UPDATENBA and NBPA will meet in a Manhattan hotel on Wednesday afternoon, according to Newsday.

The NBA postponed their announcement that two more weeks of the regular season would be canceled. If they cannot come to an agreement this afternoon, David Stern may make the announcement during his press conference following the session. (via @AlexKennedyNBA)

Remember when we all optimistically thought, “They’ll work this out, we won’t miss any games”?

Me neither.

According to multiple sources, the NBA will be erasing another two weeks from their shortened schedule today, eliminating any games scheduled through November 28th.

When this announcement is made official, the Lakers will lose five (5) more games:

11/15 @ Washington
11/17 Vs. New York
11/22 @ Memphis
11/23 @ Oklahoma City
11/25 @ Sacramento


After a flurry of labor meeting activity, the two sides have failed to meet since talks collapsed last week. As of now, there are no scheduled meetings planned.

Rather than getting you ready for the season (originally scheduled to start a week from today), we’re forced to ask the obvious question here…


Will there be NBA basketball in 2011?

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  • Clemgemd

    Who cares anymore! Why not just cancel the greed league forever!
    Start all over with lower ticket prices and get rid of the 6.00 cokes, 6 dollar hotdogs, etc etc…
    NBA is so out of touch with reality…..

  • R.

    Part of me doesn’t feel too bad, because the millionaires can hang for another year until things are worked out (heck, I can hang in there with less than that, so shouldn’t be a problem for them).  Meantime, in the midst of the billionaires need to plot against the millionaires to try to get more out of them for less, the greed mongers are in the process of wrecking the whole ‘spirit’ of basketball.

    During the year, I put aside the fact that these guys are making a whole lot of money having fun, and the billionaires are cashing in on high ticket revenues, because I like the game.  Now that the billionaires have seen a 5% increase in revenue last year (despite a recession), they’re thinking: More Money.  Where’s my money? More Money.  (like Morrie in Goodfellas, and we know what happened to him –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrIcMX3yNI )

    So, the part of me that feels bad is the part that likes to watch the games, and the great players, and the competition.

    But, I can wait.

    There’s still football (for a while, at least).