I thought this would put smiles on some of our faces, after witnessing a humiliating defeat in the finals. At least the city of Los Angeles, backs our Lakers no matter what.

According to TMZ.com, Ray Allen was denied entrance into a local LA bar, after the 5’5 bouncer, would not allow both NBA champ Ray Allen and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis in a local Los Angeles club.

Whats even worse, is Ray Allen denied reports that he was not allowed in the club, saying quote, “We didn’t get rejected, we just left”.

However, he then admitted it saying, “There were probably too many guys in the club”, and added, “I don’t think they like us in L.A.”

Ya think? Maybe Mr. Allen will take a hint and do his clubbin’ back in Boston.

You can catch the video here

  • ryguy2303

    hahah so funny that he denied it at first. what an idiot, thinking he can club it up in LA

  • Ko8e_f@n

    hahaha! :P they should have let him in then beat him up! lol, kidding :)

  • lafanfromindiana

    I clicked on the link and it was a video of a saudi kid doing a burnout in a car?

  • http://thehoopdoctors.com/online/ Dr. J-Water

    The Lakers are a great team, and the city of Los Angeles is an amazing place. I’ve known a lot of classy LA fans over the years. True LA fans would have the class to recognize this as a very petty and immature act. I think the way Boston played they deserve a little more respect than this.

    I noticed that the reports are that the bouncer is 5’5″ tall. Maybe this wasn’t about defending the Lakers, and more that the bouncer has deep rooted “little man syndrome” and was looking to finally play a little power trip to make himself feel good.

    This is LA, maybe someone should recruit the bouncer for an episode of “Little People, Big World”

  • Sako


    Yes!!! That gives a great start to my day.

  • lakerfan

    a 5’5″ boncer? what club was it….chuck e. cheese?

  • Short Diezel

    stay in Boston Allen.. these are our stomping grounds.. i’m sure Boston has some hot girls.. haha NOT!!!

  • lakerschamps09

    hahaha lol..now has he lost in the finals im sure they woulda let u in, cuz they feel sorry 4 u,…….NOTTTTTT…loll..

  • http://movieshotsla.com Mike Flores

    LOL!!! damn that is awesome…it just proves that at the end of the day they all come back to L.A.

    Does he really think he is welcomed in L.A. clubs…it would have been nice to see Lamar walk in and diss Ray Ray.

  • lakers24

    the clubs in boston are bunk,thre girls are ugly,its all about la baby.

  • yellowpurplefever

    WELCOME TO LA! NOT. way to go LA fans!!

  • xtro

    The City of Angels ain’t got nuthin on Beantown.

  • Vahe

    haha wow thats pricless.
    and for you guys saying its not classy or whatever it wasnt but just funny too laugh at a star get humilated.
    5’5 bouncer wtf? u can tell that club is running outta buisiness

  • 123KID

    im sure laker players would get the same treatment if they were to go somewhere in boston, but hahaha who on the lakers team would ever go to boston on vacation or to even have a house there. that guy represented! i wanna be able to shake it had. and maybe he wasnt 5’5! maybe just cuz ray allen is so tall, the guy looked 5’5!

  • lakaluva

    That little 8 year old Arab can drive the shyt out of that car…lol

  • lakerferlife7

    wow y should we respect that biitchass celtics players…….boston PLAYERS AND FANS are a bunch of BANDWAGON BITTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://- Kobefan11

    I feel sorry for him,I think hes a great guy,and he just did his job with the Celtics,that is what he gets payed for,so stop hatin.

    Still a funny video :D

  • JC

    That’s RIGHT! – LA Represents. That just made my day. LoL

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Sheesh what a bunch of douchebags you have in LA – turning away paying customers? What are you, communists?

  • west213

    lol boston doesnet have any wild and cool clubs so that fuker come to LA. ahahaha u trader!!!!!!!

  • ak24


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