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During an NBA lockout, Ron Artest is a journalist’s dream. If Artest wasn’t a member of the purple and gold, half of this offseason’s Laker news content would most likely be lost.

This summer Artest has filled with a name change, launched a comedy tour, and reports had him possibly playing somewhere in Europe this fall.

Reports now come via TMZ that Artest and his wife quietly divorced back in 2009:

We found out Ron quietly got divorced from Kimsha [Artest] on June 30, 2009.  The couple shares joint custody of their 3 kids and their relationship is extremely amicable — we’re told they get along better than when they were married.

For a man who talks and tweets with the regularity of Artest, it’s fascinating that in his two years with the Lakers, his marriage never once became the topic of conversation. As for Artest’s ex-wife Kimsha, she will be one of the cast members of this fall’s Basketball Wives LA, alongside Gloria Govan, fiancée of Laker teammate Matt Barnes.

  • Ron Artest

    This is news?

  • Ron Artest

    This is news?

  • Jack Yang

    This explains why he’s tweeting and partying all over the place with random peepz.

  • Klubhopya

    Leave Ron alone.

  • Cecil

    She will get alimony and get paid to join the bickering hags on BBW. Most high profile stars marriage’s do not last anyhow so how is this news. I will not be surprised if i hear Kobe’s marriage is on the rocks. He is not making those trips to the phillipines for just sports believe that. Once his girls growup lets see how that pans out. Anyway its not really any of our business.