Here is some more information on the Radman trade…

Fox Sports: Vladimir Radmanovic could put up with being called a “space cadet” and “my favorite martian” by Lakers coach Phil Jackson. But when Jackson stopped playing Radmanovic, the versatile forward suggested it was time to leave Los Angeles.

As Radmanovic prepared to pull on a Charlotte Bobcats jersey for the first time Monday, Radmanovic acknowledged he had asked for a trade.

“I said if there was something to be done, I was open for it,” Radmanovic said.

The odd Radmanovic-Jackson marriage was broken up Saturday when the Lakers sent the 6-foot-10 Serbian to the Bobcats for underachieving forward Adam Morrison and reserve guard Shannon Brown.

The deal came as Radmanovic’s playing time plummeted. After beginning the season as a starter, Radmanovic find himself behind Luke Walton and Trevor Ariza at small forward. When center Andrew Bynum was injured, Lamar Odom moved into the starting lineup and Radmanovic fell even further in the rotation.

Radmanovic didn’t play more than 14 minutes in any of his final six games as a Laker and totaled five points in his final four games.

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  • Whatsa


  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    I live just 20 mins from the Bobcats arena and i would never watch them for anything in the world (unless my lakers are in town).

    Vlad is just a crazy dude…i must say i am not sad to see him leave LA, but why would you want out of a championship team?
    that just shows that he does not care about winning, he just wants to play..

    No more Vlad..thank heavens

  • celtic killa

    why are we still talkin about this irrelevant guy? i always said they should’ve voided his contract when he lied about his injury.

  • LAKing

    Freakin Space Cadet. Good riddance, I’m glad we don’t have to deal with his inconsistent shooting and horrible defensive abilities. He’s nothing but target practice for all the other SF’s in the league. Bye bye Marvin the Martian. LOL.

  • lakerschamps09

    ummm ok how u mad u aint playin and all that but u end up sayin i was willin to sacrifice for us to win the ship??? wtf u if u wllin to sacrfic then u really shouldnt be complaning… idk its over now i thinkhes mad he aint gonna win a ship wit us…. sorry buddy…. good luck

  • sketch

    Hey, I just want to take this time to thank Vlad-Suck for asking for the trade. He’s like the guy who’s willing to stay behind for the hostage situation while everyone else goes free. What a stand up dude! Thanks so much Vlad-Suck!

  • Michael_23

    Beat these Cats March 31st. That’s all I gotta say.


    All of you little kids obviously never played any real organized ball, that’s why it’s easy for you to be spewin yur overrated bandwagon smack!

  • gugy


    Good luck to you with the Bobcats.

    I am glad you are out of LA.

  • orangewire

    i live near the bobcats too about 30 mins away. the bobcats are garbage lol.

    Go Lakers!!

  • RaddyHater

    Hope he rots in hell. He can’t shoot for shit, can’t guard for shit, can’t run for shit, all he is worth is shit. Good riddens ya lazy fuck!

  • JZmirank

    The guy was garbage any way, he should fit right in with the rest of the trash that is the bobcats. adesnt in defense, in stamina, in offense, in agility, in ball handling and absent in mind. no dedication, no determination just a more retarded version of big baby davis minus the tears. good riddens and rot in hell you pathetic excuse for an nba player!