HOOPSWORLD: There have been some changes made in the Western Conference this summer, and there will likely be some more before it’s all said done. Here’s a look at the way the conference shapes up today with the rosters as currently constituted.

1. Los Angeles Lakers – The Lakers were the odds on favorite to win it all heading into The Finals last month. Since that time, they’ve lost Ronny Turiaf. That might sound like a little bit of a problem for LA until you remember he will be replaced on the active roster by some kid named Andrew Bynum. Simply put, if Bynum is healthy the Lakers will be the favorites again in the West next year barring a major by one of the other top teams in the conference.

  • daboss1849

    If we don’t get a small forward who can shoot and defend we will not come out of the west.. Bye bye LO!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

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    I don’t think we need a small forward to come out of the West, we needed a small forward to come out of the finals against Boston. But with Bynum in the mix, we toughen up a little in the middle. If Odom can learn not to be afraid of bangin bodies in the middle then we’ll beast everyone. Odom needs to be a post player, not an outside shooter.

  • ak24

    DOMINATION oo and get JOSH SMITH and AL HORFORD FOR L.O., J. Farm, and luke and vlad, and frist rounds.?

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa


    And I’m sure Phil Jackson will know how to put Odom to his fullest potential as SF.

  • Freshh

    Boss was being sarcastic
    If that Smith speculation
    becomes a reality

    I will be ecstatic times 10000000000

  • http://getgarnet Louis

    Lakers will be a different team this year we are getting Byndum and we know how to beat Boston now.100% Lakers will
    the champioship.

  • Smush Walton

    “If Odom can learn…”

    That’s the problem with this guy. Next season will be Odom’s FIFTH with us and his TENTH overall and he still hasn’t figured out his game and learned that his outside shot is HORRENDOUS!

    Its time to pull the plug on this Lamar experiment. I’m sick and tired of hearing about all of the potential of this door knob. The fact that he showed up at an LA night club AFTER midnight the night before the team had a flight to Boston should tell us all we need to know about this clown.


  • Parich

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    This is where you are totally wrong. Yes, he needs to be a post player, but only when he plays PF. As SF, he needs to be able to defend other SF and be a threat from the 3 point range. Any team’s starting 5 will do much better if they have 3 perimeter players rather than just 2. You can’t have 3 guys posting up. That’s what many laker fans simply do not understand. You only play with one ball, so how are you going to have 3 guys posting up? I would rather have 3 perimeter guys surrounding the arch and waitin’ to pop some 3’s. Again, how are you gonna have 3 guys posting up?

    You go ahead and look at the other teams and tell me which one has 3 post players out of their starting 5!? I guarantee that you won’t find more than a few, if there is even 1! So Laker fans better stop dreaming about that tall frontline until they see it work! I will not believe that it will work until I see it work, that’s if it would even work. Why did you think Phil Jackson started Vlad Rad even though he is terrible? Cuz PJ desperately neeeded a shooter. And don’t give us excuses like “Gasol can shoot the mid range jumper” or “Odom can shoot from 20ft.” Though that’s true, neither of them are automatic and they would still have to crowded inside. I would love to see the coaches work this out if the team doesn’t make any changes, but using these logical reasons, I find it a slim possibility for that line up to work.

    Transaction Move #1: They still need a backup PF anyway. Turiaf is and was not really a center. He is an ideal backup PF. If you look at the team now we don’t have that. What they could do since V-lady and Fluke are seen as useless player by the fans is to trade them. HEHE, with Odom and Ariza to dominate the SF position next year, the Lakers should dump the Rad and Walton for a decent PF to backup Gasol.

    Transaction Move #2: If possible, they can package LO and possibly Mihm or Walton or Rad man for an elite SF like Artest/Marion/Prince. The 2 SFs are nearly useless so we can give them up. Losing Mihm is okay because the team is going to sign Mbenga or Kwame Brown anyway.

    Should the Lakers make those 2 moves, not only will they make it out of the west, they will kill the Celtics in the finals with a much greater chance next year. Some think trades should happen soon during the summer, some say wait and if the team doesn’t work out as well as they thought then they should trade during season.
    -Before season: don’t get a chance to see what the tallest lineup ever would work like but will miss on some trade opportunities and time to build up a differently team.
    -During season: can wait to see how the current team will function but less time to work with new personnel if trades happen.

  • ak24

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    thats a stupid idea i think lamar should be a 6th man. every team has a great sixth man most of the time and i hthink we should start vlad. and also people underestimate vlaads defense and lukes defense is underestimated too. so line up will be.

    kwame or and other center mihm?

  • Parich

    Watch out when using the word “stupid.” It’s not like your idea is better. Their defenses are not underestimated at all. They get burned all the time, they can’t jump, and they are slower that the average NBA SF. You tell us who they have ever bothered with their defense. Remember that Phil started Ariza on Christmas Day against the Suns and he did really well. Ariza and Joe Crawford are mysteries to us, in a positive way. There is word that Ariza drastically improved his shooting during his rehab days. Crawford could be a good shooter, but we don’t know yet until training camp. It comes down to one simple conclusion, we don’t need to start Vlad. His and Luke’s defense have not been underestimated. I will repeat again that they get burned, can’t jump, and are way too slow. They try and we know that, but they haven’t committed to boosting their athleticism and techniques in order to make their defensive efforts worth while.

  • Toon

    What we need is a backup PF, another backup C other than Mihm, and a solution to the SF position.

    Move or keep LO? Trade him later? Keep him and sign him to a cheaper contract next summer? Bench him? Dump the 2 slow SFs?

  • Make a Move, Mitch.

    Sign Kwame.

    Trade useless players for a big man who can actually play off the bench behind Gasol.

    Maybe trade for elite SF?

    Fluke and V-lady = over 10 million dollars of sitting bench players with little playing time in 08-09 season (next year).

  • lakers4life

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    had to =)

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

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    that giving up too much!

  • Laker24

    I dont think Lakers need artest, all we need is a veteran foward who could play good D, and plus odom’s contract goes off the cap.

    Mitch Kupchak Said he gonna sign a veteran who could at least play 15 minutes a game.

    all these guys are unrestricted free agents

    these are the lakers options:
    1)Gordan Giricek / decent defender / 3pt shooter
    2)Deaven George – who can guard big fowards in this league.
    3)Lindsey Hunter – Championship Experience, Probably One of the Greatest On Ball Defenders Of All Time.
    4)Quinton Ross
    5)Kwame Brown Or Theo Ratliff – backup center for Bynum

  • e

    even with no trade our current lineup of fisher/kobe/lamar/pau/bynum is a great starting five…if lamar can establish some hard perimeter defense (obviously easier said than done), our team will do just fine

  • ab4sure

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    Vlad/Ariza… shooter and defender. Wow.. was that so hard??? LO will be a PF this year the majority of the time.

  • ak24

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    somethin glike that :D

  • ab4sure

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    they would trade that just for Horford… getting rid of Vlad and Luke’s contract would be an extra bonus.

  • daboss1849

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    I was saying a shooter and defender in the same body dumba$$…

  • Make a Move, Mitch.

    Al Horford and Josh Smith would be crazy additions to the Lakers. Horford will become the backup PF that they need. Smith is a beast at blocking and dunking.

  • ab4sure

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    Not necessary to have them in one body. Probably too expensive to get one. Also, only dumbasses think the Lakers won’t come out of the west. Now intern, go back to your original name or else do the thing your best at and go get the coffee for the real boss you faker.


    HEY AB4SURE,I just read your comments about me in the Sasha resigns column….PLEASE PULL UP ALL MY COMMENTS,especially the ones about Ariza when NOBODY knew who he was and yes the ones Bynum too(just to make you happy,like I was the only one)and can you do me a favor and GET OFF MITCH’S JOCKSTRAP,hahahahaha……you express your undying admiration for Mitch by writing him (love)letter.

  • lskerfan567

    Ariza iz the next artest hes a late bloomer like joe johnson and steve nash, just give ariza a chance and i put my life saving on the fact that ariza iz the next cooper and ron artest put together (without the crazy)