has to have Lebron beat Kobe, or else they cant proclaim the best… its coo… Lakers won this in my books!

  • keep24

    Yeah! revenge of the nerds!!!

    Phil really needs to start coaching.

    Kobe may make bad decisions, nut at the end of the day he’s the most clutch player EVER! Instead of benching him, how about benching Odumb and sending him a message.

  • Rob

    Lakers will continue to lose with Walton and OBUMB at fowards

  • T-Dub

    Kobe is basically neutralized by Lebron. It comes down to the rest of the TEAM as so many of you give credit to. Take Kobe and Lebron out, the Cavs beat us 5 of 5 as they just have. This Laker team without Kobe and Bynum is NOT very good! When the Lakers play a team with a top NBA player, which negates the Kobe advantage, it proves how good, or how bad this team is…and its been more bad than good!

  • Ballin’08

    Lakers…lost this one. Thanks Luke for not taking that open shot, and passing to Kobe when the clock was hitting “0.” Yeah, thanks for that. Thanks refs for all the no calls against Kobe, that added to them losing this one. Thanks Kwame Brown for proving that having a naked toddler w/ a cape run around, would be more distracting than your defense. You know I hate when everyone comes on w/ “their” starting line ups, like they’re smarter than Phil, but let’s face it a small starting guard line up of Fish, and Farmar would be more effective. Both can get in rythem and score, Luke cannot…sit his @SS down…he can’t play D…so what’s he doin on the court???

    Lamar….what can you say about Lamar…??As much as the TV analysts talk about his talent…he just never shows up…We’ve been waiting since the Shaq trade for him to be “that guy,” our #2 guy. We all know it’s Bynum…Fish is an easy #3…Farmer maybe 4. In case you didn’t know Kobe is #1. What’s the common denominator??? Consistency….the ability to get in rhythem…If we can’t put the defense on them, let’s shoot the other teams lights out!!!
    Not turn it over like Luke…

  • Ryan

    way to get revenge.

  • AndrewT

    Actually, I think Luke had a better game than Fish today. It’s hard to argue with 9 points, 4 steals, 5 assists and only one turn over. Oh yeah, no personal fouls. Yeah that shot was bad, but he didn’t cost us the game. If you need a 3 pointer in the final seconds to win the game, then you don’t deserve to win the game. Enough said.

    Kwame Brown was the real Smush of the Day once again. He entered the 4th with the Lakers up by 9. He bites on a horrible pump fake to send the Cavs looking for the three point play. The Cavs miss that free throw and Kwame tips the rebound back to them. They convert for an easy layup. And that was just in 20 seconds of play.

    Phil promptly pulls Kwame out to a smattering of cheers for Turiaf. It’s a good thing this guy will probably get traded before the deadline thanks to his expiring contract, because he’s a real momentum killer. Just look at all the STDs he’s been getting from Lakers Nation.

  • droWzY

    I was at the game today. We played well for the first 40 minutes then the lakers stopped showing up for the next 8. Kobe almost had that put back i think around the half a minute mark and we almost had the game… they didn’t call the foul. Anyways, the lakers performed well overall but they need to finish strong throughout the whole game. Vlad rade finaly played today but didnt really show up either. Today, i say the STD’s were the REF’s. They never call the obvious fouls in favor of kobe.

  • T-Dub

    Kwame is soo bad, I don’t think other teams even care about the expiring contract. I still think we can pry Artest away from the Kings…even if they don’t want to help the Lakers. They know he’s opting out after this year, so they will try to get something for him if they can’t change his mind, even if it’s the Lakers. I’ll send Odom and Farmar for Artest and Kenny Thomas( we’ll have to take back that contract just to get the deal done)!

  • sam qaz

    Oncea gain we get screwed over by the refs not giving us any calls in the last 3.5 minutes of the game. Isn’t that a surprise? Can you believe that? not a single call against the cavs in the last 3.5 minutes. Kobe gets an offensive fould even though the other guys is still moving his feet. Kobe gets the rebound and apparently trips to the floor for no reason loosing the ball, but those aren’t fouls. But when lamar his his hand slightly touching lebrons back and lebron does a fadeaway, that’s a foul. Starting to lose interest in the NBA because there are no clear cut rules to playing anymore.

  • lakers1fan


  • T-Dub

    Lamar Odom for Mike Miller and Stromile Swift…..

  • David

    Guys here’s the bottom line:

    This current laker team is the spitting image of last years team after the 26-13 start. Everybody just waits around and watches Kobe. Honestly, I don’t think we can beat a single team above .500 espcially on the road with this current team so to play .500 ball while Bynum is out is being more optimistic rather than realistic.

    On the upside With Bynum I think we can beat any team in a 7 game series even w/o homecourt. As far as i’m concerned i’ll be happy just to make the playoffs.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23822 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ok, let’s take Lebron and Kobe out of the game. The final score was 98-95. Let’s take Lebron’s 41 points and Kobe’s 33 points out. Let’s see, Cleveland had 98-41= 57. Still with me? The Lakers had 95-33= 62. So if we’ve taken out Lebron and Kobe, the Lakers have 62 and the Cavs have 57. Explain how you think the rest of the Cavs beat the rest of the Lakers???

    Furthermore, if you were watching the game, you heard repeatedly from Jeff Van Gundy (a former coach) and Mark Jackson (a former All-Star) that with Bynum, the Lakers can compete and win the West.

  • LA Sports Writer

    I just want to get your guys opinion on this but doest it seem Kobe been playin slacker defense, even during the Cavs game today. During the last 4 games he has been playin terriable defense, and his opposing opponents are havng good, and even great offensive nights agasnt Kobe, al la that back up SG for San Antiono who had a career night.

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…I’m not just counting their scores today, I’m looking at the last 5 games against the Cavs…all losses. AND, Van Gundy also said we probably won’t even make the playoffs after Bynum going down. We’ll be the 10th 0r 11th seed aftet this 9 game road trip….

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23829 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Odom/Farmar for Artest/Kenny Thomas, You have some sort of desire for the Lakers to take on a player who the Lakers may lose at the end season (i.e. Artest because he can opt out of his contract) for a player that can play with the Lakers for several years because he is so young (i.e. Farmar). I don’t see how that makes any sense. Furthermore, Artest has stated that he most likely will opt out of his contract for more money. Artest knows he’s underpaid and wants a payday.

    Say the Lakers did give up Odom/Farmar for Artest/Thomas, Artest is still going to opt out for more money and say the Lakers decide to extend his contract and give him more money. The Lakers will now have invested heavily in three position but doing this would also make it very difficult for the Lakers to sign an impactful power forward (and no I don’t count Kenny Thomas as impactful as he is averaging 1.4 pts and 2.7 boards a game this season).

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…if Artest came to LA, I’m sure he would agree to an extension…He’s definitely worth 5yrs/10mil per. Kenny Thomas is not an impact PF but he’s a descent 10pts/7reb…he’s not getting playing time under Theus. With Bynum and Turiaf starting, we’ll be fine…Draft another Bid or sign one to the midlevel except this summer. You can still re-sign Turiaf say 4yrs/20mil and Bynum 5yrs/50-60mil. Kenny Thomas will fall off the books by the time Bynums new contract kicks in;

    PG: Fish/Critt
    SG: Kobe/Ariza/Sasha/Karl
    SF: Artest/Walton/Vlad
    PF: Turiaf/Thomas/Vlad
    C : Bynum/Kwame/Mihm

    and you still have contracts droppin off the books: Kwame/Sasha/Mihm= about 13mil…..

  • T-Dub

    We could try to keep Farmar and give them a 1st round pick instead…I think thats fair, Odom/1st rnd pick for Artest/Thomas.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23856 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You think Artest would take $10M/year??? Try $12-$13M per year easy. Also, Artest already said where he wanted to go if he opted out and unfortunately L.A. was not one of those teams so acquiring him would still be a gamble that could leave the Lakers with possibly nothing to show for (well, you would’ve gotten rid of Odom’s contract a year earlier but of course you would’ve lost Farmar to have him only come back to play L.A. with Kevin Martin to and light up the Lakers). Then again, I completely forgot, they don’t need a point guard since they landed Beno Udrih.

    With regards to Kenny Thomas, there’s a reason why he’s not getting playing time under Theus, HE’S NOT VERY GOOD ANYMORE. Thomas’ best years may be behind him as last year he only averaged 5 pts and 6 boards a game and that was not under Theus. Kenny Thomas’ has two years left after this year ($7.9M next year and $8.5M the follwing year).

    You’re trade isn’t that bad but it increases the Lakers pay roll this year by $1M (Odom $13.5M + Farmar 1 = $14M < Artest $7.8M + $7.3 = $15M), and even next year. I say next year because you’re going to have to resign Artest (something higher than $10M, I’m assuming $12M) and Sasha and Mihm are not DEFINITELY off the books next year. Sasha is a restricted free agent who I am assuming is going to take the Lakers qualifying offer and stay another year. Mihm has a player option to opt out at the end of season, but he won’t probably won’t do that because another team isn’t going to sign him with him injured most of this year. Also, you want to resign Turiaf for $5M/year and sign yet another MLE (which is probably another $5/year).

    It was a good try though. In all honesty, I don’t see the Kings making any trades with the Lakers. I see the Kings willing to let Artest walk and then making a play for Corey Maggette (SF) in the offseason. As of now, the Kings payroll for next year is $59M. Subtract Artest’ $8.4M, should be opt out after this season and they are down to about $51M for next year, well under the salary cap and able to make a push for someone like a Maggette, to replace an Artest.

  • lakaluva

    Keep your head up Laker family. Tough loss but we will bounce back. Its not our time to shine at this moment. Two straight years with disapointing injuries to key players. That which is causing us pain right now will only make us stronger in the years to come. Have faith in our FO, and have faith that the will of Laker fans around the world will come to fruition.

    The rest of the league is celebrating our failures at this moment, regardless to wether they are winning or not. They hate to see us win titles. But we have history and tradition on our side, and history has never lied. Going back to the early 50’s, we have either been winning titles, losing titles, or preparing to go to titles. Right now we are preparing to go to MORE titles. No other sports organization can say that.

    Good luck to the team, and keep giving them hell Laker Family!!! PEACE…

  • ab4sure

    Well Lebron got the best of Kobe today. And he did it in the fourth quarter when they were going mano y mano. James showed he is not that bad of a defender when challenged and he also can make the clutch shot. What made the game bad though is the lakers lost. I thought we would win when Varejo and Igauskas were out of the game, but didn’t happen. Lamar proved he is afraid of playing the game of basketball. He doesn’t play well in crunch time especially on offense.

  • T-Dub

    ab…what?? you finally see Lamar for what he is????

  • ab4sure

    you don’t read all my posts dub.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23848 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Van Gundy is saying that with Bynum down the Lakers probably won’t make the playoffs BECAUSE the west is so tough. In the west if one team loses 2 games and they go from the top 3 to the 8th or 9th seed (look at Utah, if the playoffs started today, they are not even in there. I’m mentioning Utah because you’ve mentioned them in the past as a top team in the NBA). It’s ridiculous how tough the West is. This makes losing Bynum and Ariza even worse for the Lakers because it disrupts how efficient the Lakers were playing prior to the injuries.

    The FO is really stuck between a rock and a hard place. When the team was healthy, they were winning games and playing together so well. Kobe, Bynum and other starters were not playing heavy minutes because the team was playing so well.

    Now they have a major injury to their starting center, who was playing like an “All-star” as they Van Gundy and Jackson stated today, and your backup small forward (not mention Radman and Mihm) are gone, so now they are having much more trouble winning games.

    Does the FO just allow the team to grind it out knowing that when the team was healthy, this was a good team that could contend with the other teams in the west? Or, do they make trades out of desperation to try to save this season (which personally I think isn’t the way to make trades)?

  • Brett

    O-dumb is a dong mouth.