Yahoo! Sports: A Minneapolis radio station said Friday it would air public service announcements on HIV/AIDS after a pair of talk hosts accused Magic Johnson of faking AIDS.

KTLK’s Chris Baker and Langdon Perry made the remarks during Baker’s conservative talk show on Wednesday. After Johnson condemned the statements, the station said on Friday it regretted “some off-hand remarks” by the pair.

According to a partial transcript and audio clip posted on a media watchdog site,, the remarks came after a caller asserted that health care isn’t a basic right. Perry responded by asking about treatable diseases that a person can live with for a long time “if you just get some basic drugs.”

Baker responded, “Like Magic Johnson?”

Perry replied, “Like Magic with his faked AIDS. Magic faked AIDS.”

Baker said, “You think Magic faked AIDS for sympathy?”

Perry replied, “I’m convinced that Magic faked AIDS.”

“Me too,” Baker said.

Johnson issued a statement Thursday saying he was “outraged that Chris Baker and Langdon Perry would minimize such a serious and deadly issue.”

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  • daboss1848

    I just cant see what Magic would have to gain by “faking” AIDS – peak of his career during a time when AIDS/HIV was feared, those individuals with the disease were ostracized . . .

    Two talking heads, talking without actually thinking it through . . .


    Total direspect for G.O.A.T.

    I know these (EXPLETIVE) can’t be REAL Lakers.I know some of the younger guys on this,who’ve never seen Magic play but the his history,would NEVER say something as trifling as that….AND LAKERNATON WON’T STAND FOR IT.,nobody…I mean NOBODY DISRESPECTS MAGIC(not even Larry Bird).

  • Brandon Hoffman

    Baker and Perry should be given their walking papers. Their actions are inexcusable.

  • Chris

    Why on earth would Magic give up his NBA career to by pretending to have AIDS? These two are just idiots. Magic had so much basketball left at that point of his career. He could have achieved much more if it wasn’t for the virus.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    stfu faggots why would the best pg in nba history fck over his career by faking aids

  • lakerfan81

    Don’t use the term faggot its a derogatory term.

  • the ape


    i think that was the point

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    why would he wanna fake havin hiv nobody in the world would want to do that. and magic was so good why would he just give all it up. these guys should be shot in the head or have aids injected in them frikin fags

  • Lakers 24 7

    These dudes are morons. Magic wouldn’t fake it in his prime. If he faked it then he wouldn’t have tried to come out of retirement in ’92-93. Bunch of clowns

  • yellowpurplefever

    These fools should not get the airtime or wavetime. They think that they can hide behind the micro after a statement like that. F’ em Minnie trailer park. Them folks still think Elvis is still alive. Who listen to KTLK, probably KKK. Just put your hood on and go hunting or something better yet marry your other cousin .

  • kobe124

    DAMN! Lets send DMX to shoot they foo’s.
    These guys are now cursed for talking bad about the GREATEST PG in NBA HISTORY!!!!!

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #52099 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t be a retard. It’s called freedom of speech. That said, I agree with kobe124- send in DMX. It’s called freedom to make me loose my mind. Up in here, up in here.

  • Nabil

    Damn, check this out from

    “Johnson called the remarks “so stupid,” and said he hadn’t heard from the station. He also wants the hosts to keep their jobs.
    “I would rather they educate their audience,” he said.”

    That’s classy, Magic. But expecting those guys to edumacate anybody is like asking Lamar to fire up his team and show them the real meaning of hustle.

  • Moses

    It’s disgraceful to even think that he’d fake that.

    I honestly believe that had he not retired when he did that he would have gone on to be the greatest player of all time. Having HIV cost Magic the thing that he loved in playing ball, why make up a lie if it will cost u the game?

    Magic as a person is a hero to me, i could not think of a bad word to say about him, greatest Laker ever, and as a person just such a nice guy, so classy, always smiling, a role model.

    Hopefully Karma catches up with those radio liars, who obviously know absolutely nothing about Magic, because if they did there wouldn’t be even 1% of them that thinks Magic is dishonest.

  • David

    A lucidcrous claim. People have been saying that he’s been faking for years. I remember people talking about in the 90’s. If these idiots had half a brain and did some research they’d know that the virus doesn’t kill everybody. There are thousands of people in Africa infected with HIV who never develop AIDS.