nottooshabbyLakers Examiner: The Los Angeles Lakers have had an unfortunate stretch in terms of injuries, but their next two games should remind them just how fortunate they actually are.

In recent weeks, the Lakers have lost Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, and now (possibly) Sasha Vujacic to injury.

If Sasha can’t play in the next couple of games, it will leave them with literally no guards to come off the bench (unless you count Sun Yue as a guard…or even as a player). And the only forward with experience bringing the ball up the court, Lamar Odom, will probably miss at least a couple more games.

That will leave the Lakers with a possible second unit backcourt of Trevor Ariza and Vladimir Radmanovic. Phil Jackson summed up that possibility pretty nicely…

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  • 123kid

    this is ridiculous. i really do not want to but sun yue in, nor do i want kobe and fish playing 30+min throughout these next few games. but i guess it has to be done. we are just gonna have to do deal with it.

    starting five:

    2nd rotation:
    kobe/fish/sun yue