Radmanovic refuses to revisit the past

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L.A. Times: Of all the Lakers who wanted to forget the way last season ended, Vladimir Radmanovic was near the top of the heap.

Lampooned for his ill-advised snowboarding excursion during last season’s All-Star break, Radmanovic’s soreness went beyond a separated shoulder.

He was talk-radio fodder for weeks after coming back from Park City, Utah, with his right arm in a sling and a similarly flimsy excuse in tow (he said he slipped on a patch of ice while crossing the street).

He ultimately came clean, admitted he lied to his coaches, and was fined $500,000 while sitting out almost two months as his shoulder healed, the extension of an already unbecoming first season with the Lakers.

He showed next to nothing after signing a five-year, $30.2-million contract, averaging 6.6 points in 55 regular-season games, career lows in both categories.

He was slowed by a sprained ligament in his right (shooting) hand during the exhibition season, and then Coach Phil Jackson got on him in December, calling him a “space cadet” because he was failing to grasp the intricacies of the triangle offense.

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  • fatty

    If last year never happened according to Vladimir, which I kind of agree, then we have three new additions to the Lakers this year.

    Valdimir – Fisher – Mihm

    All ready to make immediate contributions.

    Hopefully Vladimir can get his game going and I can stop calling him “Bad Rad” instead of Vlad Rad.

  • TheLAunit

    Vlad numbers will rise this season because his is more familiar with the triangle. Plus he has a healthy shoulder and hand. So solid # from Vladimir this Season

  • TheLAunit

    [quote comment="14242"]Vlad numbers will rise this season because he is more familiar with the triangle. Plus he has a healthy shoulder and hand. So solid # from Vladimir this Season[/quote]

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    from bynum to mihm to vlad and other people on the team, i think all of them are starting to see what kobe wants them to see and also be. i think everyone is determined to show the doubters whats up!