Amazing article on what Kobe’s final career numbers may look like!

ESPN: So what will his numbers look like when it’s over?

Unfortunately, such figuring requires figurin’, which we don’t do. Fortunately,’s John Hollinger does, so Land O’Lakers asked him to put on his work hat, fire up the supercomputers at his secret underground lair (located in- under, technically- the same gated community as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude) and do some projections similar to those he used determining the odds of Kobe catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NBA’s all time points crown (Insider required. For the methodology, see the table at right.)

Projecting Kobe: The Formula

His forecast for Kobe’s final numbers:

Field Goals- 12,924
Field Goal Attempts- 27,295
Free Throws- 8,985
Free Throw Attempts- 10,697
3-Point Field Goals- 1,847
3-Point Field Goals Attempted- 5,461
Offensive Rebounds- 1,662
Defensive Rebounds- 5,890
Total Rebounds- 7,552
Assists- 6,624
- 4,073
Blocked Shots
- 710
- 36,681
Field Goal Percentage
- 47.3%
Free Throw Percentage
- 84.0%
3-Point Field Goal Percentage
- 33.8%

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  • Marwan Marzina

    I have $100 that when/if ESPN does one of these on LeBron, they will have him score more than Kareem and just do all this non sense to make him look good.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    Thats because he will score more then Kareem. ^^^

  • Robert

    If LeBron breaks any record, it will be most points, assists, rebounds, steals, 3 pointers, etc. etc. WITHOUT a championship ring. He’ll be Karl Malone II.
    Meantime, Kobe will break MJs record of championship rings AND Kareem’s record number of points (the only record above that matters). We did the math already – at his current pace, Kobe will pass Kareem in 5 years (and, this is with a 26pt/yr average. He is currently at 29, and will probably go no lower than 27. He’ll pass Kareem ‘easily’.
    (notice, btw, that they ‘buried’ the number of points in all those other ‘crap’ statistics – FTAs, my a$$. Who gives a f**k). ESPN hates the Lakers, and Kobe.
    BUT – who gets invited to breakfast with the most important man in the world, the President, the day after his meeting with the Lakers? Did they show that on ESPN? Long after Bill Simmons is media wormbait, Kobe’s statue will be looming in front of the Staples Center (right next to Magic). The greatest point guard, AND shooting guard in history (Kareem & Wilt should be there too – greatest centers in history).

    • Craig_Jolicoeur22

      Robert gets it. America’s beloved ESPN is basied towards Kobe and the Lakers. They hate them both!! so of course they say Lebron is gonna brake every relevant record. They lick his nuts like no tomorrow!!!! but anyways…Kobe is the best player on the planet, no If’s, And’s, or But’s Period!!!!!! The greatest player ever in my opinion so i say we just kick back and savor every year he has left.