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It’s hard to describe the last 48 hours in Laker Nation. First, the Lakers acquired Chris Paul, then after a historical, precedent setting veto by David Stern, the three teams were forced to go back to work to find a way to rework the deal to Stern’s pleasing.

We have just received confirmation that a newly restructured offer has been officially agreed on between the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets. While the exact details of the proposed deal haven’t been released, we can confirm that Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol are the main pieces the Lakers will part with, if approved.

In the pre-December 8th, 2011 NBA, this would mean the deal is done (barring a failed physical, of course). However, in the new NBA that now exists, any trade involving New Orleans must pass the David Stern test. As we have so many times over the last 5+ months, we will wait on Stern to make a decision…

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  • KwameFORstern

    Got to approve this hitler, stop throwing ur weight around! Show some class!

  • Valentina

    just praying it goes through…

  • Josh

    League owned teams are just a bad idea all around

  • Laker Gang

    Their is no way they can reject this trade or else cp walk out in New Orleans with no return

  • Chriszepeda

    Worse move the Lakers ever made. Especially if we don’t get Howard

  • Chriszepeda

    Worse move the Lakers ever made. Especially if we don’t get Howard

  • Valentina

    Well… it would be a huge risk… since we’d lose our championship caliber frontcourt… but we’d free up some cap space being in a position to improve and rejuvenate the team even if DH12 didn’t come and Bynum knees didn’t hold. So it’s a risk worth taking… CP3 bringing showtime back in LA is worth it even if that means losing 2 great all-stars like Pau and Lamar. If not only for the 20 milions saved in luxury taxes (and remember tax’rates increase 2 years from now) just for one reason… are we sure this group the way it is can still win? No we aren’t… and how many shots at a championship an aging group of 30+ players would have in the following years? Maybe one/two… remember we made jj barea an all-star last year… so maybe it’s worth trying hard to restructure the team around Chris, Kobe… Drew or DH12 (best case scenario) or someone else via free agency (worst case scenario).

    • ilikebasketball

      good point.

      do we actually make cap space with this deal?

      if this is true, we probably could land some pretty decent power forwards.
       carl landry?

    • Delicinas

      good point there about the cap space that would be freed of

  • Andy_deo

    David Stern has become a tool. He needs to resign. Get some neW blood in there.

  • els92

    I actually hope this new trade proposal is denied. The Lakers will be making a huge mistake giving up two bigs for tiny Chris Paul. This only makes sense if the Lakers are guaranteed to land Dwight Howard, but all signs point to him being traded to the Nets. IF this trade is approved and the Lakers lose two of their best players for Chris Paul, but don’t get Dwight Howard, everyone in the Lakers’ front office needs to be smacked.

  • MrPredden

    When was the last time we had a true dangerous point guard?  And how come Derek Fisher isn’t part os this trade, or any trade for that matter?! So now that we will get CP3, I hope that Bynum for Howard deal goes thru.

    • Delicinas

      i think that the reason is that nobody wants d-fish hes an old guy that does’nt have a lot of “game” but mainly becouse he is old i mean c’mon if the lakers even proposed a deal including fish the other team would just waive it of unless an other guy from the lakers roster would be included

  • ilikebasketball


    pretty sweet.

    but damn……forward?

    ugh….this means some more wheeling and dealing and signing needs to be done.

    i’m really going to miss pau and odom.

    they gave us some great years. i wish it were shorter.

    i still think we don’t need howard.

    ALL BYNUM!!!!!

    • ilikebasketball


      their(odom/pau) time here was so short.

  • ilikebasketball

    i dont normally like Stern and how he runs things. especially the way the Refs are treated. Stern is too iron fisted for me.

    but i do think he is right in this instance, if you look at the bigger picture.

    i want the NBA to have a more even playing field. with more teams able to compete for the championship.

    it’s boring when the playoff spots 5 to 8 are mostly below 500 winning record.

    and who the hell didn’t root against lebron? or boston? many reasons..but one of them was that they just bought their championshps(or their try for a championship). i never felt like L.A. really did in the way boston or miami did. brining in 2 all star hall of famers to join another in one year.
    it’s just a ponderous way to go for the goal.

    when the lakers did this, with malone and payton, it was just embarassing.

    and getting Paul is one thing, but then going for Howard takes it to that level that is just lame and boring.
    i want competition. i want to see the lakers win despite the great competition, not becuase there was NO competition.

    saying all that, though. i am a laker fan for life. so if we do end up getting Howard, i’ll of course root with all my heart!

    • sheds

      Dallas, OKC, Miami, Chicago, Boston. You call this no competition?

      And as long as Dwight Howard wont also end up here, chances are that the team might not be as good as it was even last year when we got swept by the Mavs.

      • ilikebasketball

        mia, chi bos are all east coast. so in the playoffs we’d only actually play one of them

        and mia and boston i named as teams that just bought their way to a championship.

        so that leaves 3 teams.

        for what? 16 teams in the playoffs?

    • hitman

      You are right, it seems as though the Lakers have built their teams honestly through drafts and shrewd trades (usually).Bringing in the malone payton ringers felt grubby.But there is still okc and dallas to contend with so the competition is there.

  • Ricardo

    Looks like this will probably go down now. Gonna hate to see Pau and Lamar go, they’ve given us some great years and 2 titles! As much as I like Howard, I’m just as curious to see Bynum play now that he’s the main big man left. I think we can get another forward, we have to. Probably trade out Blake for somebody to plug in next to Drew (or Dwight), and also find a back up. We need to let our youngsters play too. Bittersweet considering the situation, but excited for our future.

    • Delicinas

      well i’ve heard that the lakers (if the trade goes down) free up up 20 million $ from their current pay roll so that could help us sign another big man

      • ilikebasketball

        if this trade opens up 20 mill.
        and we stick with bynum, we could get some quality power forward, a decent back up center.

        this could be another meep meep road runner moment for mitch!

    • ilikebasketball

       I wanna see Bynum mature and develop, as well. I think he is going to be great!

  • LAKERS9092003


  • Havocc23

    They throw emeka in there we will hav 2 lagitament big men

  • Perezrob83

    I think Lakers are giving up alot here, Lamar belongs in L.A and Pau is 1 of the most talented 4’s in the game… But I see it’s a new chapter in Showtime, especially if they get Howard. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Maxkobe24

    how many hours we have to wait to get a answer?

  • Lakerfan411

    Here’s to hoping THIS deal goes through. In my opinion, if Paul comes, Howard will not be far behind. However, their is still the issue of having no solid Power Forward, but we’ll wait and see what happens.


    lakers are giving up two of our best big man. in return hornets should give us chris paul and emeka okofor. and trade bynum along with our two draft picks andrew goudloc and darious morris for DWIGHT HOWARD! 


    lakers are giving up two of our best big man. in return hornets should give us chris paul and emeka okofor. and trade bynum along with our two draft picks andrew goudloc and darious morris for DWIGHT HOWARD! 

  • Ra

    Well, whether the trade goes through or not, it has created ill will in the NBA now (w/Lakers).  Odom will not be the same if he stays.  Pau will still be the champion level player, but things won’t be the same.

    The Lakers don’t have to be as big anymore, because we are not facing Boston in the finals anymore.  The ‘size’ was a good response to Boston’s ‘big tough’ guys (like Kenrick Perkins, at the time), and in response to Denver’s height (at the time). 

    Phil Jackson operated on the principle that basketball is a big man’s game.  So, he had the deck stacked with height, length (Odom is ‘long’, Pau and Drew are big, and have wide wingspans, etc.).  That worked well up to this point.  Now, we’ll have to compete with Miami (let’s get serious – it’s a new playing field for the NBA – run n gun).  Height might stop LeBron and DWade, however, so we’ll see.  If we keep Drew, and he stays healthy (or, if we get DH), we can stand up against Miami.

    Coach Brown coached LeBron’s team, and remember they got to the Finals (they had big Zidrunas Ilgauskas, and Varejao at the time).  He’ll manage defense just fine.  So, if we get CP3, we’ll have a good run ‘n gun team, and a little height (w/ Drew, if he stays healthy).

    Also, if the trade goes through, it will be a ‘long term’ investment. CPaul would be around for the next few years, and we can have big men come and go.  Or, if we got DH12, he’s around for a few years, and that would still be good.

    Just one of these trades will make for the ‘next generation’ Laker team.  I predict that the Lakers will have to make a trade now that they have already proposed it, and there is ‘ill will’ on the team.  That would be the only thing that would help their morale now, unfortunately.  That might mean losing Odom, who could (eventually) end up in Miami (which would be disastrous for the Lakers).

  • nbAmazingKb24

    i am really going to miss the big mang line up if this goes through and wow how i am going to miss pau gasol!! what a player he is…

  • Cd1ngwk1ngc

    i think we should substitute bynum in place of gasol in the CP3 deal. The league would be getting what they’re asking for (younger players) and we would be gaining some insurance and flexibility in a sturdier Center/PF Gasol. It’d just be like the 2008 Lakers except this time Gasol’s probably tougher, and we have an All-Star PG. Artest and Barnes are still around to provide much needed defense. All we’d need are serviceable role players on the bench.

  • LakerDynasty24

    This trade drama has me really conflicted. Its true that we will need a legitimate PG in order to prepare for the future without Kobe. I just wish this trade did not involve Gasol. I dont care so much about Odom, or Artest(the latter infuriating me with his out of shape approach). Why cant we offer Bynum instead? This deal could become a disaster if Gasol is included in it.

  • LakerDynasty24

    And also If Howard really is going to the nets, PLEASE call of this trade and wait for free agency?. This trade MIGHT harm us and its a gamble. This Paul trade will only work if we can land Howard.

  • Rasarx

    Another twist in the action.  The Lakers pull out of the deal.  They are now focused on sending Odom to Dallas.  The soap opera continues.