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According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, the Lakers are putting together trade packages in an attempt to acquire all-star forward Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves:

“The Lakers and Mavericks are trying to assemble trade offers for prospective free agent Kevin Love, but thus far the Timberwolves have given no indication they’ll consider moving the All-Star forward by Thursday’s deadline, league sources told

Love will be a free agent in 2015, and it is widely known around the league that he and his agent, New York-based Jeff Schwartz, are determined to get him to a major market. The Lakers, Love’s first choice, “have the best shot” of landing the Southern California native, one person familiar with the player’s thinking said. There is no incentive in the CBA for Love to sign an extension with Minnesota before he has a chance to decline his player option and hit the open market in July 2015.”

Regarding what the Lakers would offer, Berger says:

“Any Lakers offer would have to include Pau Gasol, whose $19.3 million contract comes off the books this summer. Rival executives believe the Lakers’ best chance of moving Gasol is to a team that views him as worthy re-signing to a more reasonable deal this summer — not as a rental. The Lakers also can offer their 2014 first-round pick, which has value. With Kobe Bryant out indefinitely, the Lakers are tied for the fourth-worst record in the league.”

It should be noted that the Lakers cannot trade their 2014 first-round pick until they are officially on the clock in this summer’s draft.  The next first round pick that would be eligible to be traded by the Lakers would not be until 2019.  Although, IF the Lakers were to acquire a second first round pick in the next 48 hours, their own 2014 first round pick becomes eligible to be traded.

While it seems unlikely the Lakers could acquire Love at the deadline barring some sort of multi-team deal, fans should be excited that management looks like they are not waiting until this summer to bring this team back to the NBA’s elite going into next season.

The trade deadline is Thursday, February 20 at 12:00 PM PST.

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  • chirisdex

    It should be mentioned that the Opposing team cannot business their 2014 first-round choose until they are formally on time in this summer’s set up. The next first circular choose that would be qualified to be exchanged by the Opposing team would not be until 2019. Although, IF the Opposing team were to obtain a second first circular choose in the next 48 time, their own 2014 first circular choose becomes qualified to be exchanged.


  • mahogma

    Seriously? Do any of you Laker fans actually believe there is any way on earth KLove would ever play for the Lakers, or would even want to? Why? How? If it becomes apparent that Love will not resign with the Wolves, Minnesota will trade him to a team that is able to offer the most assets, so there’s a big strike 1. The Lakers have nothing on their current team that Minnesota would find attractive enough to let go of Love. The Clippers in that regard are in a better position to deal, so if you are hopeful for him to play in LA, it’ll probably be with the Clips. Kevin has also stated that he wants to win,so there’s strike 2. He would stand a much better chance of winning by staying with the Wolves.In case you haven’t noticed the Lakers are a horrible, horrible basketball team, and adding Kevin Love isn’t about to turn that around. Do you think Kevin hasn’t noticed? Even without Love, the Wolves are better than LA. The Lakers are 4 or 5 years away from returning to respectability and I seriously doubt Mr Love has that kind of patience to wait around for what may or may not ever happen. Just because the Lakers were good in the past is no guarantee they will be returning to glory in the future. It was a nice run. Enjoy the memories. At least you have those.