L.A. Times: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson has turned to his bench in each of the last two games, and the results haven’t been what he had hoped.

Jackson put his reserves into the game against Detroit on Sunday night and asked them to protect what seemed like an insurmountable 21-point lead against a Pistons team that was missing three key players.

But the substitutes let that lead slip to 15 points and that forced Jackson to reinsert starters Kobe Bryant,Ron Artest and Pau Gasol with 5:59 left in the game to change the momentum the reserves had given away.

The Lakers’ bench was outscored, 34-15, by the Pistons.

Take away Lamar Odom (seven points, 10 rebounds) going three for five, and the rest of the Lakers’ reserves went three for 22.

Jordan Farmar was one for six, Shannon Brown one for nine, Adam Morrison one for five and Josh Powell 0 for 2.

“The second half I was very disappointed that we couldn’t execute in the fourth quarter,” Jackson said. “I had to bring the starters back in to save the game.”

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  • chad b

    I guess you always have to have something to complain about.

    The good news is: in the playoffs they reserves don’t play. We have the best 6 guys in the NBA and as Stu would say “That will get it done”

    • Batz

      That’s a ridiculous thing to say. We can’t play a 6 man rotation for the entire playoffs. Especially against elite teams such as Denver, Boston etc.

      Fatigue can and WILL hit the starters and the bench mob need to help fill in. Starters can’t do everything.

      • chadb

        I didn’t say we were going to play 6 guys, it’ll probably be closer to 8. I said we have the best 6 guys in the NBA. In the playoffs you get 2-3 days off before each game. Also in the post season “there is no tomorrow” (Rocky) so everyone puts it on the line each night. Your best guys play signifcantly more minutes.

        Bottom line rotations shorten up significantly in the playoffs so the bench is less of a factor. Our weakness of a weak bench will not be our downfall.

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    luke walton’s distributin skillz will improve the bench,
    the bench doesn’t play with enough energy, Lakers should sign someone who can bring some energy, like Stromile Swift or Darius Miles, or even Maceo Baston, there all free agents

    • WifelovesLuke

      Fianlly some love for Luke. Funny how you always appreciate things when they are gone. Don’t worry, Luke to the rescue…lol

      • http://LakersNation Marwan..

        You dont know what you got til its gone.

  • Jsmooth

    The starters are doing there job. I’m not too concerned though about the stench i mean bench. When Luke Walton returns from injury…are bench will get better off his playmaking and he will instantly become our best 3pt shooter. BOOK IT!

    Join the movement, my page “Shaq needs to retire” if you think O’neal is well past my prime.


    • daboss1848

      how old r u? so, we can properly determine your prime and whether or not he’s past it.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Who cares, boss. He’s giving props to Luke. Woot Woot!

        • daboss1848

          my apologies – happy wife, happy life!!!

  • lakers0828

    Even though Certain fans will continue to disagree with me which is alright with me I will continue to state my point.
    That is trade Your bench for a better bench Trade Farmar trade Sasha and trade Morriosn you get a better Bench you wont have Leads slip away in garbage time

    • WifelovesLuke

      You do realize that when our bench is on the court during garbage time the other team still has starters on the floor, right? Hence, the leads slip away. They are bench players and not starters for a reason.

      • lakers0828

        Yeah I do but Do you see a robert horry in the making or a rick fox or a brian shaw in the making of the bench no.
        So my point in being is even though we have kobe u can always depend of Kobe to be the savier and I dont want to be the one whos says I told you so .

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      You guys speak like our bench is the worst of them all. Seriously only Phoenix and Boston have a better bench, other than that, the rest are garbage too.
      The reason Phoenix is better is because they have Dudley, a 3pt shooter, Leandro Barbosa, a good shooter, and others I cant be bothered mentioning.
      Boston has the crazy lunatic Rasheed Wallace, who for a big man, can shoot 3s and can post up, Marquis Daniels is a good handler with a shooting touch, and then Eddie House and thats it.
      Our bench is pretty good compared to theirs, we got Odom, Brown, Farmar and Sahsa (defense for Sasha). We can match up against any other bench, so think about others before you think about Lakers.

  • Robert

    The Lakers may have to win a lot of games to beat out the Celdicks for home court in the playoffs (assuming the Celdicks make it to the finals). So, they have to rely on the bench to close out games without having to re-insert the starters too early.
    Unfortunately, the starters have had to come back into the game too early to save the leads that they have created. This does not bode well for the bench. They have to keep a large enough lead so that the Lakers can win. But (as mentioned above), if the starters play too many minutes during the regular season, how much gas will they have left for the playoffs (all the way to the Championship)?

  • Josh in D 310

    Our bench just sucks! Plain and simple. Whether they are starters or bench players, they are still NBA players. No excuses for them, period. The problem with these guys is that they’re spoiled and they know that the starters will win even if they don’t perform. The bench has settled for mediocracy and that’s just a damn shame

  • Andrew Isnumb

    The reserves aren’t the only ones struggling.

    Why can’t Fisher make layups anymore?

    His attempted layups look absolutely pathetic. He jumps all of about 6 inches off the ground while he flails his arms EVERY TIME begging for a foul!

    Someone please tell Fisher NO LAYUPS! Enough already!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      As long as he makes the big shots when it counts, I dont really care. His defense is great though.