I wonder how Lamar would feel about this.

Twitter: “I’d love to play for the Heat for the minimum. I’d be a 12th man for them. I’d love to play for the Lakers or Clippers too,” says McCants.

  • ricky

    I like McCants a few seasons ago when he was still with Minnesota. He had some good upside to be a solid player back then, but he has yet to play since being traded to Sacramento. I would like to see him get an invite, at least.

  • Str8 Ballin

    What u Mean by “I wonder how Lamar would feel about this”?

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Rashad McCants dated Khloe and cheated on her.

    • r

      Rashad McCants used 2 date khloe so thats wat he meant. lol

  • rizzo


  • patrick chewing

    I wanna play with the Lakers too! and no one gives a shit

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    “or the Clippers too”? What is he smoking? When did Clippers become as intriguing a place to play as the Lakers?

  • Sheds

    sun, beaches and bitches?… get the idea now?

  • Alan

    first of all who is this guy? n lamar would kik his a s s if he comes.

    • motifa

      McCants would roll lamar, lamar ain’t shit. Who is this guy? McCants would make lamar look like a jackass, thats who he is..LMAO

  • KM

    whos the best shut down defender/scorer that the lakers SHOULD get? shane battier- and i would make the necessary trades to get him

    • pauer

      Ive been saying that for the last two seasons since the 7 game series with the Rockets.

      Dont know how we could do it, maybe luke and sasha?

      • KM

        likely sasha and shannon brown. he’s making 6~7 million next season he is a FA in 2012. Sasha’s expires in 2011 so 1 yr extra to recoup in the salary cap. I dont know if it will or not happen, but I can say Mitch is looking at those options.. cos if you arent getting anybody else then your last resort is a possible s/t

        • KeyTurn

          Why do we keep throwing Sasha and Luke’s names in trades where we receive considerably greater talent in return? Their games are trash and their contracts are trash. Who besides MEM take on dumpster trash and let a nice team sidekick go?

          Just think if you were HOU would you give away Battier, to a conference rival for the bag of peanuts that include Sasha, and Luke?

          Sasha is potential trade bait this season ONLY because of his expiring contract. But Luke on the other hand is stuck will us until the last yr of his contract. It’s a fact the team. He won’t be traded, his contract is untradable.

          • KM

            That was my point the whole time I never said they were trading pieces I was answering the man’s question concerning possible scenarios. OFC nobody would take on Sasha’s contract as I said his is the only one you could deal. I’ve been saying this in this blog for the past week.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    who is rashweed mccants and why is this considered news?

  • Ronin99

    Google this guy and there are pictures of Rashad and Khloe when they dated. ‘Mr. Lamar Kardashian’ would kick his ass!!! Talk about messin’ with team chemistry…so hell no. Unless LO is truly a ‘team player’…hahaha

  • KING

    this guy is good… like really good… but is poison… like T.O. … so no