Everyone wants a piece of Garnett. When then GM is shopping him around, most of the teams will go after the “Big Ticket.”  Who wouldn’t? The Celtics aren’t an exception.

Fox Sports: Celtics guard Ray Allen on the Drive on FOX with Chris Myers and Sean Farnham, talking about Kevin Garnett trade rumors: “Most definitely, Kevin for a long time has been in Minnesota and they have not been over that hump, he will take a average team in the NBA and put them over the hump like the Boston Celtics.”

  • Vahe

    wtf is this? We allready knew this we didn’t need him telling us.

  • JAVA#1

    who the hell would they trade

  • LAKobe4Life

    KG to the Celtics is 110% Guaranteed NOT HAPPENING. KG doesn’t want to go to Boston.

  • lakerfan81

    the more i thought about the 3-team trade with Boston and Minny, the more I decided that even though it makes sense for all 3 teams, Boston is not going to do a trade that lands KG anywhere but Boston.

  • ONE

    [quote comment=”7890″]wtf is this? We already knew this we didn’t need him telling us.[/quote]

    I dont think he was talkin to you.

  • Kim

    i don’t think its going to happen, but they would have a nice team that would maybe be able to go al the way to the finals beacuse of Ray – pierce and KG.

  • ONE

    So what if they go to the finals… That means you’re assuming We are going to the Finals as well. Isn’t that a little better. If you are expecting every team in the NBA to get worse while we get better, good luck. Worry about the West.

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    Danny Angie is stupid. He had a chance to get JO, but never did. And now KG does not want to play for the celtics. I dont blame KG for that I would not play for the celtics either. He gave up a trio that is R.Allen/Pierce/JO. Now if the Celtics are smartt the will get Odom. So it would be
    R.Allen/Pierce/Odom. That is a little worst but big time improvement. The T’wolves do not need KG. KG needs the lakers. And It looks like Walton will play SF said to say.
    But it is worth it!!!!!!!!

  • nyla

    Allen, Pierce, Odom could do damage in a lousy eastern conference.

  • punkjones

    I hear you about Boston probably not wanting to help anyone else get KG which is clearly why the four way deal wasn’t going to happen. However, this trade idea, though probably purely speculative from a fan, is incredibly strong for Boston. So much so that I would argue that they come away with the best end of the deal even though it’s win/win/win. As NYLA just said a team fielding Ray Allen, Pierce, and Odom in addition to Jefferson is without any question in my mind a finals contender in the east. In fact, it’s a much better look for Boston than what was originally proposed and almost went through between Boston and Minny. They keep Jefferson who as you said before is looking very good, they’ve now added a second scorer in Allen, and if this trade could ever find its way from fantasy into a real possibility, then they would have the missing piece in Odom.

    Whereas Odom has been a bust here in LA, simply not fitting in as either a PF or SF, he does serious damage in the east. His best year of course came in Miami. On this Boston team he could do what he’s best at: unselfish point forward role pushing up the ball and delivering passes, rebounding, and just flat out playing without having to think about the offense. He’s big enough to D up in the east against 4s and he won’t carry the kind of scoring burden he’s feeling here as second option. It’s pretty much a match made in heaven.

    And the reason Boston does it is because they are giving up next to nothing to get him. They deal an expiring contract in Ratliff who isn’t doing anything (they don’t need him as they are trying to contend now, not save cap space for future). Then they deal a young talent in Green who has no room on the team any more as they’ve got their second scoring guard in Ray Allen. That’s less than peanuts for them to be straight up contenders. Why do you think the Celtic board is going so crazy with this rumor? They’re ALL over it. Probably more so than when there were KG talks.

    They don’t have to have guilt about not landing KG because they are going to be much better this way. Also, realistically, KG coming to LA is not exactly ensuring any championships here. Again, I would put much more money on Boston w/Odom making the finals than the Lakers getting through the West with KG or even KG and Blount.

    The biggest reasoning I see in LA landing KG is not for championship contention but in ensuring that they have a great, marketable, exciting twin superstar product for the next 5 years. KG means Kobe will stay. Plain and simple. Any other great players including JO does not. By going full strength after KG I really see that LA is going for the glory and it’s nice to see. But I’m not fooling myself into believing that it’s absolutely going to be the best lineup they can have. It means they for sure placate the fans, the NBA, and Kobe. I’ll be happy. But I’m still not sure they’ll be contenders.

    The real question to me is will Minny be satisfied enough with this proposed deal. It’s hard to get a read on those guys. Like you said, I really, really doubt they could do better than this. They really don’t have a lot of choices that I can see. They get what they SAY they’ve been wanting: young talent in Bynum and Green, massive expirings in Brown and Ratliff totally 20 million, and if you add the picks you talked about which will probably have to be included they are looking good. Plus add in what you are saying, they will probably be lottery bound with a shot at guys like OJ Mayo or maybe a big in Kevin Love (depending on whether he leaves UCLA after a year) – they’re in good shape for the future.

    It really is a genius trade idea. I just hope all these guys get the memo and figure this out. Not to mention that it works under the cap rules. Insane.