Radman suffered a slight injury in practice Sunday…

O.C. Register:  Forward Vladi Radmanovic suffered a contusion to his left thigh near the conclusion of Sunday’s practice and Jackson said, “it didn’t look good.”

If Radmanovic is unable to play Tuesday, Jackson plans to shuffle the lineup and elevate Trevor Ariza into a starting role. That could allow the sparingly-played Luke Walton to get some minutes off the bench.

  • daboss1848

    lol – a complex scientific way to say “dead leg” . . . who hasnt had one?

  • MILO

    good! i think we should start Ariza!!!

  • kobeftw

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    I AGREE!

  • Ko8e_f@n

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    exactly the same sentiments here! :P start Ariza or Vujacic.

  • Vida8

    The curse continues!!!!

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    i also think that rad should be benched but ariza is great coming off the bench… start sasha or luke
    and why are the lakers players always getting hurt in practice… we talk’in about practice

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ariza time

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    nooo dont start ariza start walton….ariza is better off with the bench and walton has experience

  • Michael_23

    As long we are injuries are day-to-day I’m fine with that. No more 2 week, or season ending injuries please. (knock on wood)


    how long is he out


    this means either sun yue or dacos

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

    Let’s start Luke. Ariza is better off the bench.

  • K0be08-09

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    this is weird, i think you are right. START WALTON, omg I SAID IT , ARiza good off bench

  • e

    i hope God forgives me for saying this but YES!!!

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.
  • Smush Walton

    We know Luke sucks – let’s see what Josh Powell can do.


    Blessing in disguise! …But Phil should not start Walton, who as of yet, has not shown any improvement over last year, in fact, he’s probably regressed even further… Josh Powell should replace Vlade, who was an Achilles Heel, while bringing very little, if anything to the table… Great opportunity for a Bigger, Tougher, more Energetic and Athletic, Josh Powell; His chance to showcase his skills and what he can actually bring to the table, while keeping the 2nd unit in tact with Ariza and Lamar… But, knowing Phil’s tendencies, if he starts Ariza, then there will be no doubt in my mind, he will bring in Walton with the 2nd unit, and just like last years playoffs, when there was no Ariza infusing his energy to the mix, everyone will see the same old inefficiency of last year…SAME OL, SAME OL….

  • let there be light

    go back to last years starting line-up. farmar, ariza, bynum, work good together.

    2nd Unit:

  • maccassedy

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    Josh powell should start at SF??????????????????? lol


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    Do you have a better idea? …What is it? …Can you state your objectives? …Why don’t you input your argument? ….Can you make a point? …Go ahead; or do you even… ?????????

  • http://dailysportspages.com/forums ruven

    Better idea?
    Yeah… how bout not starting a PF with absolutely ZERO SF skills at the 3?

    As far as a starting lineup…. Farmar, Kobe, Ariza, Pau, Bynum.
    Thats our best lineup, we all know it, lets just get it over with and let them gel.
    Its got the best of our half court “triangle” starting lineup, and the best of our “lakeshow” fastbreak second unit.

    Second unit… Fisher, Sasha, Vlad, Odom, Mihm.
    Most likely we will see Pau or Bynum with the second unit… there just isnt minutes on this team for Mihm and Powell.
    Fisher, Sasha, and Vlad give you 3 good shooters, Odom can direct traffic with a team of veterans that can be “his” team.
    Let him control the ball and do his thing, and when he gets in trouble he has 3 guys out there that can bail him out and hit jumpers.

    If and When Vlad or Mihm get injured… then Luke and/or Powell can get some extra minutes.

    Oh and if you guys want to talk about sports in a very loose and lightly moderated community go ahead and visit dailysportspages.com/forums
    Yeah… we have a lot of laker fans, and we all visit TLN and the awesome job these guys do.

  • mihaithemiraculous

    first off josh powell cant shoot the ball at all, thats why radmanovic was starting over odom in the first place, to spread the floor. putting powell in would take away all those lanes that are created by a shooter spreading the floor, ariza can shoot, sasha can shoot, so either of them would be okay. Walton is a waste of money, he cant shoot, makes poor decisions as of late, and is most probably the slowest player on the lakers roster. Starting ariza would be bad for chemistry since he works so well off of the bench with farmar, so i say start sasha, or odom since he really hasnt played that many minutes in a game this year. Definately not Powell, under any circumstances. He should NOT be started, bless your little heart for that silly idea.


    mihaithemiraculous, So you think VladRad’s presence in the starting line-up is a good thing? Do you think he realistically stretches out the defense for an advantage? … First, those rainbow prayers have to be answered in order for a so-called stretching of the defense to be valid… Second, the dude is completely lost in any other aspect of the game… This is why he ultimately gets taken out early and plays very few minutes the rest of the way… Third, I take it you believe Walton must have a better game than Powell…lol… Fourth, starting Sasha, who is not a forward by any stretch of the imagination, is considered a liability against bigger, and stronger players, and would ultimately eliminate the major 3 point infused threat we have coming off the bench… Not to mention he would probably foul out by halftime… Fifth, the point of starting Powell is not do disrupt the chemistry that has been established with the 2nd unit as it stands right now, and since VladRad’s presence in the starting line-up has been virtually useless… Period!


    Also, mihaithemiraculous; you should check out a player’s bio, before claiming he can’t do this or he can’t do that… Josh Powell brings a lot more to the table than you think.

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  • xtro

    start powell for defense and rebound. ariza is much better in the second unit for hustle and energy.

  • Dan Andreas

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    Josh Powell is not a Small Forward, dude. He is a high energy player who grabs rebounds, plays in the post, has impressive court awareness, and actually does have a soft J. But he doesn’t have enough experience on the Laker roster, and his skills at rebounding and playing the post will be null and void considering Pau and Bynum are there already. Vlade actually did ‘spread the floor’, not by actually MAKING his 3’s but by simply standing outside the 3-point line and getting the h3ll out of Kobe’s way! If we were going to further clog ‘Kobe’s driveway’ for more rebounds, court awareness and a now-and-then jumper from a 6’9″ SF, these are things that Odom actually does better (You think Odom is mad now, wait til they start Powell ahead of him).

    I agree the best answer is probably Sasha. And no, we would not start HIM at SF, we move Kobe up there, and put Sasha at SG. You figure we’re paying this guy like $5 mil a season, the least we can do is make him sweat a little. This keeps Ariza playing with Farmar, Odom and everyone else who likes to fast break. This is also a lineup that worked great last year (by spreading the floor and actually MAKING THE DEFENSE PAY for not closing out) and we have not seen one minute of it this year. Problem with this is we don’t really have a second two guard (unless we use the versatility of Ariza and give Walton some playing time). We could also give Sasha the first yank of the night and put Ariza in at SF and move Kobe back to SG, then put Sasha back in when Kobe needs his breather.

    I think option two would play more to what you’re saying (and what I would like to see), and we give the League what they’ve been waiting for: Lamar at SF. If Lamar is crying for more playing time, and ‘I need more minutes’, put that baby in there until HE drops or his stats do by letting him play with the starters when he’s fresh and the bench for the first few minutes of the 2nd (like last year). Then bring in Powell when Odom’s beat and if it interrupts with Pau’s breather, because I also agree with you that Powell should see more minutes than simply just garbage time. I think he can bring more than what we got from Ronny (less blocks (and dancing), but same energy/rebounds plus more productiveness on the offensive end).

    Plus, if Odom’s playing minutes at SF AND PF, and Ariza’s still on the 2nd unit further eating SF minutes, Vlade either takes Powell’s minutes (which will be minimal), or if Powell’s playing great, he can sit next to Luke and only play in emergencies. If it works, great. If not, it’ll be most likely because Lamar’s strengths are not being fully utilized and hopefully he’ll lose some of his self-centered attitude and accept his bench role (playing with the bench while he is fresh will pad his stats a lot more than waiting to shoot AFTER Kobe, Pau, & Bynum for 8-12 minutes at a time).

    But having said all that (my bad, kinda long!), Phil seems a little more pensive than usual this year, and the only player’s versatility he seems to like to use is Pau’s (moving him from PF to C), Phil will probably start Ariza and bring Walton off the bench in his place.

    We’ll see how that works I guess. I remember a time when Bynum off the bench was something I really liked, and thought he wasn’t quite ready to start, or that the starters didn’t suit his skills. Boy was I wrong on that one. Maybe WE will all be wrong about Ariza…

  • ojt

    NO, NO, NO, not freaking, retarted,a**licking of pj,Walton.Walton can’t do anything except be play foir the opposing team with his bad plays. He should be traded.bought out just get him out of laker colors.WALTON SUCKS BIG TIME.

  • mihaithemiraculous

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    haha you’re all heated because you want a power forward in the sf spot, when i said start sasah i meant he would be the startin sg and kobe would play sf as they did in the playoffs, or did you just jump on the band wagon after this years playoffs? yeah you must have missed that. Now that we have that out of the way go check what radmonovic averaged last year at 3pt %.. ill wait.. no really go ahead, you probably didn’t even know it was above 40% now did you? and 40% shooting from behind the arc stretches out a defense and creates lanes my friend, dont take that literally because i dont like you, you are not my friend, i would not be friends with a band wagon jumper who needs to get his facts straight


    PLEASE PLAY JOSH POWELL (he would’ve at least kept it close Friday)!!

    It’s clear,to me,that Lakers have trouble playing the stronger Eastern Conference teams..or the ‘Elite’ teams like Clev.,Boston and Detroit.PJ has to start playing his guys that can pound inside with the likes of Garnett and R.Wallace to help Pau when he’s playing the center position..Pau got murked Fri.night.

  • Smush Walton

    Lots of interesting comments above.

    Whatever option Phil chooses I just hope he limits the on-court time of Walton and Vlad. While Vlad may have averaged 40% from the 3 pt arc last year, clearly he is no where near that this year. And unfortunately now he brings weak passes and bad mistakes. And Luke, he is the slowest player we have and he makes bad decisions. The sooner we can get rid of him the better the team will be. Maybe we can give Mihm a little time and see what he can do.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog BAHLaker

    starting ariza would be a better fit than sasha because of course he is abetter defender and he shoots the 3 ok now.


    For Smush Walton…what do think of this guy,

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog BAHLaker

    the lakers will need some minutes from walton since radman is injured but at this point he is not a starter over ariza or sasha because his skills have dropped a bit, and he really didnt have much besides passing. And i feel ariza is only going to get better as a starter(more minutes), probably as good or better than ron artest-who i wanted the lakers to trade for.


    Lol I read everyone’s comments and a few were interesting and “smuch walton” proved me right again that this guy is a f*cking fool. Why does he even come on here. Can Anyone tell me why??????? I read a lot of comments about people saying start JOSH, well if we start him then are you saying our starting line up would be:

    DEREK at 1

    KOBE at 2

    JOSH at 3 or 4 what ever you guys are saying to put him at

    PAU at the 3 or 4 spot as well


    BIG DREW at 5

    None of you guys from what I remember said anything about who would play at the 3, 4, or 5 spot, you only said replace JOSH with VLADI. So that is a strating line up with 3 big men looking like this:


    Because PHIL has started PAU and BYNUM together all 8 games of the season I believe, so i don’t think he would change that. I say we start SASHA or LUKE in replace of VLADI because TREVOR is a slash and gash guy and there would be no room for all that if we have PAU and DREW to take care of what goes on in the post, and SASHA is like VLADI, he can spread the floor as well, and LUKE when ever he started he fitted in better as a starter then a bench player. The second unit is our squad that gets us back in the game when we are down, gives us high energy and momentum, and puts us on those runs that they have showed us vs the clippers, denver, practically every team we played this season. Becides f*cking detroit that just go pist on. Or we could put ODOM in with DEREK, KOBE, PAU and DREW.

    But all of us combined can’t do it better then PHIL JACKSON. All our opinions that most people are saying is what PHIL has already gone through in pracitse and either he didn’t like it or he likes the other plan better. So with all that said we have the GREATEST COACH OF ALL TIME coaching this team so he knows what he is doing. Don’t question PHIL’s coaching.

  • Smush Walton

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    Huh, Pau at 3?
    Who’s calling who a fool, FOOL!

  • Smush Walton

    blah blah blah
    Talk about babble.


    Heejejejejeje….. Lots of pansies this year, Miha, who cares who you like or don’t like, this is not a popularity contest or an election of any sorts… It’s a forum to discuss different points of view and/or opinions about the entire Lakers entourage…OK! … Now, Jackson does not play a conventional offense (The Triangle) as we all know, and in this type of offense there is no real need for a “conventional” point guard, point forward or any type of point whatsoever. Different players bring their pros and cons to the mix… Vlad brings an occasional 3-point threat to the mix, but gives up a lot of poor court sense in ALL other aspects of his game. His head is on a swivel stick when he is on defense and the opposition knows this and plays to his weakness. Also, when he has the ball “anywhere-at-anytime” except for waiting to shoot a wide open trey, he is a turnover or bad decision waiting to happen… Walton has better court sense than Vlad, but gives up a lot of speed, quickness, and athleticism to almost any opposing player in the league… Sasha would be the closest fit to a VladRad, except for his size and strength and prone to picking up fouls (extreme liability), and now, who will Kobe be forced to play straight up defense against… Trevor would be the ideal replacement for Vlad, but now this takes him out of the 2nd unit, and inputs a Walton and/or Powell into an already severely weakened second unit… Odom, as everyone knows has been asked to infuse his skills into the perceived quicker, faster, and more energetic second unit, with Phil’s analogy that the Lakers would be a poor transition team with AB, PG, & LO playing together… The entire picture needs to be analyzed here, not just a piece of the puzzle… With that being said, my guess, not my desire, would be that Phil will probably start Walton, and hope and pray, that this would be an omen to the return of the 2006 Luke Walton.


    I forgot to add; with regards to the possibility of starting Sasha, with his pension to picking up fouls… The question is; will Sasha be available without being in foul trouble in the 4th quarter?


    VladRad is now saying that he feels fine! … If I was Vlad, with his BB prowess, on this Lakers team, I would be saying the same thing, even if my bones were screaming out… He knows he might not get back to being a starter, if he misses, even one game… Too bad if he continues to start, I would have liked to have seen anyone else; Start in place of Vlad.


    “ruven on November 17 2008 at 2:18 am, said:

    Second unit… Fisher, Sasha, Vlad, Odom, Mihm.
    Most likely we will see Pau or Bynum with the second unit… there just isnt minutes on this team for Mihm and Powell.
    Fisher, Sasha, and Vlad give you 3 good shooters, Odom can direct traffic with a team of veterans that can be “his” team.
    Let him control the ball and do his thing, and when he gets in trouble he has 3 guys out there that can bail him out and hit jumpers.
    If and When Vlad or Mihm get injured… then Luke and/or Powell can get some extra minutes.

    I completely missed this comment: Dude, Better Idea?????? c’mon dude, THE WHOLE PICTURE! … I agree Trevor is the best choice to start if that was the only issue, but c’mon… Odom can direct traffic? …LOL… This line-up would be blown away by Mickey Mouse & his club… Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family… ‘M I C K E Y’ ‘M O U S E’ …HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE


    Looks like Vlad Rad is alright, so everyone’s stupid ass ideas will be shut down!

    lock thread!


    [Comment ID #54845 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well you are saying start JOSH then are you saying puting him at the 3??????? Because all you said was start JOSH.