HOOPSWORLD: With so few teams having cap space, the most Calderon can expect is a mid-level offer, which is expected to be in the neighbourhood of $5.6 million US, doubling his stipend from last season.

Sign-and-trade scenarios are possible and teams conceivably can clear space, factors that could lead to a more lucrative offer for Calderon.

But the fact remains that one of Calderon or Ford must go.

There is no market for Ford, while teams privately covet Calderon, who would make both a playing and cultural fit in markets such as Miami and Los Angeles.

Not that the Raptors needed further evidence of the growing divide at the point, but quotes attributed to Calderon highlight a rift with Ford.

“I would like to start and that’s the most important thing,” Calderon is quoted as saying in yesterday’s edition of the Spanish daily sports newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, a sentiment he first shared with visitors to his website.

But now comes the kicker.

Continued Calderon in the article: “I’ve been two years with him but I don’t know if I could be another year because things would have to change.”

Barring a complete personality makeover by Ford, which doesn’t seem likely, nothing can change in Raptorland.

  • LA-KB24

    i like it, get rid off newble

  • Edward

    Calderon is a beast stats wise, averaging 12 points per game and 8 assists… His shooting percentage is decent as well. I would like this pick up if Fisher retired. But as of now, Jordan’s speed and Fisher’s body up defense can handle anything that comes their way.

  • RD

    he’s a great player, but i dont think we need him, unless he comes for cheap. we already have too many guards. fisher, farmar, coby, kobe, sasha, and dont forget that chineese beast, sun yue whos coming next season. what we need to do is get another defensive stopper or another big man to back up bynum or pau, in case they go down with a injury. other than that, this roster is deep as it it.

  • BEC

    I think he would be a nice fit, can hit the long ball and pass, but we really dont need another pg. I think when the article stated “Los Angeles” they meant clippers not lakers. Because they have smush as their pg and we all know what thats like.

  • Luis24

    Bring him on!!!! Damn I would take him and release Fluke and Coby. I liked Newble but Phil don’t play him so release him to. Sun, I doubt he will play. Phil knows what Calderon can do and he scores and passes it greatly. I say bring him

  • lakaluva

    Wow, some of these comments are way out of touch. If the Lakers were to persue Calderon, Farmar would be out of a job, which would be a good thing!!!

  • D LO

    Get him and dump Farmar!!!!

  • BringDFishBack

    We are making too much of a bad couple of games from Farmar. The ONLY way I see this happening is if for some reason Fish leaves this offseason. They won’t have Fish, Calderon, and Farmar, and if they are expecting Fish to leave in a few years, Farmar will be ready by then. I think Calderon is one of the top PGs in the league, just doesn’t fit with this Lakers team considering the guards they already have.

  • maccassedy


  • GotAce

    no. no no.

    sign sasha/turiaf.

    release mbenga/ get rid of mihm..

    get diop.

  • lakerfan81

    Uhmm I think they were talking about the Clippers. They could definitely use him. He is a good player. I don’t see the Lakers getting him. Farmer played good through 3/4 of the season, then he hit a wall, but people need to remember he is only in his second year. I don’t think it should be entirely unexpected that he is having a little bit of a confidence problem. Jackson will let him work himself out of it, while at the same time he will keep him on a short leash.

  • ab17

    nope.why the f u c k worry about this when we’re in
    the WCFinals!!!!!focus on that damnit.

  • kPoAbUe

    ya why not resign turiaf sasha get rid of farmar mbenga ira mihm and sign him. farmar can only handle not drive in that good. he only good 3 point shooter. Calderon who comes out of the bench averages 13ppg and 8 dimes. also a good fit

    BTW i still can not imagine next year with fish kobe LO Pau and Drew and off the bench sasha ariza turiaf vlad omg i can’t believe it.

  • dub824

    i dont think we need him but if we can then.. whatever.. pick him up

  • Michael24

    sign and trade farmar for this guy and a 1st pick

    then bring sun yue here who plays every positon and is 6’9

  • kb24MVP

    I can’t believe that anyone still thinks that Farmar is going to become a solid nba player, Since Crit was traded for Pau Farmar has relaxed seeing as he has no one to compete with for playing time. When he is in the game he makes stupid decisions and is a turnover machine and he cant run the offense he just runs to the corner for 3’s we need to get rid of Him. We need to acquire a veteran backup either Calderon or Earl Watson from Seattle and then even the bench mob will do major Damage..

  • heffadude

    Calderon is a great point guard in an up tempo run and gun system. Last I checked we run the triangle. I love Calderon, but he wouldn’t fit in our system. Maybe Mike D’Antoni should sign him in New York. But really, I don’t care about all this… The Lakers just made it to the Western Conference Finals! Can we focus on our current team? You guys are real quick to give up on Farmar after the great year he just had over a bad series against Utah…

  • RD

    everyone chill. farmar is still young, so of course he’s still gonna be making mistakes, but give him some time.

  • http://bestplayerontheplanet.com chase

    I like Calderon’s game. He would be a great fit for the Lakers next season if he would be willing to come off the bench! Statistically he may be better than Fisher, but Fisher is a proven winner.

  • Luis24

    its better if we get Cald, I mean yeah Farmar is garbage now and yes I know this is his second year but think;we have Sun Yue and if younseen him he’s a beast look him up, 6’9 PG that’s great. Our future is locked with Sun, Sasha, Ariza,Ronny and Bynum. If we get Cald now we have way more of a better chance to win multiple Rings with Kobe turning 30 this year, Pau and Lo hitting 28, so by not? Get rid of Fluke, DJ, Mihm and we might still keep Coby looks promising. If not then O well

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Trade Calderon for Coby Karl, Chris Mihm, DJ Mbenga, and Ira Newble.

  • erickson

    hmm ? i think he would be nice, but it said he wants to be a starter? i doubt hes gonna start over fisher.

  • pancho

    Farmar is still young? no younger than brewer and he’s doing well,he’s a soph player

  • Michael24

    if he wants a strting job he has to earn it because he just cant walk in laker territory and think he will get a starting job over fish.

    calderon is a very effective six man imagine this back up

    calderon=shooter playmaker defender
    sasha= defender shooter
    ariza=cutter defender
    odom =defender shooter rebounder shot blocker all around player
    turiaf= blocker defender shooter

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    we have already too many white-soft-european players in our roster…we need some tough guy
    he is not one of them
    stay in canada

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    OH*, resign Luke + Vujacic and whoever else that’s productive. And yes.. Luke is productive, he just needs to get off from his injury slump.

  • http://thelakersnation.com 3eric

    come on guys we just cant give up on farmar just cause he had a bad serious he’s just a sophmore i bet ya he will come back next year even better is to early to give up on him…we should worry about this in the off season we got wcf to worry about

  • BringDFishBack

    Haha, mid season: “OMG Farmar is soooo good! We are gonnna dominate for a long time to come! PG OF THE FUTURE!!!!!”

    After a few bad games: “OMG Farmar sucks. He’s so bad he can’t do anything. All he ever does is shoot and can’t drive or pass. Trade this guy he’s so awful.

    Give him some time, he’s only 21 years old. No one expected the regular season he had, and now that he’s playing the way he was expected it looks bad and everyone thinks he sucks. He is playing where he was expected too, but since he played great for most of the season it seems like a disappointment. But it’s not, his worst is where he was expected to play. He’s never played this many games in his life. Once he can get the hang of how long the season (and going deep into the playoffs) is, he won’t play this bad as the season goes on, his confidence will stay up, and he will play great.

  • Ian Llanes

    i think he would be of more interest to the clippers, just cuz they lost a lot of guards!

  • meaz82

    u people on here bashing jordan should be ashamed of yourselves. he is a second year pg in the nba, he had a solid season and a shaky utah series and people are saying trade him? unbelievable! what are u farmar haters gonna say if he balls out in the wcf? and not to mention he had to go against a second team all nba pg this last series.

  • jingkai

    I think Farmar is good.

    Sun yue too.

    So, I dont think we need a new guard. =)

  • dilip

    Remember Kobes first few playoff runs? remember 3 airballs in OT against Jazz? YA look at him now, best player in NBA. give farmar some time.

  • kb24b3stever

    bring him and get rid of newble if phil jackson doesnt wanna play him.It would be great if calderon came to LA because like we’ve seen lately farmar cant play under pressure so maybe we could bring fisher of the bench or calderon and farmar its gonna get his oppotunities because like always there’s gonna be injuries so it would be a tremendous idea to bring him to hollywood…

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    father say[Comment ID #36188 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Father confirms that “Los Angeles” is in reference to the Clippers, so let’s STOP talking about getting rid of Jordan because THAT is just NOT going to happen! :D

  • Luis24

    Its not Farmar having a bad series against Utah its been since Critt has left. He really lost everything, In Denver he sucked too, just looked a lil good since Denver sucks at Defense; c’mon look at luke even he looked good. This character dilip trying to compare Farmar with the only MAN you can compare to his Airness himself. Please, Kobe might have aired those but that was his rookie season as a 18yr old with minimum minutes from stupid Del. Never compare Dumbo with Mamba

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    He is Okay, but we really do not need him.
    We should give the grizzles Mabenga and Newble for rights to Marc Gasol.
    Also trade Luke Walton for Candace Parker(just playin about that one) lol….

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Lamar Odom
    PF Pau Gasol
    C Andrew Bynum
    6 Jose Calderon
    7 Trevor Ariza
    8 Ronny Turiaf
    9 Mickael Pietris
    10 Sasha Vujacic
    11 Jordan Farmar
    12 Sun Yue

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    imagine we have farmar fisher and calderon in the back court, with sun yue and lamar in the front court

  • RD

    [Comment ID #36241 Will Be Quoted Here]

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many guards. we DONT need calderon. we need diop, JO, or artest, other than that we are FINE as we are.

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    [Comment ID #36246 Will Be Quoted Here]

    jose calderon lead the NBA in ast per turnover this season

  • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

    That is alot of guards. He will be a good fit but we don’t need him.

  • LA_dreamz

    we are allowed to have 14 players in our roster,right?so maybe our line-up would better be:

    PG Fisher
    SG Kobe
    SF Odom
    PF Gasol
    C Bynum
    6 Jose Calderon
    7 Sasha
    8 Trevor Ariza
    9 Turiaf
    10 Mickael Pietrus
    11 Jordan Farmar
    12 Desagana Diop
    13 Sun Yue ( reserve )
    14 Rookie PF/C ( reserve )

    Isn’t it a better line-up for us next season guys?

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    [Comment ID #36264 Will Be Quoted Here] ok that rookie will either be robin lopez or kenny george

  • http://www.lakers.com lakersnation24

    i agree with the top….
    SUN YUE is gonna become a superstar…n he is gonna b huge…

    i wud trade Luke Walton for Calderon

  • erickson

    [Comment ID #36209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol luke got signed to a 6 year deal or was it 5 year? already this past offseason

  • west213

    bring on the white boy, we’re gonna have the most whiteboys in lakers

  • pjt

    I’ll take Artest over this guy. We could have a starting line-up of Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Gasol. Our 2nd squad will be Bynum and Ariza, and a solid bench…

  • xtro

    You hit the nail right on the head PJT. Artest is the missing piece to the puzzle.


    MICKAEL PIETRUS!I can’t emphasize that enough(but I’ll continue),I’m not saying he wouldn’t fit but we need SF/SG or PF.


    ….plus I’m not giving up on Farmar but a good back up would be to get TJ FORD.

  • fred0s

    Artest would strengthen our starting line up and our bench. That would be crazy.


    Mickael Pietrus WILL BE A LAKER,trust me.