Image: Jonathan Daniel | Getty Images

According to multiple sources, Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni and Marshall University have a mutual interest to return D’Antoni to his alma mater.

As a result, the D’Antoni-era could be coming to an abrupt end in LakerLand. According to, Marshall University recently reached out to D’Antoni to gauge his interest in filling their coaching vacancy.

“I would think his days are numbered based on Kobe saying he had no interest in playing for him next year,” a source told “If he isn’t with the Lakers, I believe he will be at Marshall because there is mutual interest.”

As sources have pointed out, Kobe Bryant is no longer a fan of the run-and-gun philosophy that the Lakers have played during Mike D’Antoni’s two-year tenure in Los Angeles. Bryant instead prefers to play at a slower tempo going forward.

While it is unclear whether the Lakers had any plans to fire their coach this summer, sources close to D’Antoni say the interest between he and the Thunder Herd is mutual.