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Let the Dwight Howard trade talks continue.

Jim Buss has been known as the one person in the Lakers organization that has been obsessed with Andrew Bynum.

On one side you can argue that Bynum is immature and extremely injury prone. However, it seems Jim has always taken the other side. Looking at Bynum with the potential of being a dominant All-Star center for years to come.

Back in May, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Jim Buss had Andrew Bynum as, “untouchable in trade talks.”

However, according to Ken Berger from CBS Sports, it now seems that Jim Buss is willing to part with Bynum if the right deal comes along:

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Lakers will be one of the primary suitors in a possible trade for Howard, and a person with knowledge of the team’s strategy told that executive Jim Buss finally has dropped his opposition to trading center Andrew Bynum “for the right deal.” That’s code for “a deal for Dwight Howard,” and it’s clear from those familiar with Howard’s thinking that he’d like to join the Lakers.

If the Magic are willing to deal Howard to the Lakers, they have to take advantage of the opportunity. Now that Jim Buss has lightened his stance on Bynum, it looks official that the Lakers will be a major player once Orlando starts to field offers.

  • Cj

    Please.please, please trade Bynum,I can swing a deal to get DHoward and CPaul…Bynum is at the best he’s ever gonna be,Lakers need to rebuild now,the kobe era is ending

    • William Crisolo

      How much longer can Chris Paul’s knees perform at a high level? I’m sure not much longer. So I honestly wouldn’t trade for Chris Paul. 

  • Cj

    Please.please, please trade Bynum,I can swing a deal to get DHoward and CPaul…Bynum is at the best he’s ever gonna be,Lakers need to rebuild now,the kobe era is ending

  • Mr Laker19

    Will you greedy idiots STOP with the CP3 AND D Howard talk! Focus on one and get over it. We need Howard not CP3. Believe it or not Kobe will be able to drop 20 and handle the ball until he is 45. We need a more dominant consistent force for the future. Think when Sixers of the 80’s added Moses Malone to team with a old Dr. J and won a championship.

    • Eidraq

      I approve this message

  • Robfrongillo

    howard seems unlikely and cp3 has other interest….. exit walton, artest and brown. somehow pick up roy and or hamilton. Hamilton has a ring and roy is a beast.  the shorter year would make for an interesting run, and you might get another 2 or 3 from that group even with brown as the coach.(got to prove something coach).

  • Anonymous

    i like dwight for bynum…wtf is luke walton doing? he said he’s gonna retire now he tells us no no, he’s gonna play, play what? football? this guy sucks bigtime. 

  • OFBeatdown!!!

    Dream on Lakers fan,you ain’t getting Howard.Orlando would be CRAZY to trade Bynum for Howard.Bynum could hold Howards jock strap.Bynum sucks and we(Orlando) doesn’t want him.Where gonna re-sign Howard (HOPEFULLY!!!)

    • Guest

      Bynum isnt that great, but hes better than nothing right? You’ll probably get Odom in the trade too. Unless you want Brook Lopez grabbing 5-6 rebounds per game for you

    • Jason Creelman

      That’s cute. You really think your keeping Howard…. awww maybe Santa will play in the post with him….

    • dwight to LA

      @9d1adb32a567186897bfa29550c8d112:disqus  u sir are fuckin rediculous. first of all u really think howards gonna resign with u guys? HAHA u’ve only had TWO finals appearences in the last two DECADES. are u serious? howard wants to WIN A RING and LA is where hes going to get it just watch. And too bad if u think bynum sucks, orlando would rather trade for him instead of get nothing hence lebron james and the cavs


      orlando dont have no history dude and theres not enough sun 4 him 2 shine or win a title welcome 2 la where he can b a WINNER

    • Kenny4raiders

      yeah right orlamdo aint gonna keep him that’s 4 sure

    • Milo6864

      ‘We DOESN”T (heh?) want him’ ..’WHERE GONNA(heh?) re-sign Howard’..Nice spelling, you must be a brain surgeon. You should go back and complete Third Grade

  • Nlruizjr

    I really don’t see how the Lakers can pick up any big names, this season and MC doesn’t sound like they plan on making any major changes, so hopefully they can pick up a quality PG and a Quality backup for Bynum and Gasol and hopefully the rookies can improve the 2nd unit to compete, I really think with Ebanks, Morris and Goudelock the 2nd unit will kick some ass.

    • Yatesshawn16

      make some moves point blank 2old 2win rebuild with dhoward,cp3 or any top point guard its a wrap n the west 4real

  • Yatesshawn16

    that would b a perfect fit 4 the lakers and if they could add cp3 that would give them a huge advantage for kobe 2 add his 6th title

  • Vic Lebardo

    If the quote from  CBS Sports’ Ken Berger is correct, Andrew Bynum is no longer untouchable with  with the Lakers. That is a pleasant surprise knowing that Jim Buss discovered Andrew. This is a good sign that the new leader wlll be impartial, and can only herald a bright new future for this great Lakers organization.

  • Kevin

    Maybe after we get Dwight then we can trade Paul Gasol for Darren William since he doesnt want to resign with Nets