The 2010-2011 Pre-season kicks off today in London’s o2 Arena.

The game will be televised at 12:00 pm, noon, Pacific time on NBA TV. If you miss the game, or don’t have NBA TV, the game will be re-aired at 7pm on KCAL 9.

Update: Game is being televised live on NBA TV, unfortunately its blacked out in Los Angeles.

  • So CaL

    This is a lie.. nba tv is being blocked in Los Angeles. This sucks.. guess i gotta wait til 7:30…. this sucks which means i gotta DVR to watch it cause i work

  • Jack Y.

    Lamar Odom looks like he’s in mid-season shape. :)

  • Sheds

    too bad he is the only one :)

  • Phone

    I watched this game already. It was alright. Kobe didn’t play much. Shannon looks good. Pau looks a bit rusty. Lamar is good to go. Newbies still need to get better at Triangle. Also Darko looked good surprisingly. Caracter should not guard taller men, he got owned by Darko. Ebanks looks promising.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atuq

    so kobe barely played?………so he only missed 15 shots?