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UPDATE: has confirmed that Dwight Howard has been given permission to speak with the Lakers, Mavs and Nets regarding a potential trade. This news, along with a potential deal for Chris Paul in the works, could make tomorrow a big day in Laker Nation history. Stay tuned!

In a day already crammed with NBA news, free agent signings and the media backlash of David Stern’s decision to veto the Chris Paul trade, Mr.  NBA news himself (Adrian Wojnarowski) has reported via Twitter:

(1/2) The agent for Dwight Howard, Dan Fegan, tells Y! Sports that Orlando has given Howard permission to talk to three teams. (2/2) The Nets are one of three teams that Howard has permission to speak, but Fegan says Howard did not attend a meeting with Nets officials.

According to ESPN’s Ric Bucher, the Lakers (along with either the Clippers or Mavericks) are most likely one of those three teams Howard has been given permission to speak with.

While any suggestion that Howard is headed to Hollywood would be premature and pure speculation, it appears that Dwight Howard won’t be in Orlando much longer.

We will continue to keep you posted on this story as updates are made available.

  • Michael A. Robson

    Can’t wait for the next VOTN podcast!!

  • Apple Tablet

    This is good news, I always thought the whole Net thing didn’t mean much.

  • Maxkobe24


  • 123kid

    Forget the Paul trade and just do this trade. I really think David Stern will want CP3 to stay in NO until they get a real owner to take over.

  • Kevin

    please dwight, come to the lakers please

  • Jervin

    Lakers need good PG, they have big men, they don’t need another one. Forget about DH and look for another PG if CP3 didn’t work.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Chris Paul trade needs to go down first because if Howard came here before Paul, Hornets would definately not trade Paul to the Lakers. Once Paul gets here’s, Dwight gets traded to Lakers immediately there after. Lakers have an agreement with Kirilenko to replace Odom once everything goes down. Humphries may sign also for one year ala Rick fox and get bigger contract next year with Lakers owning his bird rights. Go Lakers!

  • Edgarjeffersoniii

    Dwight we need you in LA Chris Paul would love to throw you alley oops

  • Edgarjeffersoniii

    Dwight we need you in LA Chris Paul would love to throw you alley oops

  • Jwalt

    LA never has to work for anything, given Shaq, D-12 now,  what kind of league is this, LA Chicago, Miami, why even have the other teams, it’s a joke if this trade goes through I will never watch or attend another NBA game, this league is over, football is the only real sport anymore the NBA is a joke.

    • LakersALLday

      It’s because the Lakers, Chicago, Miami, Celtics, all have smart GMs and owners.  They know how to spend their money and make trades to benefit their teams.  Owners like Dan Gilbert who are complete idiots should sell their teams.  It’s idiots like that who are ruining the NBA in my opinion.   

  • Margarita Mitchell

    I want all you Dwight Howard lovers to tell me this!   How is The Lakers going to get Dwight Howard? Most fans on this board and all through Lakerland talks about how lousey of a player Andrew Bynum is and how much of a injured prone player he is. What make you think the Magic is going give the Lakers Howard  for your player plus who else the lakers have to include with Bynum!  Lamar and Pau will be for Chris Paul (stupid deal) So who else do the Lakers have to offer. Fisher,Ron Ron,or Barnes. Who experts!

    • getCP3nD12

      its called draft picks genius

      • jolida

        Laker draft picks don’t make me laugh fool!

    • sheds

      And Brook Lopez is better than Bynum? LOL. He is just one of these mediocre centers you find on any given team. And the Nets were offering ONLY him and 2 draft picks for Dwight. I call this downright disrespectful.

      • sheds

        As an addition. Noone here calls Andrew Bynum a lousy player, exept for some haters maybe. He is injury prone yes, but he is a great player when healthy.

        • jolida

          You did not answer her question dude! I agree with her. what are the Lakers going to give the Magic?

          • Lakerball

            Orlando will take what ever they can get for Dwight at this point… if not, he walks after this season…

    • Deejay1125

      Idk yet…. But rumors had it that okafor would be going wit cp3 to la, and if that happens, they could possibly trade him and Bynum for Dwight,… But if that happens, whether we get Dwight or not, havin a healthy Bynum and okafor isn’t too bad at all… But gain, it’s just rumors :))

  • Greg Kenner

    Apparently I’m the only one that thinks the Lakers don’t need CP3 and the price to get him is way too much. And really I wouldn’t try for DH either unless you can keep Pau or Odom. They need good defenders and a couple of outside threats in the form of guard and forward.

  • LakersALLday

    Although I hope lakers do get CP3 and Dwight, I have a feeling this is going to be Bynums “breakout” year.  I don’t think he’s ever been as healthy as he is now since he joined the NBA.  He is deffinately the 2nd best center in the league behind Dwight.

  • Alaurinrj