Fined and ridiculed after injuring himself while snowboarding last season, reserve forward is off to a good start in his bid for atonement.

L.A. Times: After being little more than a punch line last season, Vladimir Radmanovic is trying to punch back.

Ridiculed nationwide for his ill-conceived snowboarding excursion during last season’s All-Star break, Radmanovic had his best game with the Lakers on Friday in Phoenix, scoring a team-high 19 points and hitting all four of his three-point attempts.

He followed it up with nine points Sunday against Utah.

The key for him, as usual, will be consistency.

“Vlade has those kind of nights,” Coach Phil Jackson said, referring to Radmanovic’s outburst against Phoenix. “You just hope that it’s that kind of night more often. Instead of once or twice a month, you hope for once or twice a week.”

Radmanovic, 26, had only one or two all last season.

He was slowed by a sprained ligament in his right hand before last season began and was later called a “space cadet” by Jackson after failing to grasp the nuances of the triangle offense.

Then came Park City.

Radmanovic became talk-radio material for days after coming back from the Utah ski resort in February with a separated right shoulder that he initially claimed was caused by slipping on a patch of ice while crossing the street.

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    once lamar gets back i dont see how vlad can get any minutes. sasha, cook and vlad will be riding the wooden pony all year…

  • aibarra03

    Vlad will back up Lamar if he keeps playing well. I dont see cook gettting any time at all though. I remember Phil saying that once Lamar comes back that Luke will be coming off the bench. Second unit will consist of Farmar, Walton, Radmon, Bynum, Evans. Not too bad

  • laker1

    I have to say i was one of rads greatest critics last year i felt we should of voided his contract after the whole snowboarding accident.i also understand his injury situation last year so hopefully this year he can go out there and play like he feels he can and convince the rest of us but it will be tough i kinda felt betrayed by him last year. So until then i dont see him takeing on any xtra duties. lets go laker show

  • lakerfan101

    our starting line up when LO comes back!!!!

    Pg Fisher
    Sg Kb24
    Sf Lo7
    Pf Kwame Brown