More love for Kobe from an ex-Sun. Suns LOVE Kobe!

Inside Bay Area: Warriors guard Raja Bell is perhaps most known for his rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

During his days with the Phoenix Suns, Bell was Bryant’s personal defender in multiple playoff series. The heated matchup included verbal jabs, elbows and shoves, a couple of physical altercations and zero love lost.

But ask Bell who’s the best player in the game, and he’ll answer without hesitation. He won’t say LeBron James or Dwyane Wade or Carmelo Anthony.

“Kobe,” Bell said. “He’s a winner, man. Not that the LeBrons and D-Wades and ‘Melos aren’t. But he just seems to have a sixth sense about closing and timeliness with his game that I think he’s developed over time. I think they don’t necessarily have it to the degree he has it yet. They’re on his heels. But if you ask me who I’d take to win this year, I’d take Kobe.”

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  • iiTzDanny

    Damn, Pheonix is on or Nutzz! wit all these comments



  • gugy

    I guess they are all doing a mea culpa here.
    I am still waiting for D’Antoni and Nash to apologize. they were a bunch of @sses during those two playoff runs.
    Anyway, my satisfaction is that group will never win a title. Karma baby

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Bell needs to come play for us next year.. we’ll give the Warriors Sasha for him.

    • dEDGE

      Oh man, can you imagine that lock-down line-up of Bell, Kobe and Ron-Ron? Plus Drew in the paint to swat anything that happens to get past them… And with Pau on… oh well, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

      • 007

        well lets hope kobe shows up to play defense soon then if youre gonna put him in that list. previous years maybe, but not this year. (even though he did OKAY last night against the warriors)

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  • 242LakerFan

    You don’t go to battle with a guy at that level of intensity and not develop a deep respect for him. Neither one would back down and Bell never worked as hard against any one he ever played. Of course he knows Kobe’s the best.


      Couldn’t have said it this better myself. My thoughts exactly. After those playoff battles they had, and Raja being the designated defender for Kobe, he’s just showing respect for the GOAT. Plus, I will never forget that clothesline he did on Kobe during the playoffs…but in the end he knows who’s the best.

  • Pastorius

    Kobe is the guy I’d pick to win this year as well.

    But, when comparing Kobe to Lebron, the question isn’t this year. It is the next seven.

    Kobe will, very likely, be traded away this summer. And, Lebron will likely become a Laker.

    It’s now or never.

    If Buss doesn’t pull the trigger on this deal, the Lakers will play with a dminishing Kobe for the next few years, and will never get anything worthwhile in return for him.

    You only get an opportunity at a player like Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, or Wilt, once in a decade. I believe Buss knows that deep down in his bones.

    And, he is the gambler to make it happen.

    Sentimentality will kill the Lakers.

    Trade Kobe at the end of the year, while he is at his peak market value.

    • trippleocho


      • desecrator93

        yup. That was Gold!

    • hey

      Fuck you, sell out.

    • Chillax

      What a dumbass. Are you a defective Lakers analyst/fan or something of that sort?

    • Ronin99

      I laughed so hard it made me PUKE. Do you know what loyalty means Pastorius? Kobe will be a Laker for life. Mamba wears Purple and Gold forever and he spews venom! LeBrick can only dream of playing for this legendary franchise!

      • WINLESS

        Hahaha! LeBrick like those free throws at the end of the game against Orlando in the ECF last year??? Hahaha!!!!

        • Ronin99

          Hahaha….oh yeah. Thanks man! Point well taken.

    • gofeedtina

      Pastorius your a fcking idiot. Lechoke doesn’t deserve to wear the Purple and Gold. Kobe is a Laker for life!!

    • AndrewMa

      kobe has a no trade clause in contract. Everyone knows the future is set. Sorry, Lebron=nope. You=crazy


    Funny how things change

  • Robert

    I had thought (earlier in the year) Raja Bell would be a good addition to the Lakers. This might work in the off-season. Not sure what shape he is in; I think he has still been on the injured list. Not sure how effective he is anymore.
    Anyway, I’m glad the ‘players’ are speaking up about Kobe. The media ‘outright’ ignores Kobe when they can.


      Because they’re all hanging from LeCox’s almonds!

  • kevin 0

    raja nows wants to be a laker ahahaha
    i remember when he called him a “pompous arrogant”
    hahhaa suk it raja kobe owns you we still hate u u tried to choke him

  • Josh in Da 310

    Pastorius you’re a freakin Idiot! Who in the hell would trade Kobe this summer? He’s a franchise player, greatest of all time. What the fuck are you smoking to think that Lebitch James will ever sport the purple and gold? Whatever you’re puffing on pass it down bcuz thats some good shit to have you delirious like that

    • Puro Pinche Lakers

      Puff puff give, don’t mess up the rotation.

  • Pastorius

    Do I know what loyalty is? Yeah, God is loyal to me, and I am loyal to my wife and kids.

    Basketball is a business. Additionally, basketball is about winning championships.

    Kobe will likely be a very good player for 5-7 years more. He may even play another 10-12 years.

    He is a very intelligent guy and an amazing student of the game, so he will figure out how to compensate for diminishing skills.

    However, Lebron is also a very intelligent guy and an amazing student of the game, and he is only 24 years old.

    Kobe is going into the downside of his career. Right now his value is at its peak.

    A business man/owner-who-wants-to-win-championships would recognize this.

    This is not about disliking Kobe. This is about recognizing the future before it kicks you in the balls.

    When I said the same thing about the Angels and Vlad Guerrero three years back, I got crap for that too. Looks like I was right.

    You guys were all probably angry that the Lakers traded away Shaq too, right?


    • Puro Pinche Lakers

      Dude I’m not going to lie, your points are legit. Lebron is very talented, but he’s no Kobe, he’s no Black Mamba, he isnt the best closer in the NBA. But There’s no way that Kobe is leaving the Lakers. The Laker franchise has too much respect for Kobe. He will be a Laker for the rest of his career. If Kobe ever leaves the Lakers, he’s probably go to Philly or NY because people love him there, there are more Kobe jerseys than there are the people with the opponents jersey. All in all Kobe is going to remain a Laker, might go to another team and bust an MJ, but he is retiring a Laker.