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Something that all Lakers fans want to hear.

According to the LA Times, Phil Jackson is all but back in his high chair coaching Kobe, Dwight, and crew:

The Lakers are moving quickly toward hiring Phil Jackson as their next coach, with one person in the organization calling it a “95%” chance he will return for a third tour with the team.

The Lakers plan on meeting with Jackson on Saturday morning to make sure he is interested in the job. The unknown 5% in their equation is the chance Jackson doesn’t want to fill the vacancy created by the Friday firing of Mike Brown, either because of health reasons or other unknown issues.

Additionally, according to Jackson wants the job:

Phil Jackson has emerged as the clear leading candidate to be the Lakers’ next coach, and two people connected to the 11-time champion coach told Saturday that all indications point to Jackson wanting the job.

“Phil wants it,” one of the people with ties to Jackson said.

Jackson won 5 championships with the Lakers, and if he returns he would be going for his 12th NBA championship overall as a head coach.