Credit: Getty Images’s David Aldridge is reporting that while the Toronto Raptors will have the chance to re-sign Kyle Lowry, the Lakers are looming as a possible candidate for the point guard’s services:

Raps have a decent shot at keeping Kyle Lowry, but there will be suitors — and the Lakers are at the top of the list.

The Lakers need a lot of help to rebuild its roster and point guard has long been a position of need of the team. Last season, Jordan Farmar, Kendall Marshall, Steve Blake, and Steve Nash made up the point guard rotation, but injuries affected the production of the players most notably Nash and Farmar.

Blake was eventually traded to Golden State and Marshall took over the majority of the minutes as he played well upon arrival for the Lakers, but his offensive production declined the rest of the season, except for his assist rate. There are questions if Marshall will be a rotation player next season as a back up but the overwhelming consensus amongst fans is that there is no chance where he starts for the purple and gold.

While the 28-year old Lowry would be a solid fit in Los Angeles, the question remains of how much he will cost. This past season, Lowry made $6.2 million but he is due for a raise after averaging 17.9 points, 7.4 assists, and 4.7 rebounds a game last season.

A big key to the pursuit of Lowry will be the Lakers ability to rid themselves of Nash’s contract. Without doing so, the Lakers will be hoping that Lowry accepts $6-$7 million a year which does not seem realistic at this point.

  • shockjay

    Personally, I’d rather have MCW as I’m hesitant about signing a high-price PG that is closer to 30 than 25.

    • Thomas Klein

      Most point guards don’t come into their own until 25 or later, peak years is 27, 28, and 29 for 90% of the players at any position with the possible exception of center. So how do you expect to WIN NOW with a developing point guard, who may or may not pan out?
      I say sign Lowery, and if not him, Bledsloe, and if not him Isiah Thomas to a long term deal. Lets get a GOOD point guard locked in. Then sign Luol Deng at small forward, resign Pau Gasol for a reduced amount for no more than 3 years, resign Jordan Hill for four years, Nick Young for 3yrs, Kent Bazemore and Xavier Henry for 2 years, sign Jermaine O’Neal as a cheap back up center for a year, resign Ryan Kelly for three years.
      PG ; Lowery, Nash, Marshall, Clarkson ( Nash can mentor)
      SG: Kobe, Henry, Bazemore
      SF: Deng, Young,
      PF; Randle, Hill, Kelly
      C: Gasol, Sacre, O’neal ( one year deal)
      Under Salary cap
      15 million to spend on F/A next year (2015 )when Nash retires, and one year contracts fall off books.
      24 Million to spend on F/A in (2016) when Kobe retires
      Go after Kevin Love with a max contract in 2015 with sign and trade for Minnie since they will loose him anyway, and we will have assets.

  • Rick Alvarez

    I don’t think the sixer trade will happen, b great if it did. Sign Lowry, then take Randle with 7th pick, keep Pau, get a great head coach, Simple !!!!