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The drama continues.

After the NBA world was flipped upside down yesterday by the news of David Stern’s decision to veto the three-team deal that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lakers, sources are now confirming that the deal may not be dead after all.

The Lakers, Hornets and Rockets are talking again this afternoon in hopes of finding a way to complete the deal that involved Chris Paul, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol.

While it’s hard to say how the deal needs to be re-structured in order for it to pass through the Commissioners desk, it sounds like the willingness is there from all parties involved.

Representatives from the three teams have communicated and understand that they need to sweeten the deal for New Orleans, either through additional players or future draft considerations.

We expect this story will continue to be updated throughout the afternoon and evening. Stay tuned to our Twitter for the most up-to-date information.



  • Dal3macio

    that deal was already sweet for New Orleans!  damn..

    • Hoachx

      no kidding. I hope the Lakers don’t have to give up more.

      • Thechamp61

        I hope that L. o. can find a way to remain a laker  I know right now he feels like the ugly step daughter and I don’t blame him. Mr. Buss needs to wake up and smell the paul.  however , superman would be super 

        • Odom the player

          Well I hope you’re wrong Odom has to go period

    • Random

      I wont be sweet enough unless it really screws over the Lakers. Maybe we can get it through if we include Bynum, KObe, all draft pick until the end of time, and the Buss family.

  • Jason Morrow

    How much more sweet does it need to be

  • BigWillyStyle

    they want D.fisher

  • Retardforjoiningarmy

    STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Haha, me too, brah. Why do I care about something that has absolutely zero effect on my daily life so much? Just make some sort of trade. I saw on twitter that some dude said it was like “an expecting father waiting in the hospital waiting room”, or something to that affect.

  • Kmac_321


  • Sktfbk

    They want Bynum, simple, they’d wanted him from the start

  • Martijenson

    Please don’t trade Pau… he’s one of the best players on our team, and I’d rather have Howard than Paul.. :(

    • Namthanh108

      how about having both Paul and D12?

      • Anonymous

        I’d love Paul and Howard but IDK if the league would “allow” that. I’m in the camp yearning for Dwight Howard but I’d much rather take the great CP3 than end up with neither guy, especially since it sounds like Lamar’s head won’t be in it this year. He seems pretty upset and I don’t know if I’d like to keep a distraught player who’s not going to be focused, a la Pau Gasol in the playoffs. Hopefully the Lakers will be able to offer a couple picks to Nawlins and appease that douche David Stern to accept a trade for “basketball reasons”. I may just drop my proverbial basket if he allows Paul to be traded to another team. Fingers crossed…

  • Pcourtney1964


  • Lakersfan2011

    look they are obviously getting another dominate big man, other wise they wouldn’t do the trade in the first place.

  • Lakerfan411

    I would hate to give up Bynum to the hornets, leaving us with no center, and the main chip for a Dwight Howard Trade. However, a lineup of with Kobe, Paul, and Pau seems better to me. Lets hope Houston can throw in some other players, and get a deal done that doesn’t upset dictator Stern.

  • els92

    I wish the Lakers would just let this go, and keep it moving. This whole situation is such a mess for everyone involved. I would rather have Pau and Lamar on the team than Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Overall, this is just an eff’ed up situation that POS David Stern put all of these teams in. Listening to Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban, who was desperately tryin to land Paul btw, and eventually caving was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen in all of professional sports. From refs betting on games, to David Stern single-handedly dictating where a player is and is not allowed to play, the NBA has swiftly become the biggest laughing stock in the professional American world of sports. Simply unbelievable.