This is great news. Extends our bench and brings back more consistent outside shooting, as well as size. Welcome back Radman:

LA Times: Vladimir Radmanovic went through part of Monday’s practice and will suit up tonight against Sacramento, Jackson said. Radmanovic has sat out the last five games because of a strained right calf muscle. He is averaging 7.7 points a game this season.

  • xxv112002

    Hope he brings “it” tonight. Go Lakers!


    YES!!!Rad has been burying those 3’s lately(before the injury).

  • The Nugget

    Great, just when Luke was playing good.

  • ricky

    this is great. it gives us another player in our already shortened lineup due to the injuries of bynum, ariza, and mihm. we need radman because he gives us another big and can stretch the defense and hit 3’s when pau or kobe is doubled. yes, luke is playing well, but i think its always better to have more players and i dont think radman will start anyways because luke has been hot lately. so luke stays with the starting 5 and radman off the bench. lets go lakers!

    come back soon bynum, ariza, and mihm! its time to win a championship!

  • IMmichael

    welcome back rad

  • Kaybee24

    Good news now whack azz Luke walton can sit the hell down. I am so sick of that no talent havin azz getting the spotlight like he’s a star. luke walton aint sh!t ppl! you ppl put him up there as if he’s a main contributer or something how overrated is this guy gonna get. the only real reason he plays for the lakers or in any case any nba team is because of his pops point blank. he is non existant on defense offensively he is inconsistant and one dimensional. atleast with ariza he had multiple things he can do. 1. get to the basket and get fouls(important in this league) luke cannot do that 2. energy(grant hill facial) 3.defense( Really important not only in the league but at the sf position ex. lebrons, carmelos etc) sure Ariza’s ju,p shot is sh!tty but the main thing is he’s not 1d. all luke can do is pass and go to the whole and get blocked. i dont know 1 other sf in the league that cant dunk fluently. if i had to pay to see someone dunk outta coby k and luke my money’s on ck. watch the game 2nite and see ya boy fluke stink up the court career night for ron

  • kobeftw


  • Hoop City

    Sweet…Totally Rad