NBA Draft
Image: Mike Stobe | Getty Images

To trade or not to trade? That seems to be the question amongst the Lakers’ front office.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News’ Mark Medina, Lakers’ general manager Mitch Kupchak says he is willing to trade the current pick (projected position 1-9) for a good offer. He also wants to trade for another pick for middle/late 1st round.

I have long been an advocate for the Lakers trading their 2014 draft pick regardless of position if it nets them a superstar like Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving or Minnesota Timberwolves stud Kevin Love. Both players are ready to contribute right away.

It is no secret the Lakers’ $48 million dollar man, Kobe Bryant, wants to win now. Despite how you may feel about his hefty extension, the Lakers owe it to themselves and Bryant to make sure that they are in the best possible situation when it comes to contending.

Not making the playoffs, or struggling to secure an eighth seed in the Western Conference will be deemed as a failure for the franchise where championship or bust is everything.

Your move, Mitch.

  • Kalian805

    kevin love is on an expiring contract. what if he walks away after a dismal season like d12 and refuses his player option? kyrie is less of a risk and is def. a superstar but we’re loaded at the pg position. unless we can unload nash in the same trade in either scenario i wouldnt do it.

    i also would be hesitant of a trade if lakers moved up to the 1-3 spot and had a shot at wiggins or parker.

    • Christian

      im pretty sure if we had kevin love we would not have a dismal season becaus ekevin would accept his role, unlike dwight who wanted the ball all the time

    • Thomas Klein

      Or Embiid, he will be VERY GOOD in the NBA, probably the best player in the 2014 draft, Think Ojajawan………he’s that good on the upside.

  • Anthony Richardson

    Trading would make sense of they’re after a quick win next season. No time for development. Knowing Kobe, they will want a quick win.

  • 21tigermike

    Kevin Love, eh?

  • lakefan87

    I really dont like the sound of this..K-Love is amazing as afar as scoring/rebounds.. but WHAT ABOUT DEFENSE???? Lets be mindful of the other PF’s in the West!.. Ibaka can shut Love down but.could Love stop Ducan, Aldriidge,Z-Bo,and Blake Griffin? No.. i wouldn’t mind if he join the team by trading Paul Gasol because lets face it..we are tired of seeing paul gasol lining up for a three-point shot and being the last one down the court..and i must add.sick and tired of seeing him get dunked on! I like the pick we have.. we need to get a key piece for the post-kobe era. I like Arron Gordon but Marcus Smart isnt bad either

  • Richard

    In addition to talents and level of skills I think It’s important the Lakers use their vision now, as they have traditional done in the past, to see and recognize that something special in every player they choose. Recapture that magic that will bring together that special/unique team chemistry they seem to always had on all their championship teams. Players and Coaches from past championship teams can relate to this. Mitch, Magic, Kobe, Pau and Byron Scott and many others have all experienced this