Rambis to give second interview for head coaching position with Wolves

    A small tidbit regarding Rambis.

    InsideSoCal: According to a source close to the situation, Rambis will have his second interview with the T-Wolves early next week.

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    • Count Bogdan

      Great. Perhaps now the whole team will consider jumping ship. Way to go Trevor and LO. I’m waiting for Gasol to now start asking for a trade.

    • Robert

      I know what the plan is. McHale wants to tap Rambis for secrets to the triangle, then wants to pass the info on to his friends the Celtics. That’s how desperate they are. It’s a conspiracy! Don’t do it, Kurt.

    • http://Firefox Fdog

      I can see Kurt Rambis walking in the next Lakers meeting 10 minutes late saying, “Sorry I’m late. I had a job interview….Nailed it!”

    • Dawg

      Congrats on the potential head coach job. You have always been one of my favorite Laker’s but wish you the best if you move on.

    • John

      I hope he moves on. Thanks Kurt, but honestly I don’t want you as our next head coach.

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    • Pistol Pete

      Rambo, you can never leave your purple and gold. stay, your turn will come

    • Zen and Tonic

      Substitute Rambis’ name for Odum now? Pffft. When did negotiating who you work for stop being a business in the NBA? Oh yeah, this summer. Good luck Kurt.

    • jason

      [Comment ID #81258 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Someone’s original.

    • NBA executive

      sources say Rurt Kambis will take the position