L.A. Times: Kurt Rambis’ pizza is getting cold.

It’s been sitting there, sausage, mushrooms and mozzarella, all but ignored because the Lakers’ defensive coach is on a roll.

The black ballpoint pen is flying as Rambis draws up defensive schemes, scrawling out Xs and O’s on the wax paper that covers a table at an Italian bistro.

He talks about steals, blocked shots and overloading one side of the court. He emphasizes the necessity to jump into passing lanes to intercept skip passes. He talks and draws, and then, finally, he eats. His work is done . . . at least on paper.

It was a given that the Lakers would score gobs of points this season, but Coach Phil Jackson wanted to put a stop to all the points being dropped on them (the team’s defensive rank last season: 18th).

So Jackson gathered his coaches before training camp and told them he was appointing a defensive coach, something he hadn’t done in his previous 18 years of coaching in the NBA.

“We didn’t want to announce it and make a big deal about it like Boston did with their guy,” Jackson said. “But Kurt is real good at this and he’s willing.”

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