This was brought a while ago (last season I believe), but Miller recently was contacted by the Lakers to suit back up… Ainge did respond to Reggie Miller’s contention that the Celtics, Cleveland, and Los Angeles Lakers were recruiting him to return. Miller was approached by the Celtics last season.  “Reggie thought I was talking to him when I was really talking about Cheryl [Miller’s sister],” Ainge joked.  Miller made the statement on a talk show in Los Angeles, and yesterday would not expand on it…

  • sketch

    the best 3 point shooter in the league? tempting, but it’s not the offense that we need, it’s the defense! reggie better have transplanted some younger legs on himself…cause if he wants to suit up for the purple and gold then he’s gonna have to run…A LOT!

  • Paul


  • Tim

    id take miller but we’d have to dispose of one player so we still have an extra spot on the roster…you know….maybe marbury, lol, id take miller just to give him a guarantee HOF induction (Ring)

  • Sako

    Well we did beat the Pacers in the Finals, and he did get into a fist fight with Kobe. So i dont think he’d accept.

  • kb24_1overjordan

    i dont mind at all reggie a cali native i dont mind

  • j0k3r

    nahh… i don’t think dis even MIGHT HAPPENT cuz…
    -he’s old
    -team doesn’t need another player
    -we need a PG not a 2 guard
    -I think Laker’s roster is fine

  • e

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    reggie had some decent defense if i rmbr correctly

  • Smush Walton

    At least he would raise the intelligence level on the team. We have too many simpletons – Lame-O, Puke, Vlad, Sasha. Its hard to win big game with so many dunces on the roster.

  • sketch

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    the word is “HAD”, homie’s been outta the league for what 4 years now? and plus homie’s 43 years old!!!!!! i don’t care how good his defense was back then, he’s not that cat now. remember scottie pippen and how towards the end of his career, he couldn’t play defense anymore? and scottie was a “way” better defender than miller ever was.

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    and sako, have you ever heard reggie miller talk about kobe bryant on the dan patrick show? he’s on there every week and he’s always washin kobe’s balls. it’s his opinion that kobe’s the best player in the world! so, i know that reggie wouldn’t mind. i don’t think that kobe would hold that against reggie either since kobe took phil back after he wrote that stupid ass book in which he threw kobe under the bus and blame him mostly for the demise of the lakers dynasty during the championship run.

  • laker raspur

    I am glad we got blake as a laker but we still need another player. Our bench sucks, luke , sasha thier sucks can’t shoot the dam ball for a 5 mil a year player..We need someone who can defend and epecially rebound for the bench, not only that someone who can shoot a 3 pointer or just shoot a good percentage shot.

    We need another point guard, not shooting guard and someone who can defend and rebound. Just one more player.

    • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

      I agreed…