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This morning on SportsCenter, ESPN LA’s Dave McMenamin reported that the Lakers are leaning ‘towards firing’ head coach Mike D’Antoni at the conclusion of the season.

Although it has been reported that the Lakers were leaning ‘towards keeping’ D’Antoni, McMenamin said his sources have told him otherwise and that the Lakers will not pick up the final year of his contract.

While not a complete shock, as the Lakers are currently tied for the most losses in Los Angeles Lakers history with 52, the fear amongst the Lakers’ fan base is that the team would ultimately bring back D’Antoni for the final year of his contract.

If what McMenamin says to be true, it would be the first step in getting out from under the dark cloud that has hovered over the team the last two seasons.

With just five games left in the season, this situation should be resolved fairly quickly, even as soon as the day after the season concludes for the Lakers. With exit interviews coming earlier this season and the draft lottery in May, a coaching decision should come before the team finds out where they will pick in June’s NBA Draft.

  • TheKakeShow

    about time

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    Please lord

  • drmlw

    You report what another reporter says and that’s a story? Wow! The state of journalism today!

  • Loon

    Fire Mike Garbage D’Antoni Trash.

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    No defense…