We all know Laker ticket prices are higher than Whitney Houston… (I mean her voice, come on now). If you live in So-Cal and aren’t hooking up with the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, you’re probably not going to be walking by Jack on the way to your seat any time soon.

Thankfully, Fox Sports West: Prime Ticket will be bringing back their ‘Courtside View’ telecast for Friday’s game vs. Sacramento (7:30pm PT). No announcers. No in-game interviews. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Courtside View is achieved using five hand-held cameras placed at various locations along the perimeter of the court. Two robotic cameras will shoot the game from the baskets. An additional mobile camera captures the arena and game as a fan would see it roaming to and from his/her seat. Coverage imitates the human eye; there will be limited use of zoom lenses or sharp cutting from camera to camera.

What do you think Laker Nation, would you prefer to watch games this way? You can find our more information on the broadcast here.

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  • Jsmoove


  • rayray

    still trying to figure out who in the frig is Yori?????

    • daboss1848

      some mysteries are not meant to be solved. . .

      • dabοss1848

        guess the notion “some mysteries are best left unsolved” also applies to TLN’s ‘hacker’.
        i mean a site wouldn’t really let such insubordination continue unhindered, right?

        • daboss1848

          well put, hack

  • joe curry

    Fired up for this Courtside View…I want to see Jack!

  • manuel ray flores

    How can I win some laker tickets…? I’m a huge fan but never get to see them live… Can u help?