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With all the propaganda leading into this weekend’s imaginary Carmageddon, most of Los Angeles expected headlines to be vehicle-related…

Just not like this.

According to multiple news outlets, Lakers Forward Lamar Odom was involved in a serious car accident on Thursday when his driver crashed into a motorcyclist while transporting Lamar to his cousin’s funeral in Queens, New York.

Odom, who was a passenger riding in the back seat of the vehicle, was not hurt. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was reported to have serious injuries, along with a teenage pedestrian, who are both being treated at a New York hospital.

Khloe Kardashian, who is reportedly in New York with Lamar, was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident. We’ll continue to update this story as new information is made available.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Please be okay Lamar. Hope the motorcyclist and the pedestrian make full recoveries.

  • R_u_my_rib

    He wasn’t hurt but he’s seriously gonna get sued.

  • Tim

    First off..i thought something had happened to Odom when reading the title >.> “serious accident” but it happened to be a motorcycle.

    Thoughts and prayers to the teenager and the motorcyclist. Hope they make full recoveries!

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    That was false advertising.  You made it look like Lamar was hurt.  The cyclist must have been at fault unless Lamar’s driver had a little something before the funeral.

    • Greenninja

      Why must the “cyclist be at fault”? People in cars never hit people on motorcycles unless it’s the motorcycles fault? What about the pedestrian? Was it her fault as well?

  • Anonymous

    It’s called a Headline because it’s meant to “turn your head”, to catch your attention and make you want to read the story. Nobody wants to read “Some Guy Hurt in Traffic Accident”.
    I’m sorry the guy got hurt, but I don’t click that story.

  • laffsatu

    so on CHRISTMAS the Mavericks will be playing Miami,do the lakers even get a game?Who will beat the lakers this christmas?

  • laffsatu

    so on CHRISTMAS the Mavericks will be playing Miami,do the lakers even get a game?Who will beat the lakers this christmas?

    • LaffsIsATool

      COOL…I would love to see your boyfriend LeChump lose on Christmas…thanks BITCH

    • Robert

      There’s going to be a game on Christmas?  Not this year.  There’s going to be a game this year?  Not this year.

  • Bink

    thank god; give the lakers a freakin break on christmas; hey what round will Lebronze choke in this next season??  

    • laffsatu

      you mean getting swept by the mavericks?thats the lakers job………dork.

  • Princesstyanna13


  • Greenninja

    @00e6bf67d14aab43f19bbc8ae7159d8c:disqus  Yeah thank God no one important was hurt in the accident.

  • victorious

    green ninja what kind of a human being are you? THANK GOD NO ONE IMPORTANT WAS HURT? ur some heartless mother fucker. if you were in a car accident while kobe bryant was driving and you ended up in critcal conditions but not a scratch on kobe bryant and some one were to say thank god no one importent was hurt!!! how would that make you feel you inconsiderate heartless some of a bitch.
    excuse my french.
    GO LAKERS bring the championship back home to LA NEXT YEAR or the FOllowing year…hopefully no LOCK OUT.

  • Sherri Austin30

    I Hope Everyone involved will be o.k.!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS & BEST WISHES!! A FAN!!!!!!!!

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  • marss

    I hope everyone is okay =/

  • Linda Barboza

    praying for you all …..God Bless …Lamar remember you are blessed and highly favored

  • Go Blue

    Green Ninja is not human, important or not important, its a human being u dumbass. Gell well every1 and best of luck!!!



  • Anonymous

    The 15-year-old pedestrian died of his injuries. That makes this a real tragedy. Condolences to the boy’s mother, who was with him when he died, and his father in Bangladesh. Always devastating to lose a child.

  • Seniorpastorgant

    dear lamar,this to shall pass,hang in there much love and prayer for u and your family!