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According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Los Angeles Lakers could make a strong play for Kevin Love at this year’s NBA Draft by offering its lottery pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for the all-star power forward.

The suggestion is already in circulation that the Lakers will attempt to use their forthcoming high lottery pick in June to assemble the sort of trade package that finally convinces the Wolves to part with Love and end the uncertainty that hangs over this franchise even before the 25-year-old enters the final year of his contract.

As the report says, Love will have one more season on his contract before he can opt-out which could leave the T’Wolves without anything in return come next summer if he chose to sign with another team via free agency.

With the T’Wolves, Love has yet to make the playoffs in six seasons and this season will be no different.  His frustrations have been known over the past few seasons and it did not make things better when the T’Wolves refused to give Love a five-year extension, but later gave center Nikola Pekovic the fifth-year that Love coveted.

Heading into June’s NBA draft, it will be interesting to see what the Lakers do in regards to their pick but it will certainly be contingent  on where they land in the lottery.   If the Lakers were to land a top three pick and have a shot at prospects Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, or Joel Embiid (if they are to enter the draft), would the Lakers entertain any trade offers?

With Kobe Bryant wanting to content the last two years, it would not be a surprise to see the Lakers trade the pick in order to contend right away instead of waiting for the future.  Answers should become clearer over the next few weeks.

  • NoNonsenseNick

    I can see it now… Trade for KLove, resign Pau and J Hill, and sign Melo…

    • lakers_824

      Nash – Farmar
      Kobe – Meeks
      Melo – Nick Young or Xavier Henry
      Love – Jordan Hill
      Pau – Robert Sacre

  • quickster007

    it doesn’t make any sense. Trade a pick for Kevin Love. I’d guess the Lakers won’t be contending any time soon. I hope they sign a decent center. Pau needs to go he can’t play any defense. I’ll take his brother over him. The cap is 58 millions, Kobe is making 24 millions, Pau is making 19 millions, Melo is making 21 millions. How is the Lakers going to pay without going over the salary cap. The Lakers should let Pau go 19 millons of cap space. Try to sign Greg Monroe to play center and pay him 5 millions his only making 3 millions in Detroit. Go after Kyle Lowry to play the point guard and pay him 6 millions a season. In 2015, Let Nash go and 9 millions of cap space. The Lakers now have 17 millions of cap space. In 2016, when Kobe leaves, 24 millions of cap space. The Lakers should draft Andrew Wiggins to play the small forward. Anthony Davis will be a free agent along with Klay Thompson. You can offer Davis 9 millions and 7 millions of Klay Thompson. In 2017, the starter should Kyle Lowry at point guard, Greg Monroe at center, Anthony Davis at power forward, Andrew Wiggins at small forward, Klay Thompson at shooting guard. The most important change the head coach and get Byron Scott. The Lakers have 24 millions to make the bench better.

    • Killer

      you’re playing too much 2k14

    • Gnob

      Pau can play some “D” (w/ the right motivation) and to change him with someone with the likes of G.Monroe won’t help ’cause Monroe is not a very good defender (which explains why the Pistons drafted Drummond). If they want a motivated and happy Kobe, they must re-sign him. Kobe loves playing w/ Pau. I think trading picks for Love is a win-win for both teams. If they land Love it would definitely boost their team next year. Probably re-sign MWP and I think it’s time to get rid of D’Antoni. Replace him w/ a defensive minded coach.

  • RonHawkster

    “Heading into June’s NBA draft, it will be interesting to see what the Lakers do in regards to their pick but it will certainly be contingent on where they land in the lottery. ”

    As Chick Hearns used to say, right now the Lakers couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean. They can’t even lose right. How hard is it to tank to get a good lottery position, like Utah, Phil. and Mil are doing? Everything about this team stinks right now. All of a sudden they are 4-6 and trying hard to get out of the lottery position. Smart! Real smart bunch.

  • Max Prime

    I say if the Lakers get a top 5 pick they should keep the pick but if it’s not top 5 than they should trade it for Love. After 5 it’s all a crap shoot! from 6 to 46. I like to see them pick up DeAndre Kane in the second round.

  • Max Prime

    Well D’antoni king of the mismatch…problem is most of the mismatches are the other teams favor! Wesley Johnson defending Zack Randolf! yeah maybe if Johnson actually had any kind of offense.