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Not that you haven’t already heard (#NBARank has been trending on Twitter this morning in Los Angeles), but according to ESPN, Kobe Bryant is currently the 7th best player in the NBA.

Who’s ahead of him? In no particular order:

  • Dwight Howard
  • LeBron James
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Chris Paul
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Kevin Durant

These same voters (ESPN staffers) slotted Andrew Bynum at #30 and Pau Gasol at #11. While the NBA continues to be locked out, we’ll be forced to continue bringing you stories (like this), rather than getting you ready for the season that would be starting in 15 days.


We’re not bitter at all, we swear…

  • Michaelperez8882

    I understand Dirk just won a championship, but Kobe is a far superior basketball player than him. Besides incredible shooting, Dirk is just 1 diminutional. Kobe does it all. He should’ve cracked top 5 for sure. 
    On a side note, no way is Griffin top 10… not over Pau, and hell…. maybe not even over Kevin Love…. 

  • Lizette Ramirez

    Not bitter? Sarcasm.

    • Betto

      I totally agree with you sweetness.  ;)
      Espn has always hated superstars who arent’ from the east coast, reason why they loved MJ, Kobe is west coast so it’s hate.    Did you see how they hated Shaq when he was with the Lakers but loved him when he went to the Heat.

  • .Socal.

    Let’s see….

    1. No Rings

    2. No Rings

    3. 1 Ring

    4. No Rings

    5. 1 Ring

    6. No Rings

    7. 5 Rings

    • Michaelperez8882

      I understand that the rankings are more about today than past accomplishments… but I still think Kobe, heck, even Durant is a superior ball player than Dirk AND CP3

  • Fethivince

    sick ass of voters!!

  • Minoda50

    K let me see…..Who has the most popular selling jersey, and not just in US but around the world… “KOBE”! I don’t see the top 6 with the most popular selling jersey title….Oh, who comes close to entertaining the fans like MICHAEL JORDAN did????? Oh, that would be KOBE……And um, which top 6 of the players have more than 3 rings or 4 or at least five????? Oh, wait, I know……………never mind, i was thinking Lebron James but he cant win sh#! even if he does sell out and try and play with wade!  #NBARANK ARE FULL OF SH#! AND DONT KNOW A DAMN ABOUT WHO IS THE BEST FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!! Just stick to being a Lebum Shame fan and a KOBE hater!!! 

  • Anonymous

    This is Ludicrous!  Espn are bunch Kobe haters. They always have always will be. Dirk? Are u kidding? Blake Griffin at 10? CP3 over Kobe?
    Here is mine

  • Heidighattas

     Are these voters for real? I don’t think they know what talent is all about. I would like to quote something”Kobe is the best player in the history of NBA” by John Wooden. I believe that should tell you that this ranking nothing but a joke.

  • Kyle Freudenberg

    Oh so we go off one playoffs instead of a career to rank player’s now?  I mean, come the fuck on, Dirk, Chris Paul, Wade, and Superman?  The only people who you could legitimately argue for are KD (mostly off potential) and LeBron (I don’t think he is, but you could make a case of it). 

  • dzeipi

    players with no championship rings and only one rings at all?

  • Kobeee

    Is this a joke?

  • lakerman34

    My ratings:
    1) CP3 
    2) LBJ
    3) Dirk
    4) Kobe
    5) Dwight
    6) Durant
    7) Wade

    I would defend, but I got work to do.

    • Betto

      Not sure why u call yourself Lakerman, what have the Hornets done int the past 5 years?  NOTHING!  CP3 at #1??..  Was laughing so hard.  lol

  • Armenjs

    espn and TNT Kobe haters……. Jealousy be careful falling down in a high wind.

  • i<3naturalproducts

    man every1 putting dirk over kobe after he wins one championship??! last year, no one wouldve thought but now all of a sudden, Dirk is the man. go figure.

  • Eidraq

    I call bullshit. Kobe has to be ranked higher than 7th.

  • Betto

    The Real list here!

    1. Dwight Howard  ( baddest big man atm, crossing fingers we get him via trade for Pau)  softy Pau + money..
    2. Lebron james ( yes i don’t like him but they talking about right now.)
    3. Kobe Bryant  ( hope he gets better after the surgery he got)
    4. Dirk Nowitzki  ( only cause he won the chanpionship)  >.>
    5. Kevin Durant  ( he got talent but needs to work on his defense)
    6. Derrick Rose  ( faster than flash) blur effect!
    7. Dwayne Wade  ( prone to injury)
    8. Deron Williams
    9. Chris Paul
    10. Blake Griffin  ( could get better if he leaves the Clippers)

    Ofc Espn is bias, always has been toward Kobe, but they’re gonna say no way but we know.
    Dirk gets a championship and they wanna put him at 3 just cause he won a championship, I
    bet if the Lakers would of won it, they still would had Leclown James at top followed by Kobe.
    it’s their nature, they love the guy and they want LBJ to be remembered like MJ is but guess what.
    SHOW US THE RINGS!!   Kobe – 5      LBJ – 0
    Yes I put Dwight at top cause i know if he had the kind of talent that the Heat had around Leclown
    he would had won the championship..

  • jjr

    these so called experts are talking about mileage this mileage that… then they say they are talking about NOW, not the career… ok, if you’re talking about now and taking what Kobe has from past then add to that EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE too you idiots. No in NBA can come close to Kobe’s game knowledge, No one. And playing against game’s best players, Kobe’s proved that he’s up there at top time and time again. They call Durant the ultimate offensive weapon. I’m sorry? But shouldn’t the the ultimate weapon have skills besides shooting? Shouldn’t he have the killer instinct to close the matches instead of giving the ball to Westbrook and let him figure it out? If Gasol had managed to get his shit right in Game 1 against Mavs, Lakers would have been the champs instead of Mavs. Dirk’s trippling his legacy came with one night. And it wasn’t even due to him. The fact that those chumps put Dirk over Kobe after that title shows a lot. Actually why even bother. That list is a complete joke. A list which has Blake Griffin in its Top 10 over Melo and Amar’e says a lot.

    Unbiased Top 10 considering all the facts:

    1- Kobe
    2- Wade
    3- Lebron
    4- Dwight
    5- Dirk
    6- CP3
    7- Melo
    8- Durant
    9- Rose
    10- Amar’e

  • Ronin99

    We all know the idiots in ESPN have short term memory! But its ok because if and when the season ever starts and with all of this BS with the ranking, Kobe could come out and destroy the competition. We’ve all seen that before…

  • Swaggerliketrax

    the only reason that kobe didnt win the championship this year is because pau didnt show up in the playoffs (not saying he soft he just didnt display the same passion the 2 years we did win).

    1. Kobe (if not injured)
    2. D-wade (THE MAN ON THE HEAT)
    3. Dwight Howard (Best big man since shaq fell off)
    4. Lebron i dont want the ball in the 4th james (Mentally weak)
    5. Dirk (offensive beast jus lacks the passion for defense)
    6. Kevin Durant (stats dont lie not 2 seasons in a row @least) 
    7.Melo (same as dirk lacks the passion for defense)
    8. D-rose (FAST REALLY DONT LIE)
    9. Andrew Bynum ( when he isnt injured he is great gota love the guy)
    10. ????? Who ever u wanna put their   

  • Ra

    ESPN is bored because there’s no basketball.  So they have to make something up, based on ‘statistics’ and their lame evaluations. Weathermen are better at predicting the weather than sportscasters at predicting championships, or evaluating players.  They all chime in ‘after’ the season is over, and generally always get it wrong.  Who can trust their ideas, especially about greatness in playing, if they can’t figure out who’s going to even win games?

    Just a bunch of people, who wear fancy jackets, and have something to say.  No experts in sportscasting, except Skip Bayless.

  • Ra

    By the way, was Michael Jordan even in the top 10 basketball players in 2003 when he retired? (after playing the same number of years/games as Kobe?).  Don’t think so.  John Wooden is right.  Can’t argue with Coach.

  • Ra

    I think maybe they were confusing ‘top player’ with ‘top athlete’.  In that case, I would def. place Dwight Howard and LeB in front of Kobe (as in better condition, better athletes right now).  Kobe has seen better days, but actually, the fact that he still plays in mostly top form ‘despite’ his slightly more limited athleticism than before, supports the argument that he IS the top player.  You can overcome limitations in athleticism by being a better player, but you can’t overcome being a mediocre player by your athleticism.  Dwight Howard is strong as an ox, and in great shape, but NOT a better player than Kobe for sure.

  • Robert

    OK … it’s now even more clear that ESPN has it in for Kobe.  I haven’t looked at their website in a long time, and because of this article here at TLN, I looked at ‘another’ listing that ESLebroN put out:  a list of overpaid and underpaid players.  In the same company as Michael Redd, Vince Carter and Gilbert Arenas, they list Kobe as an ‘overpaid’ player.  ESPN is a walnut with the kernel missing.  Who do they think draws the biggest revenue in the ‘world’ for the NBA???  Yes, Kobe Bryant.  It’s because of him that people the world over want to watch the NBA, and buy all their NBA junk.  It’s like Tiger Woods.  More people watch golf because of Tiger, period.  Same with Kobe.

  • Gab619_sd

    2.d howard

    • M_O_E_Records

      yeah right i am a Kobe fan and LBJ is the best by farthen durrant then kob wade dirk derrick rose

  • Sack Man

    Of the players listed, I would go with:

    1.  Kobe, if healthy still is the best clutch player, best shooter with range, heart and will play defense hard, though much is grabbing and clutching.  His desire to win puts him ahead of everyone.
    2.  Dirk Nowitzki proved that he is good enough to put role players around him and attain a title.  While he is not a defensive stalward, he is more than ample to go against centers/forwards who are not strong offensively (there is one on the floor at all times in the NBA).  His length combined with athletism gives him advantages in every game, every match-up.  His effort is unquestioned, though he does not hate to lose like Kobe hates losing.
    3.  Kevin Durant, as he has the shooting touch Lebron does not have, as well as the heart.  He is going to improve every year and will be unstoppable when he puts on just a little more muscle and becomes more consistent.
    4.  Dwayne Wade, whose heart and passion are as good as anyones.  His shortcoming is that he gets carried away and begins to make poor shot selections.
    5.  Chris Paul, because as good as he is offensively, he is better at getting those around him involved.  Just needs to up his defense a bit to leapfrog one or two players.
    6. Lebron James, who needs to develop a post game, improve his outside shot (no touch as he is overbuilt in the shoulders) and work out the mental side of the game.  If he ever gets the mental side, he will be number 1.
    7. Dwight Howard who is getting better offensively, but with his build and athletesism he should be averaging 18 rebounds per game.  He also needs to own the middle more (blocks a lot of shots, but does not use footwork to position himself for more consistent impact with the interior).

    Bottom line in a draft, you can pick anyone of these players and still be competitive with the other teams that drafted the other players.  The best team will come from the draft that provides the best role players for their star. 

  • Edrobinsonjr35

    Fuck no Kobe #7;please Dirk had 1 good season;maybe Wade could get my vote. The reast have not proved nothing yet in the games that matter.

  • Edrobinsonjr35

    Fuck no Kobe #7;please Dirk had 1 good season;maybe Wade could get my vote. The reast have not proved nothing yet in the games that matter.

  • LaLakersDailyNews

    Kobe is the best, there is no doubt about that. Go Lakers <3