svKOBE_narrowweb__300x461,0Bleacher Report:  The pressure to be great.

Great expectations coming from both parties. Fans and foes.

One team Vs. twenty-nine others fighting for the same goal.

There are no allies.

The Los Angeles Lakers are alone in their quest to defend their title.

A great title, but a curse.

They are on the top with many trying everything in their power to make them fall from glory. Aiming and hoping for their leader to finally break down and pass down the torch.

Undeniable Pressure.

That is going to be the atmosphere starting next season for the Lakers. Other teams trying to permeate their defenses to exploit their weaknesses in their efforts to defeat them.

On the other hand, fans are going to expect nothing less than amazing. If they don’t have the best record of the NBA next season and win another ring, next season will be viewed as a failure.

The bar is set to the highest level, but can the Lakers meet or even succeed their expectations for the people who believe in them and most importantly for themselves?

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  • Robert

    The only pressure (or the biggest) is to win more games than any other team, to have home court for the Finals again.

    Other than that, no problem! The Doberman Gang will be at it again this season, with leading attack dobermans Kobe & Ron-Ron. The rest of the league is Kibbles & Bits.