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According to, the Los Angeles Lakers have placed former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, Mike Brown on their list of potential head coaching candidates. According to the report, Brown is expected to “interview soon” with the Lakers brass.

Mike Brown has a career coaching record of 410-272 (.663). He lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history in the 2007 season, and won the NBA coach of the year award in 2009.

  • Odom the player

     No way!

  • defcon

     hell no! I don’t want Lebron’s leftovers.  I don’t want a guy who doesn’t stand up to Lebron.   I don’t want this at all.

  • ilikebasketball

    are you fucking kidding me?he is a fucking joke.
    he didn’t know what he was doing all those years with lebron. he gave the team to lebron and let him do whatever. so as barkley pointed out for 5 years Lebron went up and went 1 on 5. THAT’S THE GUY WE WANT TO COACH THE LAKERS??????


    how can anyone take mike brown seriously?
    he won coach of the year by mistake. the same reason Mo wlliams got on the all star team. Lebron whined like a beach and espn gave in and all others followed suit.


  • Gkamboj32

     Not saying I want him but how great would it be if Mike Brown won a championship with Kobe before LeBron even wins one hahah


     What happened to Larry Brown?

  • tripleocho


  • mportklr

    who reported this….Kevin Figgers….

    Figgers please! 

  • Tristanspartan

    don’t like this

  • Elamm77

    The Lakers needs to hire one man for this job: Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He would bring stature, leadership, credentials, presence and the  right tempermanent that is needed. The Lakers could also show some appreciation and humility, especially in their inept handling of  staute matter. Even the  Boston Celtics has shown the propensity to reach out to it’s former players  to edify what it means to be a Celtic. My hope is this will never happen with Lakers.I do not want to make race an issue here, but can you name just one Black player ever,  that was instrumental in shaping the Lakers success, ever been offered a meaningful role in the Lakers organization? Not one, including it’s beloved son, Magic Johnson. In other words you can play for us, help guide us to championships, be a spokesman for us, however, we will run the front office. What meaningful contributions did Mitch Kupchak make other than being the right pedigree for such entitlements. I suspect everyone will decry me for raising this question. My hope is this: That Jerry Buss will  seriously think about promoting from within the “Laker Family”.

    • Josh Herrington

      It’s an interesting topic you bring up indeed. I have yet to decide whether I agree or disagree, but I hope the front office is just reeling in other coaches with Brown. Because if not, then we are just not thinking.  

    • Psykostik

      Meaningful role? You mean giving Magic Johnson a part ownership of the franchise not meaningful enough for you? Jerry Buss didn’t HAVE TO do anything but he did.  I can understand Kareem being slighted but Magic?

    • Anonymous

      Why is it every time someone says “I don’t want to make race an issue” they end up making race an issue? You realize that Magic Johnson coached the Lakers briefly in the 90’s right? No, obviously not. Brian Shaw, former Laker player, is the leading candidate to be promoted from inside to the head coaching job. Last I looked he was black, but my TV isn’t always 100% trustworthy, so maybe it’s just me. So thanks for not making race an issue, moron.

  • lakerman34

    I really feel that Jerry Sloan is our best option, but what about Mark Jackson? I always felt like he’d make a GREAT coach (both offensive and defensive minded).

    Even John Stockton would make a pretty good coach (though I can’t see him becoming one).

  • Wayneshardwood

    If anybody can make a solid argument for MB as a head coach for any team I like to hear it! He coached a team that improved its talent level, maturity, and depth every year yet the results got worse and worse. He’s destined for espn’s seat along side barry melrose. You know the desk with the phone that never rings.

  • Aditya

     This would be a great coach for the lakers. He would be a great pick to coach the lakers.

  • Anonymous

    If he is the coach, he basically would let Kobe run the show.

  • Purple People

    Cool, we need a doormat for Kobe and Fisher to wipe their egos on……bring him on~ 

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what needs more wiping, Fisher’s ego or your ass.


    If I could pick anyone to coach it would be Sloan or Shaw.  Sloan would give a hard ass coaching experiance that will demand respect and he would pick n roll the hell out of the league and at least have the solution that apparently Phil didn’t have on defending the pick n roll.  Shaw would probably do a version of the triangle but with maybe more flare like running the ball on occasions.  I’m just not convinced that any superstar that arrives will give Shaw the out most respect because he looks way too young. 

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