So he hasn’t changed at all has he? T-Mac anyone?

ESPN: Raja Bell won’t be meeting face-to-face with longtime nemesis Kobe Bryant after all.

He’s signing with the Utah Jazz instead.

Sources with knowledge of the deal told that Bell and the Jazz have agreed to terms on a three-year deal worth nearly $10 million, forcing Bell to cancel his sit-down in Los Angeles with Bryant that had been scheduled for Wednesday.

  • PHENORftw


    • nath

      Yeah I know, but you can’t turn down that kind of contract, can you?

      • 09-10-11champs!

        you know what , there must be something wrong with this report! here´s an interview with bell from today talking about having dinner with kobe later in the night:

        • Anonymous2313

          Nice find. Let’s see what happens i guess

    • kb24dbest

      That’s fine, let’s move on to TMAC… I dont know why they are trying to bring back Shannon Brown if TMAC is willing to sign for almost the same price of league minimum. I rather have TMAC than Brown right now. I love Brown, but TMAC is a consistent scorer and we need his scoring from the bench. TMAC can give us 15-20 minutes/ night and score atleast 10 points/night to relieve Kobe and Ron… Mitch step up and make some recruiting. I think we can get better players for the same price as Brown….Let’s go..

      • Sir

        Where exactly did you read that T-Mac is willing to sign for the minimum?

      • Jonathan

        you guys really want tmac? wtf? unbelievable!

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      2 words for ya Raja: Get Fucked

  • jballer24

    Lakers just don’t have the cash.

  • nath

    Now we must face the truth we are MUCH over the salary cap. Add T-Mac would be more realistic

  • LAKERS2010champs

    prepare your anus raja.

  • phillylakersfan

    Funny tmz just posted a pic with him sporting a lakers necklace

  • Los Lakers

    yeah my thoughts exactly^^ i guess tmac wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize, i mean he will be coming off the bench it’s not like we’re asking him to start, 15-20 min shouldn’t put that much stress on his injury prone ass….

    • kb24dbest

      Yeah,… Darn,,,TMAC is close to signing with the Clippers. The lakers gotta move fast and start recruiting veterans to come and play for minimum.

  • Cali Kush King

    fuck t-crack hes a base head

  • Los Lakers

    i’m also glad he went to the sorry a55 jazz and not the heat

  • John Robertson

    yes go for T-Mac, Barnes and Kurt Thomas

    • LakersNBAChamps2010

      they all sound great, but what can we offer them? the remaining 1.8M of the MLE to tmac/barnes, and the vet min of 1.8M to thomas? would they go for that? isnt’ that a little low for them?

  • #1lakersfan

    I have to agree, he went for the money instead of the NBA title which is fine w/ me. If you don’t want LA, then LA don’t want you. In his career reality is he will not win a title which sucks for him but the lakers let’s go for Tmac and sign the 2 gangsta as rookies we got that are out playing the rookies at this time, we going for a 3peat.

  • WTF MITCH!!!!!!!!!

    The Los Angeles Clippers have had conversations with Tracy McGrady’s agent, according to Yahoo! Sports

    Read more:

  • 09-10-11champs!

    okay raja, sign with whoever you want, but to turn down a meeting KOBE BRYANT had scheduled? now thats pretty stupid on your part to not even listen to what the greatest of all time had to tell you!
    vete a la verga pues, kobe te va a hacer mierda cuando juguemos contra utah!

    • Kamakazi

      Haha……. word

  • jeb064

    I understand Raja not signing with us. I wouldn’t mind McGrady comin off the bench. TMac, Blake, Lamar, and others would not be bad provided he stays healthy. I think the guy we will turn our attention to next is Matt Barnes. Good 3 pt shooter and solid defender. I dont see the Lakers going after any of the big men that our available.

    • Billy Kupchak

      …big men that ARE available…

  • ahmad sarsak

    its embarising for kobe asking him to help the team . you always go for the one loves the lakers not the hater .. bell.
    lakers should get red of louk walton and get T.M

    • jeb064

      If the lakers could find someone to take Luke Walton, Im sure they would trade him. He is a great passer in the triangle though. But to be making 5 million a year is way to much for what he does. He still has 3 years left on his deal I believe. So get use to him.

    • Billy Kupchak




  • jonb

    GOOD no old washed up bell. Go for BARNES or TMAC next! ron needs a backup because we all know luke will b hurt all year. and resign shannon please!

    • Billy Kupchak

      FYi: Lakers cannot resign Shannon & sign Barnes/McGrady

      • jonb

        my bad, you’re right. Well either or will do. i hope.

  • jonb

    Apparently EVERY damn player wants to join the heat. Hoopshype reports tmac had “badly” wanted to play with james and the heat (apparently he changed his mind about playing w/ kobe) along w/ rasual butler and others. Seems like LA has lost its lure to south beach. We need another QUALITY signing….

  • John Robertson

    and why why they cannot resign shannon?

  • Schism

    Raja Bell owuld have been a bust anyway. Injuries at age 33 don’t heal that well anyhow. He’s been outta the league for a year, and is probably out of shape. He went for the big $$payday as a last cash in on his former prowess, and would have been a cancer in the locker room for not giving a d@mn. Good Catch Utah!!

    • Kamakazi

      Exactly my thoughts

  • Drake Ramoray

    I’m at a lost for words. I was so sure with Kobe and Raja meeting he’d be coming to LA. I guess a Barnes and Tmac combo signing wouldn’t be bad. It just all depends on who would accept the vets $1.4 million and the remaing mle of $1.8 million. They both might just spurn us too and then we’d be forced to resign Shannon and then I’d just go jump in a lake because Shannon Brown sucks. I’m done with the speculations. This right hook Raja just threw at the Lakers has me goin through a loop.

    • Kamakazi

      Even worse the fact, that there were all these supposed stories of reconciliation. I guess Kobe is past it and offered to get him into a Lakers uniform, but he chose to be a little c*nt intead. He dissed Kob but I can see why he wants to get more cash, at that age.. But he won’t ever smell a title outside of visiting the Lakers practice facility

  • White Mamba

    Do a sign & trade Shannon Brown and Luke Walton for Wolves Corey Brewer or Wizards Thorton or Houston Battier!

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    Damn, Kobe just got played!
    Raja used a potential meeting with the best player in basketball to get the Bulls and Jazz to offer bigger cash.
    Just don’t be so quick to judge Lakers fans, Derek Fisher did the same thing to the Heat.
    I was hoping for a Kobe/Bell pairing, damn, too bad…
    I say go after Matt Barnes with the remaining MLE money. If you can’t get Barnes, then try for McGrady, hopefully before he inks with the Heat.

    • Kamakazi

      Fisher didn’t feign going to a meeting and not show up. Fisher has the class to fulfill a meeting, at least. And/or Clippers with that young core and remaining cash as consolation if he TOO doesn’t feel like wearing purp and gold

  • jeb064

    I wouldn’t mind looking at Battier. I dont see the rockets though looking to help out the Lakers in any way especially since they know to win a championship out west they have to go through us.

  • Str8 Ballin

    f*** u bell!! T-Mac here we come!1

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Well it was all about the money, Jazz is desperate without Boozer so they are throwing money at any scrub.
    Anyway, F-U-C-K You RAJA!



  • Gotta Admit

    well based on the fact that the Lakers hate utah and their fans and now raja is most likely gonna be their starting 2…make sure you Tune in to Lakers vs Jazz i think its safe to say kobe will have one of his best performance of the season against them

  • Michael

    If the Buss family want to be the best and aquire the best players available then they need to take a page from George Steinbrenners book and pay up. They have money. They need to spend all that money and make the best team possible. Screw luxury tax. Pay up and continue to be the most dominating franchise ever in basketball.

    • David

      There is something called a salary cap

      • Michael

        If they go over that they have to pay luxury tax

      • Dave

        Yes, we have heard about the salary cap. The Lakers are well over it already — and paying penalties. If they want someone enough, the Lakers could pay them — along with the penalty if they so choose.

        Otherwise the Heat, with their three max contracts, would be stuck with 5 players. Don’t think so.

  • kb24dbest

    I still think we need one more guard and one big guy to boost our bench. Mitch should NOT consider signing Brown, Powell, Mbenga, and Morrison. Save this money to sign veteran good players who wants to accept league minimum money to play for a ring. I think we can do better for the prices we offer to Brown, Powell, and Mbenga if they return. Mitch, Magic, and Kobe just have to recruit…and start now

    TMAC, Kurt Thomas, Brad Miller, Barnes, Shaq, and Barnes are still available. But they gotta move fast because the Heat, Celtics, Bulls, and Hawks are also interested in all these players.

  • lakers0828

    good Riddance Now we dont Need to Worry about a player that is Just all about the Money and Not Winning

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  • David

    I honestly think he going to the Lakers…he has not signed yet officially…I think he is just doing this to hope hat the Lakers will give him more

    • LA2011Champs

      But how much more can we offer him? Forget about it……

  • KB24LordoftheRings
  • Evil Empire

    To bad he could have been a nice addition. I not worried about the free agents anymore we need to sign out rookies Ebanks and Character. Those guys are awesome. And you know what else… their young!


    Then wtf about that interview on ESNEWS @ youtube.
    Somethings wrong with this report lol.


    Oh and if this is true, Kobe’s gonna f*** the Jazz up this season lol. 40? 50? ;)

  • xtro

    cash is king, guys. FA’s are like mercenaries. too bad, majaRAJA went for the dinero than a chance for the anillo.

  • jonb

    from our friends over at LA Times:

    ====—— === ——===
    /_____l______l__ ___\____
    ll- – – Mitch Sign Matt Barnes]
    L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

  • xtro

    matt barnes, t-mac, kurt, joe smith


    wow i hate this guy even more…He doesnt have enough respect to even hear what Kobe has to say….

  • cjm

    well, it’s not as if we weren’t going to beat their asses red anyway (the Jazz).

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Now raja can be steam rolled by the lakers in the west

  • Lakersince84

    For that, Raja Bell will forever be known as the new age ‘Craig Ehlo’.

  • Dwillsprsnlbllwshr8

    God laker fans are so annoying….in case you didn’t notice the Jazz are now one move away from passing your arrogant asses. Kobe just got used as leverage by Raja. That was neat. Can’t wait to watch him bitch slap Kobe at ESA…. NO MEANS NO

    • Showtime4eva

      Lmao! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? Lol ! You SMALL TIME PEE-ON ! We are lakers nation reppin the L.A. Lakers ! ! SIXTEEN time N.B.A champs! And you think the jazz are gonna topple US?!? Come back when you at least have one(1) drop in the bucket! Our bucket is FULL! Now get outta here! Little shit! Before you make it worse on your team!!

    • 242LakerFan

      It’s not arrogance if you can back it up. Yeah, Kobe got used, but don’t think that will be forgotten when he steps on the court. There is no greater wrath than Kobe scorned.
      Chew on that while you’re personally washing DWill’s balls there, big boy.


        The line on this thread: “There is no greater wrath than Kobe scorned.”

        Love it!!!

    • 6’9

      how many championships utah got? oh yea ZERO and when ya’ll went to the finals those two times what stopped you a Great 2 guard by the name of Jordan and a Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson.
      Past 3 yrs who have stopped ya’ll from getting to finals Another Great 2 guard Kobe Bean Bryant and a Coach By the name of Phil Jackson!

      Get ya weight up before you talk shit

      • Kamakazi

        Utah Jazz fan has to be most myopic fan I have come across today. How is your team one signing away from winning anything? The Mavs just added youth to their frontcourt and still have Dirk! LOL. And the Lakers have been owning the front court for YEARS… and have 2 titles to their credit since 08. How do you think losing Kyle Korver and Carlos Boozer makes your team any better. You got Jefferson, and Raja Bell.. you downgraded and got older not the other way around. Portland is way better than your sorry ass team bud. Sorry to break the news to you, but until your team can matchup against either the Magic, Lakers, Heat, Bulls etc Mavs and even OKC your team will not win ANY-THING. ANYTHING MEANS ANYTHING SUAWAAA

  • MOTA

    T Mac wants to play with Kobe Make the Deal

    • Kamakazi

      SAS: “If there’s one player who you would like to play with, who would you want that player to be? One Player”: ‘Jellybean’ “kobe”? ‘Jelly-bean’. “He’s the best player in the game?” ‘Oh-hands down’ . “kobe picks up the phone he calls you he says times running out we getting older together, its time for us to walk away from this game in a couple of years, lets come make one last run together one for L.A.” (Laughter) “I want you to come to L.A. with me” ‘yeah after you win one more championship, I might take you up on that jelly-bean’. The time is now bud.

      • Kamakazi

        Exactly to the tee, eventhough its dated Nov, 22 2008′. Kobe has 2 more years of mad-death basketball and so does he… wondering what’s going through MAC’s mind ^^

  • Kamakazi Knicks highlights he still looks solid but back then he played 35 a nite

  • TheLakerGenera11

    You know what I was getting ready 2 write a comment about Raja Bell and how much of a douche he still is n i still might do that but Nation I thought I’ll leave this gem for now from a delusional Utah fan roflmfao enjoy…:

    markrasmussen9 says:
    Am I the only one that honestly thinks the jazz will face the heat in the finals now

    Guys think about we will be better than the lakers this year hears why are point guard deron williams just tears up the laker guards shooting guard raja bell vs kobe rivalry kobe will still score but not get his numbers then we got Al jefferson who will improve his defense and guard Andrew bynum and box him out not like X player carlos could not do will have memo back all i got to say if were better than the lakers than obviously were better than the rest of the west

    cant wait for next season should be very special for jazz fans