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The word is out and the rumors are swirling on where Jason Kidd will land if he gets traded from the New Jersey Nets. Lakers fans and media outlets seem to be on the same page, both would like to see Kidd join the Lakers.

I, and I’m sure you as well, have read article after article about what the Lakers need to offer to pry Kidd away from the Nets. Most of those articles have been written by experts, some by loyal fans. But the one thing that remains constant in those articles is that people are not being realistic about the Lakers acquiring Kidd.

Let’s break this down. First and foremost, “Team president Rod Thorn has admitted to receiving numerous proposals involving Jason Kidd, but is unlikely to pull the trigger on a deal unless he gets an overwhelming offer. Although sources have indicated the Lakers may be interested, they may be reluctant to give up the player the Nets want most, Andrew Bynum, despite coach Phil Jackson’s recent harsh criticism of the 20-year-old center’s conditioning.”

Bynum will not be involved in a trade involving Jason Kidd. Period. The Lakers wouldn’t give up Bynum last year for Kidd, so why in green’s earth would they do it this year when Bynum’s value has skyrocketed to 10.9 points per game and 9.7 rebounds in only 26.1 minutes of work per game. That’s unrealistic. It’s not happening, nor should it. Mitch Kupchak made the right decision last year.

Bynum’s a 20 year-old center who will be a perennial all-star in two or three years once he’s in the kind of shape to play 35 minutes a game. Can you imagine the kind of numbers he’s going to be putting up? He could be ours for the next 15 years, and some of you want to trade him for a 34 year-old point guard who’s going to have a great two or three more years?

Plus add in the fact that Bynum’s 2008 salary of $2.1 million is nearly one-tenth of Kidd’s 2008 salary of $19.7 million. What’s that mean? They not only would have to give up Bynum, but also Kwame Brown’s expiring contract, Radmanovic, and filler.

Next up: Lamar Odom continues to be mentioned in trade talks for Kidd because of his $13.2 million contract. But trading Odom for Kidd is almost as ludicrous as Bynum being involved in the discussion. Do you realize what this kind of move would do to the Lakers front-court? This is a guy who when healthy is going to get us 15 points and 10 rebounds night-in and night-out, and clog up the painted area.

So we’re going to take away a key low-post threat and a player with a solid 15-18 foot jumper in order to bring in a point guard? That would be insane because underneath we’d be relying on the injury prone and uncoordinated Kwame Brown, Mihm’s inconsistent play, and Turiaf.

And remember, this isn’t last season. The Smush Parker era is over. We are getting absolutely superb play out of the point guard position. At this point, you really couldn’t ask for more. We have a consistent veteran leader in Fisher, and a young spark plug in Farmar coming in off of the bench. Look at these numbers:

Fisher: 26.4 minutes, 11.8 ppg, 3.0 asp, 2.3 rbg, 50% fg, 40% 3pt, 94% ft

Farmar: 20.6 minutes, 9.8 ppg, 2.9 asp, 2.8 rbg, 49% fg, 42% 3pt, 66% ft

Those are outstanding numbers. We’re getting nearly 21.6 points per game, 5.9 assists, 5.1 rebounds, and both of them are shooting a staggering percentage from the field, three-point line, and free throw line (Fisher is 55-58 from the free throw line). Do you as a fan not feel extremely confident in the current Fisher-Farmar combination? I’m ecstatic about it. Fisher’s scoring 11.8 points on 8.1 shot attempts a game, and he’s a great player to have on the floor in the final six minutes. He plays smart and hard defensively, doesn’t turn the ball over, makes sound decisions, and shoots an excellent percentage from the charity stripe.

The future looks even brighter at point guard. Farmar’s going to be an absolute stud in a couple years. And this is a player that many people wanted to throw in as icing on the cake in numerous off-season deals. He has the confidence, work ethic, and tenacity to make a significant contribution this year and become a great player in the very near future. And don’t forget about the young rookie Javaris Crittenton. He’s going to be a special player a few years down the line if he establishes a consistent mid-range jumper.

Speaking of Farmar, at age 21 he counts $1.0 million against the 2008 cap; while Fisher at 33 counts as $4.3 million. And people want to bring in the 34 year-old Kidd’s $19.7 million contract? Remember that the Lakers would have to grant him his wish and offer him a one year extension to his current contract (two years remaining) that would pay him over $20.0 million when he’s 36 years-old).

Now don’t get me wrong, Jason Kidd is a great player and I still think he has another two great years in him (possibly even three). But to say that this is the move that’s going to get the Lakers back to the championship is outrageous, and to be truthful when you look at his numbers and what we’d have to give up, trading for him would be just plain stupid:

2007 average: 36 minutes, 11.4 ppg, 10.4 asp, 8.7 rbg, 37% fg, 33% 3pt, 81% ft

For all of you with your hands up in the air getting ready to say, “but we can give up Crittenton, Radmanovic, Vujacic, and so on and so forth.” Get over it. Maybe in NBA Live’07. If the Lakers want Kidd, the Nets are going to require Jordan Farmar. There is no way in hell their taking a bunch of lower tiered players for Kidd.

Just look at last year. Thorn wanted Bynum, Brown, Vujacic, Farmar, and Cook. So all of the sudden he’s going to take the Lakers third string rookie point guard as the heart of the deal? Crittenton’s trade value is diddly-squat so keep on dreaming if you think that has any chance of happening.

If the Lakers make this deal, in addition to Farmar, they’d also have to part ways with Kwame, Radmanovic, and probably Vujacic. The Nets would most likely accept Kwame as part of the deal because of his expiring contract. A third (and maybe even a fourth team) would then have to join the deal by taking Radmanovic and Vujacic to make the trade work financially. That’s the type of realistic deal Kupchak is discussing with Thorn. Not a deal involving Odom, Bynum, Crittenton, Rambis or Gary Vitti.

When all is said and done, I strongly believe that Kidd will not be traded to the Lakers. Farmar and Bynum will remain with the Lakers for a very long time and it’s getting to the point where both are less likely to be traded than superstar Kobe Bryant. That’s how much the Buss family and Kupchak like these players, and as Lakers fans, we should be thankful we still have them with all of the pressure that was put on the front office to make a move.

  • gugy


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    well, i guess that is the reality of the situation
    unfortunately his contract is too big 4 us
    we should definitely try hard for ARTEST!!!

  • left

    No trades. Keep Bynum, Farmar and to a lesser extent, J-Critt. They are our future. Let Kobe walk if we must year after next, but keep the young kids. Kobe will be alot easier to replace in two years than the player Bynum is going to be in the future. With any luck, Kobe will be impressed even more so by Bynum and Farmar in the coming years and will stick around, even if he is slightly past his prime, he’ll still be better than most others out there.

    Keep the young kids no matter what!

  • hellbydante

    Well said..

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  • Thomas

    If the Lakers want to win badly enough then they will give the Nets what they want. Lose Lamar and one maybe two of our FOUR point guards, and maybe a first round pick in the future. Lamar looks like he will fit nicely in New Jersey’s offence and is athletic enough. If we trade Javaris Crittenton or Jordan Farmar they look real good so your covered at the point guard spot and then they can choose who they want in the draft in a couple years. Kobe is a no no and so is Bynum and it would save Phil Jackson some sleep if they kept Fisher and Walton only if we got someone else with Kidd but everyone else is fair game.

  • lakerstothetop

    great article finally someone speaks the truth. brings every back to earth



    What team have you been watching? superb pg play wtf??? Decent pg play on offense and horrible pg play on defense is more like it…Also you keep talking about last year, were are not in last year and things have drasticlly changed. bynum delvolped which he is now off the table. kidd has taken days off for so called headaches and doesn’t want to play for them anymore and farmar is becoming a good pg. so with LO, brown, and farmar for kidd and maglore makes sense for both teams.

  • IMmichael

    shut up with artest just fuck’en give up on artest

  • ignard

    I want everyone to take a minute and think about were this team would be right now if we didn’t have Andrew or Jordan, go ahead, take a minute i’ll wait……………..

  • IMmichael

    oh okay sorry for the language seriously

  • LaKErs

    maaaan forget getting Kidd

    his a good player but we have D.Fish. Farmar and Crit.
    do we really need another pG?

  • jonasjulienjoseph

    Absolutley right what i realise in alot of comments is people do redicoulus trades, and i like the live o7 thing, this is the nba where you have to have talent, money esetera for a trade, its cool that everybody has there ideas but i think if everybody studied there trades, like going to espn trade machine and seeing if your trade ideas work, we would have better discussions, Kidd salary is to big and hes to old, AND SINCE ANDREW HAS GOT BETTER, THERE REALLY GONNA WANT TO NCLUDE HIM, AND HE IS OFFICALLY UNTOUCHABLE, LAST YEAR EVERYONE WAS YELLING AT MITCH BEACOUSE OF THE NOT PULLING THE TRIGGER ON KIDD, I WAS ONE OF THE LITTLE ONES THAT SAID GOOD JOB, BUT LIKE A BIBBY OR ARTEST TRADE MAY BE MORE REALISTIC CONSIDERING BOTH OF THERE SALERIES, AND THE KINGS WANTING TO TRADE THEM…BUT WE HAVE TO PUT THIS TRADE TALK TO REST AND FOCUS ON OUR TEAM WE HAVE CURENTLY, NOW I WANT IMPROVEMENTS LIKE ANY OTHER SPORT FAN, BUT MAKE THEM MAKE SENSE…GO LAKERS

  • ignard

    WE NEED A POWERFORWARD!!!!!!!!! Not a point guard.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #19269 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Haven’t you yet learned to listen to reason and intelligence like this article portrays. You want Kidd for a good two years and give up our youth. Man you’re dumb, real dumb. What makes you think Kidd is a great defender. Nowhere in the league is Kidd known for his defense!! He’ll get worked by Nash, Parker, C. Paul, and D. Williams more so that Fisher and Farmar.

    … and why are you mentioning Magloire??/ NJ is not going to give up Magloire. Why would they do that??? He makes $4M this year and then he’s off their books.

    As always…think before you speak. I mean you were one who didn’t like Bynum at the beginning of the year.

  • Caleb

    We do not need Kidd. We need a legit second option and a lock down defender so that Kobe doesnt have to use all of his energy guarding the other teams best player every night *cough*Artest*cough*.

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  • Roko

    We don’t need Kidd.. Why are you all dreaming of a PG… we got PG covered… 3 is more than enough… and Lamar is playing well now.. he established his shot.. he goes to the basket.. kobe does what kobe does.. and bynum developed.. if we need anything it’s a good SF or PF… we should loose radman and,or luke… Critt is already a star, Farmar will be soon… this is our year

  • CJ

    J Kidd = 33% FG. That won’t cut it.

  • Roko

    And i agree.. Artest would be OK.. his D is great.. plus he can take it to the basket.. but JO wouldn’t be bad also.. but only if we wouldn’t have to give up Odom or bynum


    [Comment ID #19276 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the reason you add maglore is to make salaries work. i also doubt nets would want another center after aquring brown… hey its just an opinion fool u and ab4sure must be the same person bc u guys insult the exact same way!!!

  • kobe bryant

    trade cupcake for jerry west

  • CJ

    I think Artest would work. He would automatically make our team one of the toughest–if not the toughest in the west. we can get physical with teams like san antonio. plus he can shoot the ball and pass! i just don’t think the kings would trade him to us–although they should, seeing that it’s in their best interest to rebuild and start with getting rid of artest’s contract


    BRING ARTEST NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Real Laker Fan

    You guys need to shut up. Our only solution at this point is Sedale Threatt.

  • KB24

    [Comment ID #19270 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Whats wrong with Artest? I’ve been watching Artest play for about 2 months now and he’s been doing good. I don’t get why some of you guys don’t like him. Is it because of his off-court life? The suspensions? Personality? He’s doing his job right and I don’t see those things matter.

  • http://hhb KobeBryant15

    Why are people saying critt is already a star??

    Farmar>>>Critt by a long shot…

    Anyways i like the trade. But i wouldnt want to give up too much for a soon to be has been..!

  • jack

    [Comment ID #19288 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Absolutely. I knew I had my supporters when I said Critt hasn’t proven/shown anything yet. For now, he continues to wear Smush’s number 1 jersey. Anyway, even if we do do the trade, lets not lose too much. I kinda like this team lineup right now. (as long as we win)

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  • derrick

    thank you justin for writing the best article i have ever read on this site.

  • Shaq786

    lal: artest, malik allen, and kidd
    nj:kwame, mikki moore, sasha, farmar

  • kb24

    [Comment ID #19289 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree, maybe I missed a video of how Crit played? In summer league he did alright, not as good as what Farmar is doing now though. Have Crit showed any stardom? I mean if he did (he had a couple of flashy plays), Farmar might as well be a star too right? And if Crit is a star, Bynum would be a super star.

  • KB0824

    C’mon to be honest I wish Kidd was here playing with Kobe, but at what expense. Getting Kidd would be a stupid trade cause we would deplete our team of the “decent” players we have, and kill the chemistry ( But Kidd could make up for some of that loss chemistry.) Remember New Jersey’s GM is looking for that early Christmas wish trade that will overwhelm him.

    Even though Odom has never had that breakout year Laker Fans been waiting for so long he is our best bait in getting some trade value. I don’t think wasting Odom on a great, but (very soon to be) on the down side point guard in Jason Kidd. We might as well dump Kwame off and sign someone or use Odom to acquire a legit second option scorer a la Artest for EXAMPLE.

    Remember: Kobe isn’t getting any younger, and his contract years are getting shorter.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    You can’t afford Kidd so like I have been saying all along Lakerland your just going to as far as Kobe and his band of average players will get you. That should be first round exit and best case 2 round exit from the playoffs.

  • Ignard

    I like J-Critt to but i’m still trying to figure out why some of you are putting this kid in the hall of fame already, he’s barely getting off the bench. I hope you guys are right but RIGHT NOW Farmar is ballin his butt off and those of you who say we should trade him instead of Critt are crazy. Lets not forget the kind of player Jordan was at UCLA he’s playing with that same swagger now.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    ARTEST!!!!!!!!!]damn it
    we need him
    luke – critt – sasha

    or kwame farmar

    or combination of those

    fish-kobe artest- lo-bynum

  • LA_ALL_DAYak

    Great article, jason kidd is not the answer! we already have very good pg play from fisher and farmar. Jason Kidd is a fantastic player but there are greater needs such as PF SF. I think we need to trade Odom, I’m sick of waiting for him to be consistent and healthy. We should try to aquire the talented Ron Artest on a discount price. He would fit great with this team.

  • Rpoc

    Why do people keep asking for Artest?

    5 words:


  • sharky

    YES! This post is the most coherent view of the Kidd/Lakers situation out there.

    It should be referenced in all further discussion.

    End of story.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    no trade?
    if they get a good deal they trade,
    a young prospect like critt or farmar
    that is a good trade for both, sacto gets a very talented pg and luke which is a good player
    they are rebuilding, so it is a good deal
    not too many teams wanna get artest
    so do it mitch!!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    This is what I have been saying the whole time people here have been talking about getting Kidd. Kidd trades start and end with Bynum. If the Lakers do not offer Bynum no trade. People on this site (and other lakers blogs) tend to see everything through purple and gold goggles; they fail to look at any trade scenarios from the other teams perspectives.

    The Lakers should and will keep the team the way it is now, unless a deal that can not be passed up comes along. . If I had to guess on what 3 big name players that were likely to be traded this year Kidd would not be on the list. It would probably be Andre Miller (theres probably about a 70% chance that he goes to either Cleveland or Miami), Ron Artest (if the kings can get something good in return or get rid of Kenny Thomas or Abdur-Rahim), and JO (again if his value rises before the trade deadline. Why sell when his value is the lowest its ever been since he was in Porland, might as well let him walk if he really wants to walk away from 20M or try a sign and trade).

  • lakerfan81

    As far as trading for Artest, the Lakers could get him by taking abck either Kenny Thomas’ or Shareef Abdur-rahim’s bad contracts. The kings would still be hesitant to trade with the Lakers but if nothing better comes along getting rid of either of those two contracts would be the smart business and basketball move. Either Odom (+ a draft pick or Critt if needed but it might not be) for Artest + Abdur-rahim or Kwame, Coby Karl, Critt for Artest + abdur-rahim. You could take Thomas instead of Abdur-Rahim if you trade Odom. The queens are not going anywhere this year (especially with all the injuries) and Artest is likely to leave after his season. They are also not likely to get rid of either those horrible contracts any time in the next two years, so the money they save might be enough to overcome a resistance to trade within your own division. Plus they still have Bibby to trade to get back young talent/draft picks for rebuilding, so the money they would save from getting rid of either Thomas or Abdur-rahim would be worth even more. Big maybe but I wouldn’t offer anything more, and if they don’t trade it doesn’t hurt the Lakers that much.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19296 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Critt>>>Farmar Yes we are right. The same way the majority was wrong about Bynum those who think Farmar is better than Critt are Wrong. Critt outplayed Farmar by a good margin this summer. The difference now is Farmar is getting the pt while PJ is “sheltering” Critt. PJ has a thing about rookies and everyone needs to wait their turn. So all you Bynum Haters this past summer who have suddenly come on the Bynum Boat think twice before you make the same mistake as you did with Bynum.

    Personally, I also like very much Farmar and would rather keep him than trade him. So stop hyper-ventilating laker nation. Let the trade speculation wait til the new year in Jan. Let’s see what this team can do.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    NO SH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sK

    The Lakers have had thus far a tough schedule and played the top echelon teams throughout the league in this young season. You will notice that the Suns are now going to go through a brutal stretch and losing to Minnesota and Miami (at home) is not a good way to go through a schedule in which they play the Jazz, Hornets, Spurs, Dallas, Toronto and then us at Staples on Christmas! Don’t be surprised if that Christmas game will be for sole posession of the top spot in the Pacific.

    Artest would make a nice Christmas gift for us.

  • gugy

    We need Artest.
    Yes he is nuts, but the man plays amazing defense and is a good shooter. We need him to be though in the West and specially in the playoffs.
    Sac is so bad now that if the Lakers offers a good package I think they will take. A lot of teams do not want Artest, but for the Lakers he will be good and he will behave. He respects Kobe and PJ knows how to deal with freaks(Rodman). Plus the fact the Lakers will be a very strong team will make Artest motivate to give his best.
    Bring the man Mitch!

  • fred0s

    We do need Artest. He and Kobe would be able to lock down on there opponents crippling the other team. In the league there are very few two way players, so having 2 on one team would just be downright disasterous for other teams, especially when one of them is Kobe.

    P.S. Eventhough we have gone over endlessly about how old Kidd is getting, you still have to admire how he plays. I mean another freaken triple-double? Just impressive.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #19283 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how about we trade you for some better cheerleaders? actually, you ARE a cheerleader with your airhead comments!

  • Newtdog

    We should not mess with the team chemistry. We were playing good, i think we had 3 in a row and then they traded Mo and Cook. Now directly or indiectly something happened and they lost 3 in a row right after the trade, then when arriza started learning the offense, they begin to win again. If we make a huge trade now, either for artest, or kidd, we are gonna be loosing alot of players that know how to play together. and probuble have another small losing streak. I think we should keep kwame, let his contract expire, then land one of the free agents next year….ala Artest. It is generally not good for a team to make big trades during the season. Most times this happens during the off-season. Just be patient, we don’t have to do everything so fast. Besides, i think like kobe said, this team could make some noise in the post-season. Teams do not want to play LA.

  • lakerfan81

    I am getting tired of saying this. THE LAKERS WILL BE OVER THE CAP NEXT SEASON AND THE ONLY MONEY THEY WILL HAVE TO SIGN FAs IS THE MLE. I guess you coudt theoretically get Artest for that, he would be only walking away from 3M but I doubt it.

  • iLL

    (If the Lakers make this deal, in addition to Farmar, they’d also have to part ways with Kwame, Radmanovic, and probably Vujacic.)

    If this deal could be done, it would leave the lakers with…

    PG Kidd
    SG Kobe
    SF Odom
    PF Turiaf?
    C Bynum
    6th Fisher
    Bench Walton
    Bench Mihm
    Bench Ariza

    In this case, we lose 3 pretty decent perimeter shooters in Farmar, Vlad, and Sasha. (42, 42, 34% 3pt shooting) and replace it with a hall of famer (33% 3pt shooting).

    – We lose overall perimeter shooting
    – Lose young potential in Farmar
    – Lose main post interior defense in Kwame
    – Lose decent PF/shooter Vlad

    – Upgrade starting PG to elite level – passing/defense
    – Raises teams overall defense, intelligence
    – Lose Sasha
    – Kobe = Happy

    I love it, let’s do this.

  • 24allup inya

    LO for Marion straight up y me vale madre lo que opinen

  • mp or mplakers


    are you sure they are over next year…they are losing kwame’s 9 million, sasha’s 2 million….and they traded away cook’s 3-4 million along with evans’ 1.5 to 2 million….are you sure they are over the cap next year??? andeven if they are it won’t be by much and i’m guessing buss will be willing to spend for someone who will push this team over the top.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #19320 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And if they get rid of LO it’s what another 12-15million off, what is he making???

  • lakerfan81

    The cap next year will be around 57M again; maybe a little higher. Lakers salary next year will be 61.6M. Sasha is a restricted FA and has a qualifying offer of 2.6M which the Lakers do not have to make. Mihm has a player option for 2.5M, which he is likely to take because who is going to offer him more than that unless he starts to play like he did before his ankle injuries/surgeries. Also Turiaf is a FA next year and the Lakers will probably offer him a contract in the 2-3M range (maybe more but hopefully not). Even if Mihm doesn’t take his player option, and the Lakers don’t resign Turiaf and withdraw their qualifying offer for Sasha, their salary will be 56.5M which will be at or just below the salary cap. Plus they will probably sign one rookier so that will put them over the cap. So that means the only money they will have to sign FA will be the MLE.

  • lakerfan81

    Also its not a matter of being willing to spend. The CBA rules do not allow teams to spend money of FA if they are over the cap. If you under the cap you can spend money on FA up to the cap. So if you are 10M under the cap you can offer a player/s up to but not exceeding 10M. It does give teams an annual mid level exception to spend on FA (thats what Randmonovich makes) if they are over the cap so they can fill roster spots and so on. A team can offer a player currently on their team (or one whose contract just ended) any amount of money up whatever the limits the CBA set. So the lakers could offer Brown 20M (if they were brainwashed by him) even though they are over the salary cap.

    Then there is a luxury tax. Which is set roughly 10M over the salary cap. If you team is over this amount you pay a dollar for dollar tax, which is divided and goes to any team not over the luxury tax. This is basically issuing in a hard cap in the NBA. Most teams do not want to go over this amount by very much. Because this is a business first and foremost and if you are not making money (or the most you can) it doesn’t matter if you are winning or not. Winning but not making a profit is worst than losing while making one.

  • sep08

    Lakers have no shot of getting Kidd with the current Nets demands. They would have to give up bynum who they love, but due to Kidd’s huge contract the lakers would have to give up Kwame and another filler, which would mean we would have a very depleted front court, and would get a great point gurad who has 2-3 years of play left. The lakers would get dominated in the west with no big men. The salary and trade rules in the NBA make this a very improbable move for the lakers.

  • http://sirtoken sirtoken

    Thanks for the cap explanation laker81. Doesn’t look very good for lakers to get Artest as FA. But,what’s to stop a team from signing him or anyone to a MLE for one year a 5M and then renegotiate for more equitable amount thereafter? For instance, sign him for 5M and then resign to multiyear contract for 10M at the end of the first year. I guess it would only happen if Artest really wanted too come to LA and he trusted ownership to up the ante after the first year. Or is there a rule in the CBA against this ploy?


    I agree about acquiring Artest but we shouldn’t give up any of our starters.

    We would be the most dominating defensive team in the west with a line up of:

    Farmar – quick hands and great anticipation
    Bryant – great one-on-one defender and support defense
    Odom – Long arms causing deflections and good rebounding
    Artest – solid post defender and ranks top 5 in steals
    Bynum – Great help defender and solid presence in the paint

    We just have to convince the Sac-town Queens to a trade.

  • PandG

    “This is a guy who when healthy is going to get us 15 points and 10 rebounds night-in and night-out, and clog up the painted area.

    So we’re going to take away a key low-post threat and a player with a solid 15-18 foot jumper in order to bring in a point guard? ”

    Have you really been watching the lakers for the last 3 years? Or, for that matter, this season? Because if you have, then we obvoiusly haven’t been watching the same player. The player you describe is a consistent threat on our front court who can score at will from a number of positions.

    The Lamar I know is a guy that will put up ROLLER coaster stats on a night-in-night-out basis. He lacks focus in the triangle offense, he needs the ball to create plays, and his jumper is extremely inconsistent. The stats don’t lie. I agree that Kidd isn’t the answer, but we need to ship lamar out. I would’ve dealt odom for marion in a HEARTbeat but I don’t think the suns would’ve been dumb enough to pull the trigger. The odom experiment has been drawn out for way too long; there’s no more potential left in the bottle. He’s an average defender, but most of all, a poor second option. We need a real threat to pair alongside Kobe.

  • lakerfan81

    Im not 100% certain, but I think there are rules that prevent signing a player for a 1 yr small contract only for the purpose of having his Brid rights the following year. I think Minnesota got in trouble for that very thing and lost the rights to that player and a couple draft picks.

  • LA Lakers Writer

    Considering the players with contracts expiring (Sssha, Turiaf, and Kwame) the Lakers will sign Turiaf mock my words, because he is a energetic PF with the ability to shoot around the perimeter, and posibliy Sasha for his so-called breakout year. lakers need to get some trade value out of kwame by trading him to a team for somebody better. Teams like the Maves, and Kings can use a hard-nose defender that will provide toughness (especially the Maves.)

    I enjoy reading the fantasy (never going to happen) trades involving big name players but you have to be realistic. I agree with Lakerfan81 in the sense that the Kings will probably leave the Lakers as their last options in doing a trade for Artest. For the simple fact that would you what to trade someone of that caliaber over to your next door neighbors, and face him multiple times a year, as well as making your division opponents that much better.

    If only Odom could just for the love of God show some consistancy especially on the offensive side, then LO for Marion doesn’t seem like a fantasy trade, and could very well benefit both parties depending on how Marion feels he could play for LA.

    Teams that we could do a trade with/need a trade pronto:

    1. Miami

    2. Bulls

    3. Maves

    *Plus a couple more teams I guess, but take your pick.

    Remember: Kobe isn’t getting any younger, and his contract years are getting shorter.