Here is a Vlad-Rad injury update. Despite his own struggles earlier in the year, he will def. contribute immensely to this downgraded-from-injury Lakers squad:

PE: Radmanovic May Play – Jackson said he expects Vladimir Radmanovic to practice today, and if all goes well, Radmanovic could play against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday at Staples Center.

Radmanovic has been out with a sprained right ankle.

  • DoDoBallz

    This may be a joke to you but because I am a true fan at least read it and delete it.
    The Bulls:Wallace+Joe Smith+Nocioni The Lakers:Kwame+Radman+Odom

    I Love Lamar and have always supported him, but it seems like its not working for
    us on a consistent basis.And with Nocioni we have a true PF who can actually hit
    the three.Wallace who defensive presence is still there hes just not in it like he
    use to be in Detroit.Smith is solid for us because he is another big man who is something
    you can call insurance.Think of your starting line up.Bynum/Nocioni/Ariza/Bryant/Fisher.

    A fast pace line up that is probably the best in the league considering everyones strengths.
    And defensively they would be a handful.Ariza is almost a Bowen type of player especially
    he starts knocking his shots.Bynum stepped up before the injury on the defensive end
    and really alter shots.Nocioni’s length alone will make a player think twice about throwing shots
    up,also we know Fisher is very pesky on D and we know Bryant will play D like its nothing.

    Now that sounds cool but the best thing about this trade is our bench. When your bench consist of
    Wallace/Turiaf/Walton/Sasha/Farmer you still keep you defense steady, and though Walton has been
    struggling, him off the bench with those type of players brings energy and will definitely sustain leads.
    Turiaf shot has been looking more and more effective and he really is starting to come into a role like
    Horace Grant but with a little more energy.Sasha’s D is pretty good because hes pesky like Fish and when
    he shoots now I don’t hold my breath.Farmer is Farmer and I am proud of what he has accomplished
    and he will only get better.

    Now if you read all that and didn’t delete it then give yourself a pat on a pat on the back.I could explain how
    this trade would help the Bulls which it will but its about my squad right now.Also throw in a couple of pic and
    and draft rights of one of our overseas players to sweeten the pot.The Bulls cant get any worse and if we are going to
    slide while Bynum is out we might as well do it with a little change in the lineup.Think long run.

    I thank you and if you talk to Phil,Dr.Buss,Kupchak or whoever that this is the trade to go with.

    Be Bless and a Happy New Year.

    I know that this is the trade.It will happen

  • MILO

    This is great we can use all the fouls and help we can get

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #23709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well the bulls do need to make some trades but idk that they are looking at the Lakers last i heard is they want Gasol

  • lakerz

    this is good news. one more step to a healthy laker team

  • jay



    TRADE’EM! I’m tired of these guys getting FREE MONEY at the expense of True Laker FANS(and the ones who watch from afar like myself,DC BABY).I’D TRADE’EM for Gerald Green right now,he’s young,hungry and WANTS TO PLAY.Big Ben is getting criticized for not playing hard,for WHAT? He’s playing with an expansion team,almost,BRING’EM TO THE LAKERS AND WATCH HOW HE EXCELS(BIG BEN,MAGNUM T.A.{ARIZA},AB IN THE FRONTCOURT,MONSTER).I haven’t forgot about you JO,I’D rather have get him now hurt in a trade then to watch kwame brown in another game(but i guess i have no choice do I).

  • e

    if people think that we can trade radman, you have to understand that its not possible, he hasnt proven himself therefore no one wants him, we can use him as much as we can to get the most out of him…i definitely think he is a huge step up from luke walton

  • jay

    yes i’d rather have radman and ariza then walton and one of those. radman still gives us offense and rebounds. ariza is ariza great pick up. but luke walton is a disappointment. he was good but never past that. where is the bball IQ. WE CANT WASTE KOBE AND ALL HE DOES.


    Why you dissin radman he was injured alot

    when radman gets healthy he’ll be great

  • lakersfan17

    Damn, about time Luke Walton sucks.

  • jay

    i wasnt dissin radman i actually want him to start over luke

  • mfoznot

    who gives a sh-it about vlade?

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nocioni is NOT a power forward. He plays the small forward position. With this trade, we’d have 3 small forwards in Nocioni, Walton and Ariza.

    Joe Smith is a power forward, but I don’t know if he’s good enough to be a starter.

    Wallace has been playing the center since his days in Detroit but in reality at 6’9, he should be a power forward. The problem with him playing the four position is very similar to Kwame Brown, Wallace can’t play that far from the rim.

  • jack

    sori not that excited.

  • lakeshow08

    With the way Odoms been playing, Vlad is a welcome addition doesn’t rebound or pass like L.O but if he only scores 4 points four rebounds it’s not that much of a suprise.

  • baecp

    why are you guys hating on vlad rad? you guys ride his c0ck when he does good. the team is what it is until mitch happens to do something.

  • leo

    the wallace trade is terrible…hes ancient…joe smith is old too….nocioni is overated…lamar > all three combine…lamar = borderline allstar…he juss need to put his heart into these games…even his half ass effort is better than those three…

  • T-Dub

    Turiaf can start at the PF right now. All you need is a starting SF and a backup PF. I dont think that would effect the offense or Chemistry at all. Look how fast Ariza caught on. You have to look at losing teams with large payrolls. Atlanta has a bunch of good young players at the sf and pf positions. Joe Johnson wants some veteran help. Lamar Odom for Josh Smith and one of their bad contracts. Or maybe even Odom to NY (his home) for David lee and Malik Rose.

  • mfoznot

    I have not, nor will I ever, ride Vlade’s cock.

  • mfoznot

    I have not, nor will I ever, ride Vlade’s c0ck.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23795 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Lakers are set at the small forward position with Ariza and Luke Walton, they don’t need a third SF, unless you’re giving up one of these two guys). Whether Turiaf starts or not, they still need another PF, more than anything.

    Furthermore to suggest taking on a bad contract is a terrible idea. Why take on a bad contract for a restrictive free agent like Josh Smith, who may not be around after this season because he is a restrictive free agent after this season. If Josh decides to leave at the end of this season for another contract the Lakers are not willing to match, then the Lakers would be left with just that bad contract. That makes no sense. The Lakers do not want to take on a bad contract.

    I like David Lee, but the Knicks say they are not going to give him up. Do you know how great of a value David Lee is? He doesn’t even make a $1M this season ($990K) and produces so much and only makes $1.&M next year. The Knicks aren’t giving him up.

    Also, while we are on the subject of the Knicks, please tell me you’ve given up the trade of Odom for Zach Randolph. Just more information, Zach Randolph contract is awful! He makes the following:

    this year: $13.6M
    next year: $14.6M
    2009/10: $16M
    2010/11: $17.3M

    That’s over $60M (over $45M for the 3 seasons after this one. This is worst than JO’s contract)!! Who would want this contract!! What was Isaiah thinking signing this guy?

  • MILO

    I hope he gets on fire like he was in that pre-season game because so far he’s yet to show up in the regular season…

  • Phant0M

    wELL give him a few games.

  • MicAelJordan

    Lkaers nation sucks C0ck!!!

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #44956 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Funny, you go on an old post so you can spam.