This report claims Kobe is buying #23’s old pad:

crib.jpgChicago Sun Times: Dateline: The Hotline — Basketball star Kobe Bryant might not be joining the Bulls anytime soon, but word is he may be in the process of buying real estate.

The scoopshot: Sneed hears Bryant may be purchasing basketball legend Michael Jordan’s massive home in Highland Park. The real estate rumor mill is grinding out grist that could add more credence to the word the L.A. Lakers superstar may wind up playing in Chicago.

  • TheLAunit

    Come on Kobe why right now. adding fuel to the fire right?

  • steve

    What next is he going to buy his car as well?…seems a little creepy

  • nyla

    If this is true, I’m gonna be a little worried about Kobe. He’s the closeted to Jordan since Jordan, but damn. He wants to be him?

  • gugy

    I think this is BS

  • fatty

    Why would Kobe buy any house in Chicago until a trade is consumated? The article is just a rumor and probally a joke made up by realtors having some fun.

    Show me a copy of the deed and then I’ll believe it.

  • drake hunter

    Kobe has some mad issues with him being the next coming of Jordan act. I think he’s taking it a bit too far now and the scary part is that he’s for real about it and its now become an obsession. Kobe prolly has a voodoo doll of Jordan at home. Someone call Kobe a psychiatrist quick cause he’s really losing it now!

  • Deemac1

    This cant be true. Just another rumor for people to salivate over in hopes to stir the pot of Kobe leaving. If Kobe wanted to be Jordan that bad he would have signed with the Jordan Brand back in 04.

  • LAKing

    Chicago must really be desperate. Keep dreaming Chicago, Kobe is staying in LA.

  • foxxy



    sounds like a stupid made up rumor to me

  • LakerNation1

    yes, rumors. and a scary one too if anything …=X


    How can Kobe buy it? i just put an offer on it hope he doesn’t drive the price up on me!!

  • MILO

    Maybe he just wan’ts it as a tax writeoff!!!