An article to show how Ray broke down the Lakers defense and burn them for 24 points.

L.A. Times: So this was the player the Celtics were supposedly trading.

Guard Ray Allen had often been the subject of trade rumors as the deadline approached. And the reasons were fairly obvious. Though he’s part of the Big Three, including forward Kevin Garnett and guard Paul Pierce, Allen has shot a career-low 33.3% this season.

Yet, despite having a two of 10 effort Jan. 31 against the Lakers, he scored a team-high 24 points on 10 of 15 shooting in the Lakers’ 87-86 loss Thursday to the Celtics. And after a look through the game footage, Derek Fisher’scontention that Allen’s performance stemmed between Allen being a good shooter and team defensive breakdowns is pretty accurate.

“Obviously he’s a great shooter. Sometimes they’re not going to be really anything you can do to maybe keep him from having the type of night he had tonight,” said Fisher, who largely struggled defending Allen. “But there were a few times where we didn’t defensively react the way we needed to, which allowed him in particular a couple transition threes and he got a dunk in transition. Those are points you cant give him. If he makes a shot with a hand in his face, you have to give him credit for being Ray Allen. There are some times when he was wide open and those are the breakdowns we can’t have in a game like that.”

Although Fisher isn’t absolved from some blame for those lapes, the film shows that the problem wasn’t squarely solely on him and Shannon Brown. Though they often trailed Allen’s efficient cutting from screens, rarely did the rest of the team help adjust its defensive strategy. Below is a breakdown on all of Allen’s shot attempts.

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  • muslim mamba

    i see fishers name brought up a lot in there

  • 007

    i see this article blaming the refs for not calling all of the illegal moving picks that freed up allen

  • Lakers 24 7

    It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The Celtics set one screen after another for Ray Allen to come off and shoot. They’ve been doing that for the past 3 years. A lot of those screens are illegal, but those bastards get away with it.

  • lakershow2010

    fisher is crap

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  • Robert

    Allen Schmallen. Remember that Allen had bad faith with Kobe, and was dissing the Lakers after 2008 series. Maybe Fisher was giving him a gift. Or maybe the refs were giving the C’Dicks all those moving screens (like they did in the Finals 2008). Since the Lakers don’t use pic n roll much, they can’t get them back with their own moving screens.
    But it’s ok. We won’t be seeing Allen in the Finals, and this might be the last gasp for the C’Dicks. They can’t add enough sludge to their team to get them back to the FInals. Whereas, the Lakers are headed for the Finals for probably years to come.