Here it the updated race to the MVP stuff. Kobe was ranked #4 last week but has been improved to number 2… With the exception of the spanking the Hornets gave them at home, it was a nice week for Mr. Bryant and the Lakers. One of the more impressive aspects of Kobe’s season has been his improved shooting percentage. Once a volume shooter, Bryant has matured and become a value shooter. He’s picking his spots and his .483 mark from the field is a career high.

  • http://Noneo Anthony

    A spanking in the score column, but we lacked any energy that night and shot horrifically. We’d take them handily in a 7-game series.

  • Eidraq

    should be #1 esp if cavs lose today

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Pau is having an much excellent season. I knew this was going to happen when I saw some of his games during the Olympics.

    Pau FTW! Kobe who? :-P

  • Chris Manning

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    Pau has been unreal. Only 1 bad game all season.


    Without mamba Pau is nothing but a soft but skilled power forward. No disrespect I love him as a laker but we need someone to step up with emotion and physicality every game! Gasol is not there on a game to game basis!

  • Chris Manning

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    Disagree. Gasol has been there more consistently than Kobe this year – no doubt.

    Together they should win it all, especially with Drew back. They are one hell of a duo – especially with the pick n roll.

  • trade_lamo

    Pau could be a super star stud if he got a bit more physical. We need him to dominate each and time down the floor. Not in scoring, he’s been great so far – but we need him to be a strong presence down low.

    The minute Bynum signed that contract extension I knew things would take a wrong turn! We need him to REALLY step it up!!!

  • Eidraq

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    wanna say that after today’s game? haha just messin with ya

  • Milo

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    wtf are you talking about if anyone needs to step it up its Bynum, Gasol has always been solid since we picked him up! he should be more like a 5 on that list something is wrong with the people who makes these things and yes Kobe will be MVP again…

  • Eidraq

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    gasol may be more consistent this season..but the truth is gasol wouldnt get those looks he gets if kobe never commended the attention that he did…kobe allows gasol to play more freely and gasol has done well with it…however, u take away kobe, pau wont be the consistent guy we now know

  • Dynamite

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    You fail hard. Without Pau, Lakers wouldn´t have never reached NBA finals last season and wouldn´t be leading NBA regular season this current season.

  • lakerferlife7

    bynum has played well in the last 2 games..and gasol has been consistant since we got him….so stfu!!!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    FACT: Kobe Bryant has rented out the Verve Energy Lounge @ U.S. Airways Center for an exclusive private party during the 2009 NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix. Charles Barkley & Shaquille O’Neal have been seen holding open cans of Verve! :D

    Q: Do you want to be different like Kobe & drink smart? :cool:

    A: Yes, give me Insanely Healthy Energy for TLN!

  • lakrfan4life

    Pau’s always been great, hes just never had the supporting cast, neither has kobe til last season (after 03-04 season)

    but honestly, wade should not be getting that #1 vote, hes basically doing the same thing kobe did in the 05-06 and 06-07 years when kobe was scoring all those points but barely managing .500

    KOBE=MVP again!

  • sketch


    Wow! wtf have you been watching? are you sure you’ve been watching laker games and not the old grizzlies’ games? Pau’s been ballin his ass off. just remember the and 1 play that he had against PUDGY PIERCE during the waning minutes of the 4th quarter in the boston game. pau has been getting more and more physical as the weeks go on! he’s been driving in on people and getting reverse slams! you need to watch the games and not just the box scores!

    i agree with MILO, the one that needs to step up and play CONSISTENT is bynum. he had a great scoring game last night, but what’s with only getting 5 boards? he needs to work harder!

    pau’s game has definitely been benefiting from kobe’s play. the attention and double and triple teams that kobe commands allows pau to roam free through the lane for a dunk or a layup. just the same though, pau has been making kobe’s job easier by finishing the plays and allowing kobe to get more assists and not have to work so hard on the offensive end. this is definitely a great thing here!

    kobe’s play is definitely MVP worthy! if they give it to bron then it’s just not right, who cares if he’s been on a scoring tear? that was kobe 3, 4 seasons ago. when kobe was doing that he was labeled as selfish and now when it’s bron then the media calls it leadership. fcukin bull$hiT!


  • http://nba catherine quevedo

    Kobe maybe the best in los angeles but cant lead without the help of pau. all LA lakers players should be given credit because they are all doing their best. dont give kobe all the credit. K!

  • luceli

    Kobe ———————>mvp #1 foh life Lakers wah win champ of 2009 this time is our time