Former number two overall NBA draft pick Michael Beasley worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers for a second time Wednesday, according to Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy.

The Lakers have been intrigued by Beasley for some time now–and once had a deal in place to acquire the enigmatic forward during the 2012 NBA trade deadline; although that deal fell apart at the last minute.

With Beasley, talent has never been the question. Instead, his consistency and focus, paired with other off the court issues, have plagued the forward since he entered the league.

It will be interesting to see if the Lakers do indeed decide to sign Beasley.

  • Pimptastic

    Sign him, nothing to lose but a top 5 draft pick :)

    • Al Haldie

      He does not fit with the LAKERS we don’t need a head case !!

      • Pimptastic

        We do need a small forward though, and although hit and miss “head cases” have done pretty well for us in the past. I personally never met the guy so I’m not sure how much of a “head case” he is.

  • swagmeister

    Lakers can’t out-tank the perennial tank teams so they may as well sign Beezy. The top 5 pick is probably a foregone conclusion anyway.

  • Max Prime

    If they sign Beasley and Kobe can stay healthy and play decent. Say somewhere around a 20 PER. The Lakers have the talent to win it all. Not saying they will. But the talent will be there. They would be above average at every position but with no dominant player. The same thing the Spurs have. If they don’t sign Beasley…Than Wes and/or Henry would need to have a career year. Because so far they have been far below average.

    • Tune

      I see big things from Henry happening soon if he stays healthy. I think he has the potential to be a solid player. Wes, not so much. He has the athleticism, but nothing notable about his game in my opinion potential wise.

      • Max Prime

        Wes is an athlete but not a basketball player. So as your 5th best player if he knows his role. He can be an asset. Defense(2 steals,1.5 blocks)/Rebounding(5 defensive and 3 offensive)/40% from 3. That’s all he needs to do.